Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Florida River Rabbit

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threecollie said...

FC you have even us old folks doing homework.
I am looking up rabbitfish even as I type. Hmmmm okay, I found a similar fish on
Is that what that pretty critter is?
And next question, what is he nuzzling there?

Laura said...

May I echo ThreeCollie's questions and add that it looks like he's investigating one of those little hot dogs that are rolled up in a crescent roll and baked. LOL

Did you buy an underwater camera?

No pictures from me today. I wrote about bees instead. (grumble).

I'll be back to see the answer to the questions above!

rick said...

Uncle richard is good he had a stint put in last week. He is in the air now, on the way to Vegas to spend my inheritance

Floridacracker said...

Well, there IS a rabbitfish, but this is a fish called a sheepshead. The fish is nibbling a carrot that a manatee dropped.

Now a Florida lass like yourself should recognize a sheepshead ... although you wouldn't expect it to be eating a carrot. This was at Homosassa, they had just finished feeding the manatees and the local fish have develeloped a taste for carrots.

That is good news ... maybe he'll double your inheritance.

Mrs. S said...

I've always prefered my carrots with a little salt, personally... is that a clear-water river or a salt-water one?

Floridacracker said...

Mrs. S,
A clear freshwater river that flows a short distance to the Gulf. Fish that can adjust will swim up from the Gulf and this saltwater sheepshead has done just that.

Laura said...

Oh! a sheepshead! that was my "second" guess! ;)

Did you get a photo of the manatee, or did it swim by too fast? ;)