Tuesday, August 29, 2006

See The Frog?

Can you see the Bullfrog in the picture above?

What about in the second picture? No, the big black thing is a thirsty dog. Look harder.

Don't cheat and scroll down to the next photos until you have found the frog or surrendered.

You're scrolling!

Go back and look at the top two photos, now you can find him.

This frog has colonized an assortment of tanks I keep in my aquaculture area. These tanks are just sitting presently, but they collect rainwater, so each tank has gambusia minnows to eat mosquito larvae.
The frog moves from tank to tank on his own and has lived there all summer.

Hanging out at the pool. Posted by Picasa


threecollie said...

Hmmm, that was a trick question. And that frog must really be feeling the water pinch.

Laura said...

That frog is wayyyy too spoiled! He'd better be getting fat from dining on the skeeters, or ELSE... OUT he goes!

Thunder Dave said...

Ha, I saw it in the first photo!

It's not easy to hide good menu items from me, but it would take a few more than one frog for a decent meal! ;-)

The MacBean Gene said...

It's not easy being seen.

roger said...

aquaculture area? tanks filled by rainwater?

swamp4me said...

I see your pooch is a mooch, too. My dog insists on drinking out of the tank in which I am raising narrow-mouth toad tadpoles and grass frog tadpoles. She's probably slurped up a couple of each. She has a huge water bowl nearby but seems to prefer the more aged vintage of the frog water.

Lightnin said...

Do they cancel school in your area ahead of time just in case the hurricane gets too close? You know, like snow days here? BTW, I'm the one who taught Thunder that a frogs legs are most excellent when fried in a light batter!

Mrs. S said...

He looks so comfy! Nice of you not to sign the eviction notice on his little condo. I wonder if he gets many dates in his swinging bachelor pad?

Floridacracker said...

It was a wee bit tricky.

Lucky him. He chose to live here and not the pond. The otter wiped out most large life in the real pond.

Bells restaurant in C'land...all you can eat frog legs for $9.99.

Clever. Good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

i had a rube goldberg recirculating aquaculture system in this spot for a while. i've been itching to replumb and redo it. the tanks are full of the daily rains we've gotten for the last week and a half. should get more very soon!

Yes, eau du frog must be especially tastey to the canine clan. The frog actually didn't seem concerned by her massive bulk so near.

They do if conditions are very bad or if they have to open shelters since the schools are the shelters. We are still on so far, but I wonder about Thursday. We'll see.

Mrs. S,
I suppose these may be coed aquariums. He does seem to be smiling.

Deb said...

I cheated, I scrolled. That frog has got it made!

Floridacracker said...

He's pretty funny. Sometimes he's up sitting on the edge of a larger fiberglass tank out of this pic ... just surveying his domain.

robin andrea said...

He looks like he's ready for someone to bring a nice boat drink with an umbrella sticking out of it. Perhaps a pina colada.

Floridacracker said...

I thought almost the same thing. I know I've struck that same pool hang pose on vacation.