Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tired Butterfly

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It's not just a pretty butterfly picture. Take a closer look. See those faded colors and tattered wings?
For some of our fellow travelers, it's been a long hard summer.

For others, like FC, it's been too short.
Back to work today.


Thunder Dave said...

Wow, back to school already?
Well at least it sounds like you had a good summer.

No more vacation for me until December now, so my summer ended about a month ago!

Wayne said...

Yes, I've noticed this too among our swallowtails toward the end of August - they get more and more ratty. Good observation.

We only get a week between the end of summer semester and the beginning of fall!

Deb said...


This may sound corny, but I always feel bad when I hit a butterfly with my car. I probably hit two a day, along with plenty of near misses.

robin andrea said...

Hard to imagine that summer flew by so quickly, but it has. When do the kids have to go back to school? Really nice butterfly photograph. Are you enjoying your digital camera?

Mrs. S said...

This picture reminds me of the 'pet' butterfly I had for a few weeks when I was younger.

I much prefer this type of picture to the one with the ambush bug eating the moth. You know - just for the record.

Leslie said...

Wow, back to work already?

I bet it will feel weird going to new digs. Let us know how that works out, once you're more or less settled.

Cathy S. said...

As a child and young adult, I used to love fall and the beginning of school with opportunities to learn. Now, as a parent, I hate the thought of getting up at 5:30 AM, fixing lunches, and overseeing homework. Summer was definitely way too short. I have been wondering how you will handle your firstborn going off to college. When our son was a freshman, we hung around his college town for almost a week "on vacation" but really just in case he needed us. He didn't. Last year, as a sophomore, we drove straight to the campus, dropped him off at the dorm at midnight, and took off for a week in the mountains!!! We almost didn't stop the car long enough to unload his suitcases. Funny how your perspective changes over time! Will the school year mean your daughter be leaving the nest?

Laura said...

I had to laugh at cathy's comment. I feel the same way at the beginning of the school year. It is so hot out right now that the heat just seems to make me feel as if even school is too much to deal with right now!
ahh well.
On the other hand, you're going back to work in a brand new classroom. That ought to be pretty thrilling!

Butterfly picture is beautiful, even if he is a little tired from the long road he's been on lately.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

That's what our butterflys look like after our cats get a hold of them.

Summer vacation went by pretty fast for you working folk. hehehe Gotta keep someone working and paying in Soc.Sec. I start receiving my first check in October, so get to work and put some more money into the account.*LOL*

Floridacracker said...

It has been a good summer,lots of adventures...time to be "adult" again...

Whoa, that's a short break! I would have something similar if I taught summer school.

If it's corny, I'm right there with ya'. I have to resist the urge to swerve.

The kids go back next week on the 8th, and yes, I am loving my digital camera.

Mrs. S,
I get the message, happy b-flies okay, innards being sucked out b-flies not so okay :)

It just kind of snuck up on me. Tomorrow is the ribbon cutting for the new "digs". I get to cut the ribbon.

Cathy S,
That is too funny! You remind me of the car commercial where the parents drop of the college boy and then instantly head off on a vacation.
My baby will be staying home and commuting for the first two years so I get to cling to her a little while longer. Sounds like you have younger kids and a college kid. I can relate.

Yeah, the brand new school is way overdue. I put in an order for brand new students, but they haven't arrived yet :)

The check is in the mail.
Don't spend it all before I get there!

Cathy S. said...

My youngest is in High School so we have three more years before we boot him out of the nest. Interestingly, my oldest referred to here is at UWF majoring in environment science, wants to be a National Park Ranger and specialize in law enforcement. Sound familiar? Glad you will have your Katie home for a couple of more years, but I do confess, as much as I love them, the quiet and calm are welcome, too.

Tim Rice said...

That butterfly does look like it has seen better days.

Floridacracker said...

My youngest is a freshman this year. I can't believe that coinkydink about UWF...that was my major at UWF too.
If he doesn't already know about it, he should investigate the NPS Seasonal Ranger program for summer employment. Thing is, they only take apps in Dec. and you can only apply to two parks in the country. (That is the way it used to be) Being a seasonal ranger is how you get on the career track. He might also check into the seasonal ranger LE training program at Sylva Tech in Sylva NC. Good luck to him!

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