Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fall Down The Road

Down the road, there's a shy millet field wearing subtle fall colors.

Down the road, a colony of coreopsis fills a ditch with loud yellow.

Down the road, there's a tired sunflower field that still turns to the sun each day.

Down the road, a bit farther, Mom's hurricane lillies finally break their green silence. Posted by Picasa


Sharon said...

Thank you again for the fall flowers. Now that cooler weather is there, lovely to walk in the fields.

vicki said...

Beautiful. You have a nice way of capturing nature's less flamboyant aspects and showing them in their best light. I like that so much about your photos. And then there are your mother's hurricane lilies- what a great yellow, shape and form!

Tomorrow, I will post a "down the road" series of photos- perhaps you will be surprised...

vicki said...

P.S. I Just noticed that the three- count 'em- three! comments I left here yesterday didn't show. I wonder what happened? No big deal but I was here and left a comment about a link to the Lion Bridge, a question about shrimping and I even left a note- BEFORE Hoss got here- that your bug joke was very funny and I thought Hoss would covet that one. :-)

Let's hope they just went into the black hole of comments and I didn't inadvertently leave them at, say, Wayne's. I was flipping back and forth (his cell video had me hooked). If so, maybe he'll tell me how he portions and preserves those shrimp for future meals.

Deb said...

Ahhh...memories of August scenes here!

The S-word is in the forecast here tonight. S as in...s...n...o...w! Yikes!

Mrs. S said...

How it is possible that you have so many beautiful species of flora in such a small amount of space!? It honestly blows my mind every time you show us (okay, me) a new one.

Floridacracker said...

Fall is outside time, no humidity and no bugs!

Sorry for the lost comments. I don't know what happened.
The shrimp get headed, packed in a freezer storage bag in slightly salted water. They stay fresh for years that way ... that's right, years.
The old bridge of lions is being cut away and taken down. The new bridge is in play and I'm not sure where the lions have gotten to.

Brrr, we are 73 at 8:37 pm.

Mrs. S,
... accent on the Flor :)

Rurality said...

Hadn't heard of hurricane lillies before, but I like them!

Floridacracker said...

I have some too, but mine rarely bloom.
In the spring, you get green lily like leaves which fade away, then in September, the flower spikes emerge and bloom.

Laura said...

Wait a minute. They're taking down the lion bridge??!!! I'm stunned, that's a major part of St. Augustine history! wow.
now that is just plain sad.

That was the first thing that caught my eye when I was a little kid. I remember getting all fired up about the lions and actually wrote a postcard to a friend of mine about them. LOL!

great fall color photos, FC. That camera was worth each dime!

Floridacracker said...

Yes, the old bridge is already reduced to big chunks. I can't imagine the lions won't remain.