Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sandy's Request and Sophie's Choice

As part of the All Request Weekend, Sandy of Abandoned In Pasadena requested the nearest saltwater and the nearest swamp.
The next three pics are my answer.

Cedar Key's marshes are my closest saltwater, 20 minutes by JEEP through piney woods (if I don't stop for photos or snakes, etc.). Since the saltwater creeks snake inland from Cedar Key, I'm actually closer than it seems. As the crow flies, only a few miles.

This is the nearest swamp of note, The Waccasassa River and it's watershed ... about 6 miles away.

The cardinal flower above was blooming a few months ago when I was last canoeing the Waccasassa swamp.

SophieMae requested a pic of Florida Cracker cattle (see my link) so I pulled this previously posted shot from my stash. I am not a cattleman, but I'm pretty sure these characters below are the real thing.
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I think I've worked through my list of your requests pretty completely. Still need a sparkleberry post, my favorite place, and of course, St. Augustine.

Good thing I'm home sick today ... lots of blogging time.
(I think I'm supposed to be grading papers tho ...)


Mrs. S said...

Bah! Blogging is more important than grading papers - hope you're feeling better, though!

I love the first picture in this post - just GORGEOUS. One of the best sunset shots I've ever seen.

Laura said...

I hope this meme didn't make you sick! We sure have enjoyed the photos. I just got home today and I'm exhausted. Lot's of work, this meme! I didnt expect it to explode the way it did,but it has been fun to see other people's photos around the country.
The Cedar Key swamp sunset photo is gorgeous. where does the bridge in the background go?

Enjoyed the Waccassa pic because I always get a kick out of the cypress tree stumps that grow along the shore. First time I ever saw them was at Lake Santa Fe up in G'ville. Coming from Miami, I was so amazed! lol
I give you an A+ for this meme, hope you feel better!

Hurricane Teen said...

Great pictures as always. The Cardinal Flower's still in bloom; I spotted a plethora of it on Silver River this weekend. Do Florida Cracker Horses (marshtackies?) still exist? I want to see some of them. Get well soon and enjoy grading your papers! (I'm sure you'll enjoy grading them more than your students enjoyed doing them!)

threecollie said...

Sorry to hear that you are ill and hope you soon recover! This meme has been a lot of fun, with wonderful photos everywhere....with a special soft spot for the cattle, of course.

Floridacracker said...

Mrs. S,
Thanks. Pretty typical Cedar Key scenery, glad I could share it.

I'm fine, just some public school pinkeye courtesy of some of my charges.
This meme did EXPLODE! Good choice.
That bridge goes to the side of Cedar Key with the little airport.
Hey, Mrs. FC and Emma are heading to Gulf Coast University to check it out this weekend. I'll share their opinion when they get back.

The FL Cracker Horse Association is located in Newberry, FL. They still exist!

I'm okay, the nurse wouldn't let me go in with a contagious eye and it was pretty miserable for awhile.
Glad you liked the cattle!

Wayne said...

Aha! I'd have put you on the east side of Gainesville, rather than the Gulf side. When I was around 16-18, Cedar Key was one of our stopping points on our annual sail down the West Florida coast in the winters, with stops along Horseshoe Beach, Steinhatchee, Crystal River, and all those estuarine areas.

Love the cardinal flowers! I call just about everything my favorite but those *really* are.

My early week responsibilities have me arriving late, but if I'd arrived on time I'd have demanded an invitation to your Dad's birthday fete.

robin andrea said...

Great job putting all of this together. It sure is pretty there.

Hope you're starting to feel better. At least you get to stay home and play on the internet.

Floridacracker said...

That cruise sounds incredible. I agree, it doesn't get much better than a 5 or 6 foot cardinal flower in full bloom in a river swamp.

Thanks, I actually got some work done ... not school work, but I did clean out my closet.
Talk about Fibber Mcgee ...

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Thanks for the pics of the nearest saltwater and the swamp flower. I've enjoyed seeing all the pictures that you have posted and the wildflower pictures in the previous post are so beautiful.

Sorry I was late getting here, but I have been trying to enjoy every minute of each day we have left before it turns cold here in Ky.

Floridacracker said...

I don't blame you!