Sunday, November 19, 2006

A First Place Team And A Beautiful Ending

Yesterday was the semifinals in the regional soccer tournament. We won our game Saturday and advanced to the finals today.


Today, we won first place in an overtime tie-breaker.

Now, the last thing you want to hear is any Dad bragging, and every soccer victory is a team effort and not due to any one person.
Still, it was an especially sweet victory for a certain Dad. ( I'll give you a hint, he LOVES wild Florida)


You see, it was a hard fought game between two very good teams. The game ran out after an hour and a half of play with a score of 1-1.

A tie.

Both teams got some well deserved Gatorade, and then returned to the field for an overtime tie-breaker. First to score wins.

A well placed shot by our team was blocked by a desperate slap from one of the opposition's players. It was a last ditch move, the ball was in the box and going to score. Their player figured it was worth the penalty kick we would get due to his touching the ball with his hand. After all, they had an excellent goalie and he could probably stop the penalty kick.

The ref made the call, "Handball!"

Both teams stepped aside for the penalty kick.

The Goalie paced nervously ... all the hopes of his team riding on his ability and speed.

Facing him, our very own Jr... chosen by his team to take the shot that could win the tournament.

The entire tournament came down to two individuals facing each other trying to anticipate the other's intent.

The field grew quiet.

Jr. set up, thought for a minute, and then he kicked.

A ground level, angled, rocket of a shot that flew past the goalie and into the net.

For a moment, time froze and then suddenly began flowing again as our team erupted into joyful celebration and much hugging.

They did it. They were a championship team.

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vicki said...

This is a great story! How exciting to win like this! Made me miss all the years Abby played soccer and then club lacrosse. Rich was in Pennsicola this whole past week for NCAA Division II championships, including soccer. He said I missed some great BIG WEATHER. Maybe Jr will be there in a few years. :-)

pablo said...

Good work. I know what it means to be a proud soccer dad. But what's with the mismatched sox?

Laura said...

Awesome!!! Congrats to Junior on the kick he'll remember all his life!

Most Orange and Blue teams are #1 in my opinion. ;)

Rurality said...

Holy cow. Go Jr.!

roger said...

congrats to jr and the team. and to the author.

robin andrea said...

It doesn't get any better than that. Your team wins, Jr is a team hero, and you get to be a very proud dad. Woohoo!

Missourimadness said...

Oh yeahhhh- Nice Going! My weekend sports consisted of beating my mom at scrabble and the leaves beating me at raking. Sheesh, they're about all out of the tree now so raking time should be near its end. I compost all my leaves and use them in spring planting.

Deb said...

Congratulations to Jr!

pissed off patricia said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

What a climactic ending!!! The team knew who to pick for that kick...You must be so proud. Congratulations to you and to the team.

Anonymous said...

I think the close games are always the most exciting! Congrats on a well deserved win. What's with the kid in the picture with the squirrel on his t-shirt?

Ericka said...

yay! congratulations to jr and the team!

Floridacracker said...

Pensacola is one of my sentimental cities. Went to college there, met Mrs. FC there...

I think it's all part of the "psych out" mind set.

I knew you'd approve of the uniforms!

Thanks! He's part of a great little soccer team ... good kids!

even i get sports fanny when one of my own is out there.

A win-win-win scenario !

Our leaves have not really begun to fall yet.

Thanks Deb!

It was a gorgeous sunny cool day, a great game, and some temporary glory. Good day.

I'm proud of him and his team, some of them have played together since first grade.

I have to ask ... is that an airedale or a welsh terrier?
I like close games too. My wife is just the opposite, she wants her team to completely obliterate the other team.
The squirrel shirt our goalie is wearing is a leftover from last year when the team called itself "The Squirrels".

They celebrated with a trip to Kazbors Sports Restaurant for wings and the Miami Dolphins game.

threecollie said...

He must be a very happy boy. Congratulations to him!

Floridacracker said...

There was a lot of happyhappyjoyjoy going on.

rick said...

congrays to Jr. yall are having another banner year, homecoming queen,you calling the names of the grads,and now a soccer champion and Jr hits the winning shot. Do you keep a hanky for the runny eye problem?

Floridacracker said...

Now you know we boys weren't raised to do that ...