Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday Morning Puzzler

What could this be?

A puzzle for you, from me.

The pink ones are not ripe.

That was a hint, so you wouldn't gripe.

The orange ones are ready to go.

Dry, shady places is where they grow.

Got a guess?

Was that a yes? Posted by Picasa

Floridiots may have the advantage here.

To a dinosaur, it would all be so clear.

Now I really must go,

Off to torment students you know.


pablo said...

Well, I know they are not round rock seeds.

Cathy S. said...


swamp4me said...

Treebeard guesses palm seeds. Me, I don't know...we don't have anything like that around here.

Thunder Dave said...

It looks a bit like candy corn to me, but I haven't a guess what it really is!

roger said...

what can it be
is it from a tree
it looks like corn
was it on grass borne
is it good to eat
what sorta treat
i did not know
cornnuts really grow
to reply in kind
doth vex my mind

Alan said...

Looks like coontie fruit to me.

Ever processed any to make them edible?


Betsy said...

Trying to not look at previous comments so as to avoid cheating ...

Those things grow in cycad cones. I always figured they're the fruit. They sure are weird!

PS love these quizzes.

threecollie said...

Not apples, not raspberries, not blueberries, nor strawberries not neither. Ain't summer squash, can't be watermelons, aren't pine cones, pumpkins or pomegranites either.
Sure not from up north is all I know.

kathy a said...

some kind of date?

or some kind of little pepper?

Floridacracker said...

Definitely too many angles for that.

Cathy S,
You got it!

Treebeard was close. It's more of a cycad, but very ferny palmy looking.
Coontie, by name.

These are pretty southern, I bet they don't go far past the GA- FL line.

Kandy Korn ...mmmmmm.

you were inspired!

I've read a few articles about processing the root to make it into a useable flour and it sounds like too much effort for starch.

Yup, it's good ol' coontie, cousin to the sago "palm" which has a similar, but larger fruit.

Kathy A,
Good guesses. I thought they looked like peppers too and expected someone to suggest that :)

Rurality said...

You can grow cooties from seed? Who knew! ;)

kathy a said...

i've never heard of a coontie before -- it sounds vaguely improper. [but i gather i was close, if this is the fruit of some palmish plant?]

i only lived as far south as charleston, s.c., so you can't expect me to know much more than how to pronounce "palmetto."

LauraHinNJ said...

Funny-looking. Are they edible?

Floridacracker said...


Kathy A,
Yes, you were close and think Charleston is too far north to encounter this plant. Good guessing!

To the critters, yes. Unknown, which usually means NOT, regarding us. The large underground tuber is a traditional starch source, but only after a lot of processing to flush out some toxins.

Laura said...

hmmm, chocolate dipped coonties would make a nice Christmas gift for your local developer....

Hurricane Teen said...

laura - ROFLOL!

I've never seen these in the least not in recent memory.

Floridacracker said...

Oh, you're too kind. I can think of ...

The sandy well drained hammock land that coontie needs is the first thing to go when the developers strike. Go to Washington Oaks or Fort Matanzas and walk a trail. Should be some.