Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Scaup At Cedar Key

These scaup were dabbling for molluscs, probably marsh periwinkles over a very shallow mud flat behind the sheltering spartina grass. The causeway leading out to Cedar Key was acting as a wind break also and the ducks had wisely chosen the south side since the north side of the road was a wind whipped whitecap party.
I'll bet they're there right now.
Unfortunately, I have to go in the opposite direction as work calls.Posted by Picasa


pablo said...

purty burds!
party bards!
pretty beards!
putty buds!



pissed off patricia said...

I love the shape of the scaup's head. Those little ducks aren't dumb, they know where the livin' is easy.

vicki said...

Fowl they're not
as they take to the water
along with fish,
manatee and otter.
Why, some of my very best friends
Live where the blue waves start
and terra firm ends.

(Where's that poet, Bernadette, when you need her? Hopefully, not lurking around that drivel)

Nice photos, FC- all those scaups spacing themselves for these perfect shots. And, that reminds me: if you haven't read the book Spartina by John Casey you are missing out. This is a book for you. Send seeds, book by return mail. Have a great "hump day".

Deb said...

I gotta show this to The Hermit- Sally won't be the only one trembling with excitement!

Nice photos.

robin andrea said...

Beautiful pics. I love to be around ducks. I especially love the sound they make when they take off in unison. I didn't know it was called wingbeat whistle. Perfect.

threecollie said...

Very nice, clear shots. Lovely ducks. I have never seen one, but we have probably five hundred Canada Geese and nearly that many mallards gleaning corn in a field next door. (Won't be much left for the neighbors to pick when the weather gets better.)
PS...waiting for gophers! lol

Floridacracker said...

Tanks muc
thnks mch
thks muc
Thanks much!

Truly, they have picked a regular megabuffet. The marshes of CK are about as healthy as you can find them.

Held up seeds
thought you in Chicago
Will mail for your needs
Envelope ready to go.

We better both hope Miss Bernadette has better things to do ...

I know, I still tremble a little. I just can't hunt them anymore 'cause I don't like the taste of duck. I had to quit when I realized that no matter how they were cooked, I just didn't enjoy duck.

I don't know if that's an official term, but it seems to fit.

I can't imagine that many geese so close.
Gophers are delayed while I check into a publishing conflict ... possible conflict.

Deb said...

THe Hermit drooled over these pictures a while, but then noticed these were most likely Greater Scaup, while we get mostly Lesser Scaup around here. Either way, they are beautiful. And we don't shoot or cook too much duck around here either, although that would not explain the number of duck decoys in our limited storage space here. :)

LauraHinNJ said...

Deb can always send any spare decoys to me - I'd love to have a few that were part of a real working rig. ;-)

Nice pics! Are they getting frisky yet? The male mergansers here are more interested in showing off for the girls than eating.

SophieMae said...

AbFab duck shootin'! I can't believe you don't like eating them, though. Duck is a real treat, 'specially with a nice orange sauce. Mmmmm!!! Come to think of it. Duller doesn't care for it, either. Oh, well, more for me. 8-]

Floridacracker said...

Using my battered 20 year old Petersons, I had decided they were Greater also, but chose to just say Scaup since I wasn't really postitive on the ID. The white on the wing seemed to match Greater.

We only get them in the winter, so I don't know if their friskiness will happen here or back home in the thawing north. Seems like a vacation in Florida would make anyone frisky.

Now, I'm wondering where my great old, battered duck decoy is.

Fruit and meat should never meet.
That's my mantra.