Friday, March 30, 2007

Shark Dissection and Spring Break

I can't show you my kids in action as I always protect their identity, but here's a few closeups of their work ... as you requested. Above is the exposed brain of a spiny dogfish shark. It's not wrinkled like yours, no need to pack in the extra neurons it takes to do that deep thinking that you do. Unlike yours, it comes preloaded with all you need to know to be a spiny dogfish.

The pic above shows the lens on the left and the eye it came from on the right. Fresh fish lenses are not cloudy, they are clear. Fish have spherical lenses to focus light under water. Yours is more of a flattened disc since you are an air sucker.

The dogfish heart in the center of this pic is 2-chambered. That's enough for a shark. The new and improved version of the fish heart beats in you with it's 4-chambers.
That's all I can do now. Gotta get to work. It's the day before spring break AND it's "wear your Hawaiian (Floridian!) shirt day" as in "Let wearing THAT shirt be the worst mistake you make over break!" (Each day had a spring break safety theme this week)
I have a closet full of these shirts so suuuwweeeeeet! I'm finally appropriately dressed!
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Woodie said...

Methinks I see a fetal pig. Yer takin me waaaay back to science & anatomy classes.....

Rurality said...

I can almost smell the formaldehyde. Really.

robin andrea said...

Thanks for posting these, fc. I was immediately transported to the Science Fairs of my youth.

Anonymous said...

I love the smell of buffered formalin in the morning. Smells like - SCIENCE.

Woodie said...

Yikes!! Good thing I am not a forensic zoologist. One of those shots sure looked like a pig...

SophieMae said...

Well, I'm so far behind - mostly from running the roads the past few weeks - I'm not even gonna try to catch up.

Nice pics today. I mostly squeamed out in high school biology. At USF, I managed to get a physiology class right after breakfast. Fun till we started the day with a film of a turtle heart... demonstrating the difference between veins (puddlers) and arteries (gushers). 8-}

vicki said...

Must be shark post day...
This brings back memories! Except we never got to do dogfish. I wonder if dogfish have lower health insurance premiums?

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

If I were in your classroom during this lab, I would probably have turned a little green, which may account for why I studied business instead of medicine.

Cathy said...

Yikes! I scrolled down as fast as I could. I'm feeling a little queasy.

Deb said...

I remember this lab, from Doc Hum's Honors Biology in 10th grade. Doc Hum was a man with his Ph.D. who chose to teach high school. Had it not been for him, I may have not been where I am today. I suspect your teaching philosophy and his are not too far apart. He made biology fun. :)

Floridacracker said...

All us vertebrates look alike

It's much better now, the preservatives are milder, noncarcinogenic stuff.

Time travel is our specialty!

Busmans holiday for you I suppose. I can't imagine the things you see.

Your turtle story reminded me of my brother's stand against a prof at UNF who wanted the class to dissect living turtles for a heart physiology activity. My bro requested an alternative assignment. His point was they would be dissecting live animals only to replicate a known reaction of the heart ...I think they were applying stimulants, etc. It was not exploration and he felt not worth the questionable practice of live dissection. It was a big stink at the university cause the prof gave him an ultimatum, but he stuck to his guns and won.
I was very proud of him.

Sounds like I need to visit OutsideIn.

The bathroom is right outside the door :)

Sorry about that chief.

Hooray for Doc Hum! The fun part is essential. We laugh alot in my class and sometimes I feel like a standup comedian ... but they get it.

Rurality said...

You know I started to make the same joke that TF did... now I'm really worried, LOL.

For HIM. Hee hee.