Monday, April 16, 2007

Musical Treeo

These oaks sing to me when I am working in my garden.

A closer look shows why they are so lyrical while most of my forest shyly listens, but rarely chimes in. The music (?) is most noticeable on a day of light breezes. On a windy day like yesterday, it gets lost in the swooshy babble as all the trees break wind.
A lifetime of singing can leave physical effects on the body. The evidence of wear and tear is there, but the singing goes on.
The song is in the ear of the beholder of course. It's possible that all these trees do is squeak in the wind, just like it's possible that I sing loudly and off key when alone in the JEEP with Jimmy Buffet blasting from the dash.
I call it singing.
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Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Cool! FC has discovered a new species of tree - the flute oak ;)

Laura said...

Hub used to stop and say... "shhhh, listen" and sure enough, the wind swirling through the branches of the oak trees was melodic indeed. I've often thought that's why we bought the land up in N. Fla... we were sick of hearing the sound of sirens and cars slamming on the brakes in the city.
Boy, I really do miss the country.

As for your "singing"-- are you kidding? We can hear the coyotes howling along with ya way down here in TampaBay. (g)

roger said...

so you're both creator and beholder of your own it should be.

Dr. Know said...

It looks as though these trees are embracing one another - or perhaps it's a strangle hold. ;-)

robin andrea said...

You do give "breaking wind" a whole new meaning. A rather nice one at that. We hear some trees sing when the wind blows, too. It's often a scratchy, creaky sound.

threecollie said...

You have leaves.

Deb said...

I have a squeaky white pine by my house, but I think the real music is the way the wind whooshes through white pine needles.

Your version of singing is much more authentic and enjoyable than any of those star wannabees on American Idol (which I don't watch). So go ahead and call it singing!

rcwbiologist said...

Song and dance! And I agree with what deb said regarding American Idol.

Floridacracker said...

Therefore I shall name it Quercus flatus, flutus.

Your hub has a good ear!
As for those coyotes, they're probably fans of Kenny Chesney or some other "Buffett Wannabe" singer ...
No accountin' for taste ;)

it's safer for everyone that way :)

When we were kids, we called such trees "love trees".

I admit I slapped myself on the back over that play on words. I do depend on my forest to "break the winds" and absorb energy before it gets to my house during 'cane season. Thanks for noticing :)

Deb, RCW,
I have never watched American Idol, but I can imagine.
I really like the wooshy swooshy sound of strong wind in trees too.

Cathy said...

'The song is in the ear of the beholder . . '

Yes. But, it's the heart that whispers,
"Shhhhhhh . . . listen."

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