Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

(Kodachrome 64, Minolta SRT-201)
These are the prettiest Easter eggs I've ever seen. I took this shot about 20 years ago while setting posts and stringing sand fence around a tern and skimmer nesting area on the west side of the Matanzas Inlet bridge. You should never get this close to a shorebird nest site of course, I had to be there at the time, it was my job to protect them and the fence was part of that.
You know me, ... well, you don't actually, but you do know I keep my camera handy for opportunities such as this. So while digging post holes and wiring fence, I snagged a few photos. I think this one was published in Florida Wildlife magazine. I'd have to go check some of my articles.
It was early morning, the sun was not too intense yet, and I'd like to think those eggs survived even though our work scared the sheltering parent bird off the nest temporarily. The fencing should have been done earlier in the season, but it did not arrive until some of the terns had begun nesting.
Today, that spot still has a ring of dunes (our now buried fence line) with a flat area in the center. The terns and skimmers rest and nest there still.
Those are all the Easter eggs I need.
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roger said...

very nice eggs. and good on ya for posting BIG pictures. that looks stunning when i click on it to get the big view.

so you're godfather to terns and skimmers as well as turtles. way to go.

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Roger beat me to it - readers MUST click to enlarge this photograph. These are supurb Easter eggs!

Happy Easter to you and your family.

Thunder Dave said...

Happy Easter! Those are nice eggs by the way!

We were greated with sub-freezing temperatures again this morning. We had a few flurries yesterday and again already this morning, but not enough to accumulate!

Thunder Dave said...

Sorry, that's greeted!

threecollie said...

Pretty little Easter Eggs.....sort of like killdeers'

Sandy said...

Beautiful Tern eggs...

ImagineMel said...

Feliz dia de la Pascua!

Laura said...

Happy Easter! Forgive me for falling behind in commenting on so many posts and also in writing on my own blog; things have just been hairy over on my side of the state. What a year this has been.

But I really do enjoy stopping by your site to see what you've posted each day. I'm off to check out the Wildlife magazine website, too.
Do you still write for them?

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Yah, those are good "Easter" eggs. The best kind come unboiled.

Floridacracker said...

thanks.godfather ... i like that.

Thanks, nothing like K64 and a bright day.

41 here this morn. Last chill of the winter?

A fellow ground nester's camo.

... and they come precolored!

Gracias amiga. El hijo esta aqui y jugan Gamecube con mi hijo.

No apology needed, but I do miss your perky sense of humor when you go hiatusing.
My freelance writing career ended about the time I had kids. I wrote 3 articles for FW in the 80's, but I have one in mind now and I may try it again.

I agree :)

LauraHinNJ said...

I love the little shell bits added to the scrape for extra camouflage.

Floridacracker said...

These nests are much less obvious to the eye when you are walking by. The camo works!