Monday, April 02, 2007

Johnny Campsis Root

Long ago, I took a cutting from a favorite native vine, Trumpet Creeper, dipped it in Rootone, stuck it in a sandy peaty soil mix, and waited for it to die.
It didn't.
It rooted and grew into a vigorous vine until finally it was time to fly free in real soil and take it's chances. I planted it along a corner of the garden fence and it thrived.

Big mistake that.

It really, really thrived.
Turns out, Trumpet Creeper may be beautiful and a super hummingbird plant, but it is also a rampant spreader. So now I battle it constantly in my blueberry patch and among my grapevines. Part of that battle is pulling up the many Creeper babies that sprout hither and yon.
Yesterday, I pulled up thirty or so in about five minutes. Now ... I still love this plant, I just love it away from controlled areas of PF. So I gathered my bundle of Creeper babies and "The World's Greatest Shovel" (it says that on the handle) and headed out along the fence line.
Shovel in, pry open, insert Creeper baby green side up, stomp to seal the soil around it ... over and over again. I'd love this place to be a hummingbird buffet and if I close my eyes, I can see that fence covered in beautiful red Creeper blossoms. It's the faith in the future that all tree planters and habitat improvers carry with them. You know the feeling.

Sometimes, you don't have to wait years to see the benefits of a helping hand. You might remember a post last fall about making mason bee shelters from some bamboo trimmings. It seems to bee working.
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Hick said...

Hooo, boy, have I made that mistake a time or two. I planted some thyme in one spot and it is now everywhere. What's that stupid saying: "There's never enough thyme in the garden"


Thunder Dave said...

Sorry, busy again last week and sick over the weekend so I had to catch back up again.

Congratulations on getting the National Boards stuff completed and sent out! In my opinion you should be a teacher of teacher's! I think that history would prove that your methods are both interesting and effective for raising the intellegence and awareness of our youth! You deserve every bit of the bonus, which is good money in anyone's book!

Cool Turtle pictures and the Shark disection photos sure brought back memories!

I'm going to get some hops updates out soon. We took a look at them last week and they still were under ground. Looked at them yesteraday and they're now about a foot tall (of course I didn't have the camera)! Sring has sprung in Ohio!

Thunder Dave said...

Sorry, that was supposed to be: Spring has sprung.

For the record FC was never officially one of my teachers and cannot be blamed for my spelling, grammer, or numerous other bad habits! I do however continue to learn from him with each encounter! ;-)

dragonfly183 said...

we have lots and lots of those trumpet vines growing here. although they can be a pest, I do think they are beautiful when they bloom.

Thats cool about the oil. if you find out who owns your mineral rights you might try to buy them without them realizing you've hit oil.

SophieMae said...

Cool bee condo! Was it really 5 months ago?! Time sure is fun when you're having flies! 8-]

Can't wait to see your hummer buffet.

pablo said...

We planted trumpet creeper beside our deck, and after it lost interest in blooming, we spent years pulling the spreading stuff up. We're still pulling it up.


Hurricane Teen said...

We had some of that just popped up and started climbing the fence in the corner of our yard. Nice flowers, and great for hummingbirds...Until we hired those law guys for a ONE DAY JOB, during which they proceeded to cut that down, along with my PEACH TREE. I still am not over that...My dad told me not to be mad, because we never told them NOT to cut down the peach tree...But, seriously. Would I really need to say, "Oh, and by the way, don't cut down the tree in the back." I rest my case. Sorry for the horribly off-topic rant. Nice, flowers, they are, though.

Floridacracker said...

It's never ending.

Thanks. Take care of those hops!

Oh, check the date on that oil post. I'm afraid I'm still a poor teacher.

Me too. I couldn't believe it was that long ago either. Tempis fugit.

I feel your pain.

How do you mistake a peach tree ??

Lightnin said...

Tell PAtience congrats on her beloved Gators!

Floridacracker said...

Will do!
She was pretty excited and stayed up way late watching the highlights.

Laura said...

First: GO GATORS!!! May I send a virtual high-five to your wife through the blogosphere?!! What a game.

Couldn't help laughing at Hick's comment. ;)

We have the Trumpet Creeper growing around here, also, along with numerous other invasives that I can't dig up, nor hit over the head with a shovel...

*invasives... *noun. your new word of the day. ;)

Cathy said...

My 85 year old mother hasn't forgiven me for the trumpet creeper I planted beside her garage 15 years ago. I'd just discovered this wonderful hummingbird attractant and wanted to share and share and share . . .

(OK. So the miller bee habitat creation is the real deal and not more myth-making emboldened by yesterday's merriment? - which incidentally - was brilliantly executed)

Floridacracker said...

She's pretty cloud niney today ... off to Jax to prom dress shop with Emma and friends. Invasives ...yeah I've known a few.

It is a "vigorous vine".
Yes, the bee condo is the real deal and I am really pleased with how it turned out as it was the simplest thing to do. The inspiration came from a HGTV segment on nature projects for kids.
Having not grown up yet, I figured it applied to me too.

I only prank once a year ;)

vicki said...

YAWN...I's not you, FC. After the BIG game it was a short 3 hours of sleep before returning to Florida. This post is interesting to me on both fronts: I planted two large plantings of this vine to grow up the lattice to Rich's office- with high hopes of getting hummingbirds here along with dozens of butterflies already happy about the place. I just hope I can keep it under control. Our mason bees are back in all their glory in the front yard, still all around the bench I used for wifi in the past. I like thinking about them busy doing good works.

Floridacracker said...

I hope you got that sleep. Got a h-bird post for you.

Alan said...

I have a twenty foot high dead oak tree down by the pond all but covered with trumpet creeper. I leave it for the wildlife and because the hawks and owls like to sit in the top of the tree where they can get a good view.

Unfortunately the creeper is also all over the yard on that part of the property and is a major nuisance that I'd dearly love to be rid of.

I need to check into this mason bee thing myself.