Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm Surfing As Fast As I Can

PreBaccalaureate, the donning of the cap and gowns ... I think this pic captures the "behind the scenes hubbub."

Four friends since Kindergarten stand at the brink ... I think maybe Corinne realizes that ... look at her expression.

A little candle lit spirituality and hope ...

Post ceremony, Emma grabs her 15 seconds of fame with our guest speaker, Mr. Tim Tebow, quarterback for the University of Florida National Championship Gators.

My kids (and my wife) were completely starstruck by Tebow because they are Gator football maniacs. I'm pretty casual in my sports fanniness, but I still left impressed with this guy. He came out to speak at a tiny school in the middle of nowhere, gave a great heartfelt motivational speech, and then stood for hours smiling, signing autographs, and taking pics with his fans.

Apparently what the sportwriters say is true ... he really is a genuinely nice guy.

That was Wednesday night. Last night, I cooked two big pots of Minorcan Clam Chowder, tossed together a huge batch of homemade salsa, and made an extra large cruet of the house salad dressing as my part of the big Florida Feast pre-graduation party.

I believe the party menu is fried fish, hushpuppies, clam chowder, chicken pilau, salsa, datil pepper relish, white acre peas, corn on the cob,sweet potato casserole, crab bisque, salad, peapickin' cake, and ... I know there's more but I'm not in charge (as usual) and don't have the full menu.

Tonight is the feast, Saturday evening is the actual graduation. Whew!

It's been a quick year since I posted on what's really important.

Last night at supper, Katie presented a strong case for an apartment that she and her two girl friends found in G'ville. She's commuted to college for a year and has done her homework on the apartment complex and the finances required. It does make sense and of course I knew it was coming. She had all the figures down on paper and a well prepared presentation ... she reminded me of myself presenting to my parents years ago. It was like looking in a mirror.
How could I say no?

It appears both my girls could be moving out in late August ... practically on the same day.
Ever surfed?
I never was a pro like my big brother, but I enjoy surfing when I get a chance. Sometimes, on a good day, you pick a wave that is bigger than your abilities.
Now, the point at which you realize this little fact is just as you feel the wave grab the board and commit you to the ride.
Staring down the slope, feeling the rush of speed and power building, you know this is going to be one hell of a ride and you may just get pounded, but what a thrill in the meantime.
I'm on that wave right now.

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Cathy S. said...

Enjoy the ride. There will be ups and there will be downs, but the greatest thrill is seeing your fledgling soar. I have no doubt but that you have prepared your two girls well and they will fly high, but they will always remember where the nest is and know that you are there ready to console, applaude, and feed them!

Laura said...

Your house is going to be awfully quiet come August. Make sure they make as much noise as they can this summer. ;)
Congrats again to Emma, and to Katie on stepping out on her own. That first apartment is always the most fun!! Good luck!

As for Tim's pic... (swooooooooon)!!!

threecollie said...

FC, I really feel for you. I don't care how right and natural it is you MISS them. Of course, two of ours are out of college for the summer and sweeping me up in a whirlwind of house cleaning....boy friend coming over maybe. I am thinking surfing might be good. Congrats to your whole family on accomplishments and just being wonderful folks.

roger said...

for another perspective on the kids leaving thing........several years ago i asked a good friend what it was like at home since his kids moved out. he responded "i got my girlfriend back." of course, his kids hadn't mnove very far.

robin andrea said...

Your daughters will be fine, and the best part is that you already know that in your heart of hearts. They're ready to test their wings, and their wings are strong and sure, just the way you and Mrs FC built them.

scott said...

A Haiku for the Graduate

Beautiful and smart
And unless I guess amiss,
Wise at heart she is.

You and Mrs. Cracker have obviously been doing something right.

kathy a said...

terrific photos! congratulations to emma!

it sounds like katie is making a sensible decision, and is ready.

we are in a similar boat, since my son moved to his first place in february, and daughter will be off to the dorm in september. don't know what i'll do with myself when all the hecticness of parenthood subsides.

meanwhile, busy times! chorus concert tonight. orchestra concert tomorrow. a big senior presentation monday. finals. grad night extravaganza the following week. graduation itself on 6/3. whew!

Deb said...

Just reading the last couple of posts is making my head spin! I'm glad you're taking the time for a nourishing Florida feast--everything sounds wonderful, even to this Minnesotarctican! Congrats to Emma and her friends, and to you and Mrs. FC for raising such strong, confident, intelligent, happy kids. Enjoy the ride.

Rurality said...

Aw, poor Dad, you are really not going to know what to do with yourself! :)

Cathy said...

This is lovely. I can't imagine a lovelier post. Ride that wave - let the swell carry you over and through the unplumbed depths of loving - of joy.

pablo said...

I didn't see iced tea on the menu.

Dorms tend to be great big congregations of immature adults. When my kids said they wanted to get college apartments, it was to get away from the dorms so they could sleep and study.

I'm glad your kids are driven the way they are. Good parenting, I say.

Cathy S. said...

I was at a historic preservation conference today and someone said something that made me think of you and all of us parents. They said, "It is not how many worms the mother bird feeds the chick, but how far the fledgling flies."

John Cowart said...

I read your What's Really Important post the day it came out and it touch me deeply then.

Still does.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

It will be okay to visit in Gainsville, though. Give 'em a thrill: Go unannounced.

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Hey dude, when the surf's up, just hang ten and enjoy the ride while you can.

Floridacracker said...

Catching up with a blankey thankey.

Thanks for all the good wishes.