Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dancing As Fast As I Can

Last night was Baccalaureate at the high school. All the seniors were honored and encouraged to get out there and make a good life. It was very nice, but a late night for the core parents who put it on and then cleaned it up. Whew! I will post about it at some point.

I have my final exams created, so I can check that off the list. Next week is the final week of the government school year.

Tomorrow night is our "Florida Feast" graduation party honoring Corinne and Emma. It's a joint operation of our family and Corinne's. The menu is strictly Florida Food. I'll post about that later when I have pics and can take a breath.
Tonight is massive cooking night in preparation for that.

Saturday is graduation so that will be a busy day also.

My posting and visiting at the many wonderful web sites that I frequent will probably be minimal or at least at odd times.

I hear Sunday is a day of rest.

We'll see.


pissed off patricia said...

Damn, I'm tired now from just reading about all you are having to do. Enjoy it and rest later. It'll be fun!

We want zillions of pics.

vicki said...

These are exciting times for Emma and her best friend, with lots of activites over the next few days.
Seems like a really good time to focused on end of the year activities, esp. since this school year end marks such a special passage for her.

I'll look forward to photos and sending good and congratulatory thoughts your way.

BTW- I was checking out the Cypresss log home webpage-beautiful homes! And there's a dealer in western NC, too- that's just too scary good to comtemplate. ;-)

Mark said...

You haven't mentioned the fires in Florida and south Georgia in a few days, but smoke from those fires has reached northern Alabama, almost to the Tennessee line. When I arrived here for my work week on Tuesday, I could just detect the smell of smoke, and the visibility was very low. I thought it might have been from fires in north Georgia, but it turns out the circulation around a high to the east brought your smoke up here. A frontal passage has cleared it out for the time.

robin andrea said...

What a busy schedule the next few days will be. But just think, after that, the whole summer before you. Looking forward to your pics. Enjoy the festivities.

Ava said...

Hang in there!!! I seem to remember this time last year ... you were busy, busy, busy! Don't be gone too long ... I just got access to the blogs again!!

rcwbiologist said...

Have a great time; and remember to relax and enjoy yourself!

pablo said...

I remember these days. We still have events, but they're more measured. Oh yeah, that wedding in July. Forgot about that.

Deb said...

I took the day off of work today for preschool graduation. That's the extent of my commitments, I think.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Is this a swan song to spring so your summer will be neat and open? Or the lead-in to a busy summer as well? Oh, well, just keep the bird/wildlife pix coming, whatever else you do.

Floridacracker said...

Pics acoming!

Very exciting times, But you know that. Do I sense another seasonal home for you?

Our smoke conditions have been good this week. The fires are still going, but the wind has helped us regarding smoke.

It's a treadmill for a few days! I feel like one of those mice on the wheels.

Hey welcome back! Yes, almost the same events last year as Katie graduated. I get a break next year.

Good advice.

A wedding, now that I can wait for.

Cute, I can picture it.

I'm not sure what this summer holds ... except no paychecks. I'm sure of that.

Anonymous said...

Just yesterday, I was regaling the co-workers with a story of a faceful of seashell marl after a very unfortunate drunken body surfing adventure.

That was my first week in Miami. It left an impression.

Miami will hurt you.