Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day And A Memorable Wedding

At Pure Florida HQ, we flew the flag this Memorial Day, even though we are the only ones who can see it in our secluded location. It still matters ... always will.

On a happier note, I was blessed to go to a true Florida wedding on Saturday. The daughter of my best teacher buddy married her long time sweetheart along the banks of the beautiful Steinhatchee River.
I've known this bride since she was a little girl in elementary school. Her Mom has taught at the same school with me since I started teaching , and her beautiful, smart daughter works with us as a science teacher.

It was a beautiful setting and a very happy event. One nice thing about a drought is it makes outdoor weddings in Florida spectacular. There's no chance of getting rained out, no humidity, and no mosquitoes.

This is just the top of the multi-level wedding cake. I told you this was a real Florida wedding. All of those finally detailed seashells and starfish are edible creations by the cake artist. You might want to click on that picture just to see how lifelike they are.
As a marine science instructor, I give the cake artist an A+ for attention to detail.
The groom's cake was an airboat since that is one of his favorite things to do. It was complete with cattails and alligators.
Very Pure Florida, doncha' think?
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debbie said...

Very pretty bride. I love her flowers. I'd like to see the groom's cake. Did you get a picture of it?

pablo said...

Cha-ching! I only had to marry off one daughter. But you have two.

Wedding cakes sure have gone to the next level. I really admire the artistry in them, and it's a shame that they end up getting eaten.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Wow! TWO cakes? Bet you got bees, though.

Paintsmh said...

Oh Man What A CAKE!! It is far to beautiful to be eaten. Though I must say it looks quite tasty.

pissed off patricia said...

Beautiful indeed!

mockinbird said...

Beautiful Wedding Day, beautiful bride, and beautiful cake! Those flowers' colors make it look like a Florida State University cake.

Cathy said...

I'm so grateful to the young who serve. Our debt is so great. We fly the flag proudly - in tribute to those who have died and those who currently stand in harms way - for us. I'm glad you told the fallen soldier's story. You honor his memory.

(That beautiful cake is making me hungry:)

Cathy S. said...

Wedding Cake-my favorite dessert!

rick said...

beatiful bride and also a beatiful flag,I ride my bike over ten miles aday in the south (st aug south subdivision)on Memorial Day I was disapointed that only about 5% of the homes had flags flying in memory of those who gave all.Have people FORGOT what it means to be an American. To change the subject Dad caught a sea horse last week in a cast net in the creek at the st augustine south boat ramp.Is this odd I have never heard of one being caught in a net in our area?

Floridacracker said...

That is weird. Seahorses like grassflats, not muddy marsh. Maybe those strong winds washed him out of his spot.