Thursday, June 07, 2007

Slow Down

I need to go over the river ...

... and through the woods, to St. Augustine to get together with my wife's side of the family. We pick a spot and gather as many as can come each summer for a little reunion. It always involves salt water and usually boats, but this year they picked my hometown, so it's a beach event rather than a boat event.
That should lower the Murphy's law quotient by a factor of 5 at least.

What this means for Pure Florida, is a slight blockage in the flow of silliness from my secret hideout 'neath the cabbage palms and Spanish moss.
I may get to post from the public library, the Barnes & Noble, or some other WIFI zone ... it could happen.
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threecollie said...

Hope you find that Wi-Fi spot...and have a great time!

pissed off patricia said...

St. Augustine is one of my favorite Fla towns. Have a great time!

Just wanted to let you know our gopher tortoise has flown the coop. No action around the burrow for several days now. I don't know if it moved on or perhaps is even dead somewhere down there. I would like to think it moved on to find a mate, but I just don't know what happened. We will leave the burrow alone until it naturally caves in or whatever.

Deb said...

Have a good time! And I'm hoping to see some pics of St. Augustine Beach. :)

Alan said...

Had the family to St. Augustine last weekend because the Kinder Major wanted to "go see the castle!"

Columbia's was as good as it ever was.


kevin said...

Stop by the house, Kelly will let you in.

SophieMae said...

Have a great time! I'm trying to get Duller to beg/borrow/steal some time off so I can run up to SC for a couple days. Or maybe down to Tarpon Springs. Or anywhere but here. I need a vacation!

DS, the famliy train freak, is gonna love that last picture.

rcwbiologist said...

Have a great time visiting. BTW, is that a Sony Ericsson w300i I see clipped to your pants in the indigo snake photo? if so, the parallels between us just keep coming.

robin andrea said...

Hope you are having a great time on your trip. Looking forward to the photos.

Floridacracker said...

It's Friday and Katie and I had computer business to attend to, so we slipped into the St. Johns County Public library. She's got an online class assignment and I had to take a tutorial before my scheduled 4 hour battery of National Boards tests on Monday.

The inlaws are arriving in town this afternoon and it's the beach for us after this library stint.

I'm trying to hit your blogs (while I luxuriate in a nondialup fast connection) in place of a post while I'm away...

Got one. It's pretty easy to find over here in civilization land.

Curious about that gopher, but I don't see mine for weeks at a time. Maybe it's just taking a break.

I'm going there next.

Columbias is a favorite here too. We use a couple of their recipes around the house.

I wish I had time to stop in and say hello, but I appreciate the offer. How many more days???

South Carolina's a pretty place ... coast or hills?

Oops, I'm afraid that's just an LG unknown model clipped to those Wranglers.

Weather looks good, just waiting for Mrs. FC's clan to trickle in this afternoon.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Dirt roads? What happened to the culture? Deliverance here we come.

kevin said...

Tentatively, less than 100 days. We don't have a firm date, but that's the rumour.

Laura said...

Hope you're having a great time, and I'm sure you're getting a few good pics in here and there, too. :)

I was looking at a couple of St. Augustine hotel websites today as I'm hoping to take the girls over there this month, or next. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

And BEST of luck with the boards on Monday!

Cathy S. said...

Ditto needing a hotel in St. Augustine. Any suggestions?

SophieMae said...

When I see that topic line, my brain starts playing Simon & Garfunkel. 8-]

A SC trip would be closer to the coast, a bit west of Charleston. I do love it up there. But I'm thinking now, this trip will probably be to the Tampa area. SC in the fall/winter might be nice.

Floridacracker said...

Do you mean AGRIculture?

Okay, that's good news, 3 months.

My inlaws stayed at the Hampton Inn on St. Aug. Beach and liked it. It was about $140 per night and right on the beach. The Comfort Inn down the road a mile and across the road from the beach was $80 per night.
We stayed last summer at the La Fiesta in a suite for $150 per night and it was great even though some reviewers on one of the travel websites didn't like it. It was clean and right on the beach.
I'm not the best person to ask because I stay at my Mom's rather than motels.

Cathy S,
Check out the response above. Beware of special event weekends, the prices will jump.

You should wrangle a trip to Charleston in Feb when they have the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition.