Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Flounder Toes

Not happy.

Short post this morning, I have to take my Flounder boy into the vet for removal of this growth on his toe.
I'll update later.
PUPDATE 11:20 am:
It looks like Flounder will be staying overnight since the surgery lineup is pretty busy today.
At 11.5 years, he's got skin problems, ear problems, lumpy growths, and ... the sweetest heart. The forms you sign before the surgery recommend two tests to check his vitals before anesthesia, an EEG and a blood test.
I was too chicken to skip those, so that's almost a hundred bucks before they make the first cut.
It's only money.
He'll come home tomorrow sometime and I'll post his return with whatever the news might be.
He's a good dog... a mighty good dog.
In other news, I am flying solo again as my gene pool spreads hither and yon.
Mrs. FC has gone to a two day conference in Orlando ... (she's not actually in my gene pool ... we're rural, but we ain't that rural)
Emma is in St. Augustine living the beach bum life for a week.
Jr. is packing and I'm taking him to Crystal River to stay with a buddy for 3-4 days after I type this.
Kate is technically here, but working her new bank job (she loves it!) and spending time with her boyfriend and her girlie buddies means we are like two ships in the night most days.
I think I hear my boat calling me ...

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Mark said...

It's not malignant, is it? It looks like a tumor I had removed from my dog's gum. That one was benign.

lori said...

I hope flounder will be ok.
my thoughts are with you.
lori (O.P.Fl)

threecollie said...

Oh, dear, I hope Flounder doesn't have anything serious there!

Amazing that spiderwort up here has to be nurtured and fussed with to keep it going....

debbie said...

Oh, poor baby. Did that suddenly show up or was it slow growing? I hope that it doesn't hurt him. My thoughts are with you and I hope that everything turns out well.

robin andrea said...

I hope the vet can fix that right up and send Flounder home as good as new. Keep us posted, FC, and good luck to your sweet doggie.

Floridacracker said...

I hope not. He has some thyroid problems that produces some lump growths, but this one is smoother.
I'm hoping for a simple hematoma.

Thanks so much. I went to your site and really liked it. Love that you pulled the bots from that rabbit!

Spiderwort ... want some?
Thanks for the Flounder wishes.

It's been there longer than it should have been. I was a poor parent in not getting him in sooner.
Thanks for the doggie well wishes.

Thanks! I believe he will come home minus one toe, but I could be mistaken.

pissed off patricia said...

Flounder, we're pulling for you buddy. Take care of yourself!

Murphy (my little, very old dog) goes in next Monday for xrays to see if there is a growth pressing on his bladder. He's kind of like an old car, parts keep giving him problems and needing attention. His attitude is great and he still enjoys life so I'm hoping that whatever is bothering him can be fixed.

SophieMae said...

How's Feather taking Flounder's absence. Bless their doggie hearts. Hoping it's all quick and simple with painless healing.

Re the cow slobber, yep, it's the sap thing.

I got a great deal on the puter. (Yes, the modem mortality worked out as a nice excuse. 8-} ) By the time the mail-in rebates come in, the whole deal will be under $375. 8-]

Cathy S. said...

Thinkingn of Flounder, Feather and YOU and hope all is well.

Mechelle said...

Poor Baby!! If Founder is like my old girl was - the bumps are no big deal unless they are someplace they hurt - like between the toes - then they must go. My Vet called them "old lady bumps" - she lived to be 17 1/2 with all the bumps!

momadness said...

Crossing fingers for Flounder!

Leslie said...

I'd have had the EEG and blood tests done as well. 11.5 years is a long time to spend with a Very Good Dog. We have one (Louie the Impossibly Cute) and he's already seven. He's getting lumps and bumps too.

Do keep us updated.

ImagineMel said...

awwww...that must be a bear wrestling injury! ;) So happy Katherine has a job she likes! What will I do without Mudstuffin' for all those days?!?!?! Went by your school to interview yesterday-fingers crossed. I know Flounder will be fine.

Doug Taron said...

Good luck with the Flounder. He looks like a good pooch.

vicki said...

Is that anything like Grouper Fingers? Poor Flounder. I can relate on more fronts than one. I'll hope this goes smoothly for him and he's home, licking his wound soon. Poor you, too. I don't think it's possible to get out of the vet office with your wallet intact these days. But he's worth it- that dog has great appeal and I suspect he's a better companion than a fat cat. Enjoy your time on your own!

Deb said...

Poor Flounder! Hope the surgery goes well.

That being all alone at home thing...I wouldn't know what it was like! I suppose I will, someday. Enjoy some quality time with your boat!

kathy a said...

hope flounder is ok!

rcwbiologist said...

I'm sure Flounder will pull through with no problems.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks, and I hope Murphy gets a thumbs up at his check up.

Feather was a little off this evening. She's usually ravenous at supper time, but I noticed her bowl is only half empty.
Very unusual.
Great deal on the 'puter!

Cathy S,
Thanks, Feather and I are hanging in there.

I hear ya. He's got an assortment of lumpy growths, but this is the only one that seems to bother him.

Thanks, got mine crossed too.

Thanks and hello to Louie The Impossibly Cute.

COOL! Are you trying for Amy's vacancy?

Thanks for the good wishes, he's a very mellow pooch.

It's looking more like Puffer fish fingers. I wish he was a bit fatter to be honest. His sister is a puff ball, but he's a skinny guy.
If the weather cooperates and Flounder is okay, I may get out on the water tomorrow.

Thanks. I get a lot of it now that they are teens.
They're so busy!

Kathy A,
I think he'll be fine. Thanks!

I'm glad it's on a toe, nothing vital nearby.

Rurality said...

Aw poor baby. Have to say I had a totally different visual when the title of the post came up (before the rest). Now he's going to tell me that fish have toes?! :)

Hurricane Teen said...

awww poor Flounder. The moment I saw that first picture I said, "Uh oh." Tell him I hope he gets well soon!

Floridacracker said...

If you drop back by, I'm sorry I confused you with Joni, so my rabbit comment probably made no sense.
People who know me personally are used to that :)
Sorry for the confusion.

Floridacracker said...

Ever see a Sea Robin?
Almost fingers.

I think he'll be fine. Thanks for your concern.

ImagineMel said...

Yessir...that's the one.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the poor baby - it hurts just to look at that thing! As the mama to a 14 year old cat, I'm well acquainted with the cost veterinary gerontology, but I'm with you .... the critter is priceless, for everything else there's MasterCard. :)

Floridacracker said...

Hope you get it!

I hear ya!
He is priceless!