Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Florida Food Fest

On the day of the great Indigo Intervention, this is the meal that the great snake delayed momentarily. (As you may recall, I was returning from a quest for pepperoncini peppers when the snakeius interruptus occurred)
I cook a lot around here, but for this meal, Mrs. FC gets all the credit. It's a bit of a Caribeterranean mix with a Cuban Mojo chicken above as the meat dish. That's chicken breast marinated in orange juice, lime juice, and spices. The marinated chicken was browned in a cast iron skillet and was delicious.

For the dish above she got a little crazy and mixed in some corn with a Cuba black bean recipe and then served this atop a seasoned rice that she created. Like any good cook, she dug through some recipes and then tweaked them to make them her own.
As much as I like having dead animal on my plate, I could easily make a meal of just this rice and bean dish ... and I did for about two days afterwards.

Since our roots go back to the island of Minorca, out in the Mediterranean Sea, we tossed (heehee) a Greek Salad into this Caribbean meal.
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roger said...

mmmmmmmm food!

very yellow.

robin andrea said...

That all looks quite delicious. Yum.

debbie said...

When can your readers expect an invitation to one of your food fests? It would be fun . . . sitting around chatting, enjoying nature, meeting the family, petting the dogs, and tasting some of the great looking food pictures that you post.

Wayne said...

If only for the colors, Mrs. FC may have defined my cooking aspirations for the foreseeable future.

Now where's them crayfish?

Doug Taron said...

Hmm...I may have to be more cautious about reading Pure Florida just before lunch. *stomach rumbles*

Floridacracker said...

In for lunch (field peas and rice) and taking time to comment before either fixing the roof or going canoeing ...

i think you beat the posting of my text, but your comment is still very accurate.
mmmmmm, indeed.

One of those meals where your stomach says whoa, but your tastebuds say keep going.

Can't you see me saying, "um, honey, I've invited somewhere between 50 to a 100 people we don't know for dinner. they seem really nice, but some of them could be axe murderers or thieves. Could ya whip something up for supper?"

Who knew the drought would last this long? My previous crawfish braggadacio never considered the possibility of the best ditches drying up. Buying them seems so ... civilized.
I'm still holding out for rain.

If I ate this meal for lunch it would be siesta time for the rest of the day.

SophieMae said...

Black beans and yellow rice! Does it get any better than that?! The salad would not be the least out of place on Pappas' best table. (Do y'all add potato salad?) If that chicken recipe includes garlic, that might just be THE perfect meal.

Leah said...

Yum! I am a newcomer to FL from the Seattle area. I stumbled onto your blog and love it. Your photography is beautiful and shows the real florida that the tourists don't see.

Floridacracker said...

It may not get much better than that. Sometimes we do the potato salad ala Pappas', but this time we had all those beans and rice.
And yes, garlic is present in 99% of our suppers, this one included.

Welcome to Pure Florida!
So glad you found PF and delighted that you took time to comment.

Deb said...

A delightful, home-cooked meal. It doesn't get any better than that! Really, it doesn't. Cooking is such an important part of family rituals.

charless said...

Here's a delicious brown rice salad recipe-

rcwbiologist said...

Wow, I'm glad I'm just about ready to have dinner.

Floridacracker said...

I agree. A lot of bonding occurs over the prep and eating of a good meal.

Thanks for that link. I went there and perused the Welsh recipes. My mum is Welsh, so it was especially timely.
Welcome to Pure Florida!

I hope it was just as tastey.

Anonymous said...

Oh YUM! I love your food posts!

Sandy said...

The food looks delicious.

Floridacracker said...

Me too ... the prepost eating I mean :)

It was really, really good.