Friday, June 29, 2007

Green Genes

Bright, no secrets green ...

... dark mysterious green.

Winged hanger green ...

... not fully committed green.
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threecollie said...

The best and most favoritest of colors in any form you can find. It is well complimented in many cases by the other bestest

pissed off patricia said...

Green as in dollar weed. Green as in dollar. Green as in weed.

Thanks to all the rain we have had the past couple of days we have lots more green than we did and it's greener too. We really can watch the grass grow. Mr Pop isn't all that excited about it (mower in chief) but really, it's great.

Have a grand and green weekend.

robin andrea said...

Love all your green. Such a beautiful and vibrant color. Verdant in every way.

Joni said...

What is the name of the plant? The leaves are such a nice shape. I don't think we have too many green dragonflies either.

SophieMae said...

My first thought, on reading the topic, was Captain Kangaroo. Thanks for the memories. 8-]

Did you find something to paint? Running the sprinklers or hanging out some laundry usually works, as well.

pissed off patricia said...

I just read in the previous post that you saw a gopher tortoise laying eggs. That's outstanding. Having you ever seen a hatchling? They are beautiful little creatures. Their shells are gorgeous colors.

ArtfulSub said...

Nice photography. How about doing more Foodie stuff? Your Florida Food hasn't been updated in months. ZAP it and post Florida Food items here.


Sharon said...

You get such great closeup shots. What kind of camera are you using?

Floridacracker said...

I thought you would be partial to cream.

Mowing is fun, you should try it.
Have a great weekend too!
Somewhere in the Pure Florida archives there's a pic of a gopher hatchling and my son when he was about 5.
It's worth a search because it is one heck of a cute picture.
It's my favorite color and has been forever ... I flirted with orange in second grade, but that was just a fling.

We call it dollar weed. It's growing in the bottom of my dry pond.

He was my inspiration for the title. Glad you made the connection. I went canoeing nearby thinking that would cause it to rain, and it did, but all around my place not on it.

Welcome to Pure Florida. Actually, I've been planning on doing just that. I thought I could keep up with two blogs when I created that one ... I can't.\
I hear ya and I agree.

It's a Sony Cybershot DSC-H5. I've had it for almost a year now and I love it.

Sharon said...

Ah yes, Sony is awesome. My first "nice" camera was a Sony mavica, I used it for 5 years. I recently got a Canon Rebel and I am loving it. :) I really enjoy the shots you get.

ImagineMel said...

GREEN is the most awesome color!

Floridacracker said...

I didn't go digital until about this time last summer. Before that, it was Minoltas and Nikons.

It's my favorite too!

Cathy said...

Yes, green is lovely. Now. Where's the Flounder update? You can't post a picture like that below - of that disconsolate dog - and not give an update. Well. I guess you can.

Sorry. Sad dogs undo me.

Floridacracker said...

But I's at the top of the barge canal post.

He's doing great and is back to his old lazy self.

We continue to spoil him.

Anonymous said...

You know - some folks recoil at the sight of spiders, others can't stand snakes...

I almost mashed the "back" button when I saw that picture of DOLLAR WEED.


swamp4me said...

Must be a lot of inflation in Florida...around here, that beautiful green plant is known as pennywort (Hydrocotylesp.).

pablo said...

I seem to be getting your posts a day later than the rest of the world.

It is now 8:30 on Saturday morning, and Friday's post is the most current one I can see. Maybe there isn't a Saturday post yet, but there wasn't a Friday post until this morning. At least for me.

Laura said...

Just checking in, I have missed so much! But I'm glad to hear FLounder is doing better today. The $$ for the tests always adds up, especially on an older dog. Still, good to hear she came through ok.

And I cringed when I saw the dollar weed, which took over our lawn several years ago. It's a pretty, yet invasive weed. 'course, the grasshoppers are no better.

Beautiful pic from underneath the bridge! Lordy, I'm going to have fun catching up on this site, LOL!

ArtfulSub said...


GMTA. Glad to hear you'll be adding foodie stuff to this excellent blog. I write the occassional restaurant-review myself.

Cathy said...

Whew. (Sigh of relief and apology for sloppy reading :0) Spoiling is good.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

That not fully committed green: Is she/he/it looking for food, or looking to be eaten? Will it matter which comes first?

Nice greenery, F.C.

Floridacracker said...

Well, first (again) welcome back to blogoland :)
That dollar weed grows thick in my dry pond, but nary a leaf in my yard.

It is Water Pennywort, H. bonariensis, but we all call it dollar weed.

There wasn't a Saturday post til Saturday evening so that part makes sense.
Weird about Friday's post though, because it was my usual morning post.

You have been missed! Great to hear from you. Knock yourself out catching up! I hope this means I am no longer VitaminSea deficient.

I visited your site yesterday after you left the good advice.
Friday's food post will be a shrimpy one.

Spoiling is very, very good.
No apology needed.

I don't know, but that grasshopper has a very smug look on his face.