Monday, August 13, 2007

Cool Folks and Useful Places

This post is just a blogroll of links to fascinating people. It is not complete and is a work in progress.

Florida Based Blogs:

A Mark On My Wall

Bipolar Diaries

Dun Hagan

The Troll Report

Florida Cracker Crumbs

Florida Native Musings

The Flying Mullet

From A Heavenly Land

Hoe And Shovel

Hurricane Teen


Morning Martini

Paddle Tales




The Taming Of The Bandaid

Wandering Wondering

North of the St. Mary's River Blogs:

A Moment Captured

Abandoned In Pasadena

Gossamer Tapestry

Dharma Bums

Edifice Rex

Fun For Me, Music For You

Looking Up

My Piece Of Heaven

Natural Notes


Northview Diary

Old Horsetail Snake

Palazzo Rospo

Ranch Ramblins

Roundrock Journal


Rural Wat

Sand Creek Almanac

Somewhere In New Jersey


Thunder and Lightning



Danielle B. Blogging for Balance said...

How kind of you to put me on your blogroll! I have been reading the ProBloggers 31 Days to a Better blog and have really been doing a lot of cleaning up on my sidebar also..I wanted to do an "About Page" and someone recommended doing just what you did with the it as a post and link it....although I took my blogroll down due to space..this seems like a good way to do it! Again, thanks for the listing...can't wait to visit the other ones!!

Sharon said...

Cool! I have looked at a couple of your people here and there, now I'll check out the rest. :)

misti said...

Can I join the cool kids on the Florida blog list? ;) Purty please?

edifice rex said...

Why, thank you! Sometimes I think I'm fascinating only in that train-wreck sort of way though.

Floridacracker said...

To all,
I'm adding more as we discover each other's sites, so be patient with me if you aren't here.
Ya' will be.

I need a link, I didn't get one when I clicked on your name.

Claire said...

Could you add us to the Pure Florida Blog roll? we are also in North Florida, about 50 miles inland from St Augustine.

Cathy said...

I'm going to tell my hubby that a really intelligent, nice, attractive fella in Florida has designated me - 'Fascinating'. I'll bet he'll glance up from his book for at least a moment:0)

Thanks, FC.

Floridacracker said...

If you come back... I clicked on your link and didn't go anywhere. Leave me a trail.

If the fascinating shoe fits, wear it!

scott said...

Im kind of new to the whole blogging thing, how do I join the Florida blog roll?
my blog is floridafishjunkie, and is about (you guessed it) fishing in florida. thanks

Floridabassman1 said...

I am the same person as above, i forgot to include contact informatio. my blog is Florida Fish Junkie at

Emory said...

Can you add me to your blog roll as well. I do enjoy your blog.