Thursday, August 23, 2007

How This Week Went

Kate and Emma in a time when this week was a distant point in the future.

A woman in labor has no secrets.
Almost 20 years ago I stood over a hospital bed holding a sharp surgical instrument in one gloved hand and the throbbing umbilical cord that still connected my firstborn child to her mother, in the other. Around the bed a bevy of nurses comforted and tended my wife who had just given birth to baby Katie. I was a little shell shocked having just witnessed THE most incredible spectacle in my life. The last time I had seen this much blood and "stuff" I was butchering a wild boar.

Dr. Biggerstaff, the OB/GYN doctor, nodded at me, "Go ahead and cut it."
And I did.

It was amazingly strong as I recall, much like cutting through garden hose with sharp scissors.
I remember hoping that the two of them would not hold a grudge for my formal separation of their close prenatal relationship, but it was only a matter of time anyway as the placenta was already vacating the premises.

I guess that was the first time one of the girl's moved "out".

If you read this blog, you know that I have been whining all week about my girls moving out of the house and into their college lives.
I'm not done.

More shoes.

Yesterday, the combined forces of our family and Corinne 's(Em's dearest pal and roomie) family managed to get both girls settled into their cell ... I mean, "dormroom". For a while, there were 8 people bustling about inside this tiny room, putting together shelves, moving beds about, and unpacking stuff.

Home Sweet Home.

Finally, around 9:30 pm, the moment came when the room was done, a long 120 mile ride awaited, and to stay any longer was merely postponing the inevitable.
So we hugged long and tight, remoistened our contacts avec eau naturale, and finally ... reluctantly, let go.

They're going to be fine.

So will I.



kathy a. said...

ok, now you have me crying. between the cutting of the cord and the classic cinderblock dorm room, all of a sudden i need to go get some air.

Deb said... eyes are moistening up.

I don't mean to sound alarmist, but the onset of my mom's MS coincided with my moving away to college. I don't think she handled it well. Or maybe it was just coincidence...anyway, take care of yourself, don't get too stressed out, and all that.

Nice dorm room...but they must have a window, somewhere...

Cathy S. said...

Heart breaking stuff. Thinking of you and Mrs. F.C. My husband says I was Mom biased the other day. He thinks dads hurt just as bad as moms. They just express it differently. Then, why is he the one doing the jig in the driveway when first born leaves to go back to college?

robin andrea said...

How did Shakespeare know that parting is such sweet sorrow? Letting go, and letting them go into the world must be one of the most challenging moments for a parent. Look at those faces, they have grown up with so much love, they will do well. They'll go on to change the world. Into their good hands we trust the future.

threecollie said...

It is hard to know what to say....

pissed off patricia said...

It's their turn now. It's their opportunity to show you what they can do and they'll be fine. Enjoy their new life with them and remember how much fun you had during those years they are about to enter.

pablo said...

I've seen far worse dorm rooms.

Imagine what it would have been like had your girls moved OUT OF STATE!!!

Sharon said...

Oh me. And I was fighting back tears yesterday taking my eldest to his final high school orientation! You've pushed me over the edge. :) Hugs.

Mark said...

Hmm, butchering wild boars and your wife giving birth mentioned in the same paragraph. Was that wise?

Anonymous said...

Although it was in fact decades ago, I remember my first year away at college...I loved living in a dorm...the second year I lived in an on campus apartment...those are memories that I will treasure forever. You are a great Dad to be able to allow your daughters to spread their wings as far and wide as you have taught them with support and encouragement. It is such an awesome time in their lives and they will never forget how you were all wrapped in it ;)..down to the last built shelf and probably the wisecrack about 'too many shoes' ;)

vicki said...

Isn't it a wonder how much stuff you can fit into those tiny dorm rooms? You and Mrs. FC have done such a wonderful job of getting these girls up and out to explore the world. And, although it will be forever different now, there are all sorts of new adventures ahead and visits for parent weekends and new sports teams to cheer on-it's all very exciting.
And now, for the first time, Junior gets some time as a "special only"- and that's pretty special, too.

FC- the first paragraphs of this post are sheer poetry. It's time to get crackin' on that book, especially now that you have fewer distractions...

And, I thought Robin was getting close with Shakespeare, but do I have to be the very first to exclaim, "Dr. Biggerstaff!!"???

Floridacracker said...

Kathy A,
Air is good. I've taken some this week.

Thanks. We will be careful.
I probably sound more stressed than I am.

Cathy S,
I caught that too. I may jig a bit when the bills stop.

Well said and I think we are in good hands :)

Well, they could have spaced this out abit don't ya think?

Good advice that. Well done.

There are other states???

Oops ... sorry. I hope your highschooler has a great year!
Thanks for the hug!

Well,on second thought ...

Thanks. You must be psychic! There was a shoe comment or two.

Floridacracker said...

Thank you!
And thank you for picking up on Biggerstaff. I thought maybe I was the only one who thought a gynecologist named Biggerstaff was a bit ironic.
We used to chuckle over it.

Thunder Dave said...

Ok, I've got to agree with Pablo here. I see your out of state, and raise you out of the country with rifle in hand!

Nice dorm room Emma!

edifice rex said...

What a great Dad you are though; you helped your kids move to college! I don't think anyone knew I had even gone! They are going to miss you as much as you do them but they have such a strong support group (family) I bet they are going to shoot beyond the stars! I'm excited for them and I know you are too.

Sharon said...

Ok, you got me laughing again. "Biggerstaff"? That's pretty good...but how about a proctologist named "Widener"??? :)

Floridacracker said...


Thanks. I think they will excell too. It is pretty exciting.


Cathy said...

Just about the time I think I've posted the coolest representative post of successfully walking-that-tight-rope balancing act between maudlin tear-jerking revelation versus poignant sharing and irreverent humorous takes on life that don't go over the top - you up the ante. Dang, FC. You're not gonna make me cry! Nope. Won't. Won't.
OK. Maybe a little tear. Certainly a knowing smile.

Floridacracker said...

Go ahead...
I did.