Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One Down, One To Go Tomorrow, One I'm Keeping For A Few More Years

Last night, out my bedroom window as Katie Bug excitedly loaded her car for the big move.

Today, trying to fit all those shoes into the closet at her new apartment.

The 3 roomies worn out from unpacking, but still smiling.

Can't you feel the excitement?

Tomorrow, it's a half day for me at the salt mine and then I'm off to USF to move daughter Emma into her dorm.


... at least for three more years.


Cathy S. said...

Memories...Keep making them!

Anonymous said...

amazing how much you can fit into a small car, isn't it?

robin andrea said...

We all left home, ready or not, didn't we? I recognize those smiles. It will all be fine and good.

Deb said...

OMG, I can still feel the excitement when I was first moving into the dorm my first year of college.

My how time flies.

Anonymous said...

This is starflower!!! me and my mom think she is cute!!!!!

threecollie said...

They are so cute!

pissed off patricia said...

I'm excited for them. So many wonderful adventures ahead. Maybe I feel a pang of envy too. :)

Sharon said...

So exciting for her, but my heart aches for you and Mrs. FC. Now I'm off to freshman orientation for my newest high-schooler! See, you should do like we did, we had another one to keep for a pet, so I still have a 2 year old at home to cheer me up! :)

What, no? Heehee

Laura said...

I remember my own first apartment so this brings up memories for me! Exciting times, oh, so bittersweet for you and Mrs. FC!

Good luck to Katie and Emma! Maybe you'd better tell Junior to bring his friends over more often to take up the slack? lol
hang in there, FC. :)

Rurality said...

Have you mentioned what the girls will be studying, and I've just forgotten? Or do they know yet?

roger said...

nice looking apartment. and, of course, nice looking students. that is a lot of shoes. thanks for triggering memories of moving our kids into various dorms and coops and apartments.

vicki said...

FC, I was here yesterday and this one is not far enough in my past- brings back a real sense of melancholy. So I left and now I'm back again. I find you never get past missing them and then they think of something WORSE than growing up and going to college. They think they might, maybe,possibly consider getting married. To some buffoon who is handsome and polite and hardworking and studying for a PhD and speaks three languages and absolutely adores your child. And believe me, he's not good enough-ever.

kathy a. said...

woo hooo! katie and her roomies have a nice place, and they look so happy!!

we'll need photos of emma's move, too! dorm rooms are usually a little harder to squeeze into, but it works out one way or another.

my dad actually did tell every other parent he encountered during my dorm move-in about the time i mistook his typewriter for a potty. i forgave him even as i was scooting him out the door.

my roommate's mother was busy decorating our cinderblock room with a designer window treatment, and hanging my roomie's dry-cleanable clothing carefully in the closet. there was barely room for the hair equipment. at least she didn't bring the full-sized golden harp by on the first day.... [no, i am not making this up.]

kathy a. said...

p.s. -- my sisters also helped with dorm move-in, and i'm pretty sure i would have been short-sheeted except for the presence of roomie's mother. i did find pieces of HS uniform in my closet later, stuff under my pillow and in my drawers, and after lights were out, discovered my sister's hated wind-up alarm clock ticking under my bed.

Hurricane Teen said...

Ah, I'll be in their shoes next year. I am in excited, but nervous anticipation. The main reasons I don't want to leave home? Family and Datil Peppers :-0 Yeah, they are in the same sentence! At least you have Junior to keep you entertained for a couple more years!!

Thunder Dave said...

It's a big step! I hope she meets as good of friends along the way as I did!

Good luck to both Katie and Emma, I'm glad we were able to stop by to see them before they headed out on their way!

pablo said...

I really think you'll be amazed at how quickly you adapt and enjoy a new measure of freedom.


Cathy said...

I think Pablo doth protest too much:0)
Bet he's all smarmy when his young ones come back in the door.

You hang in there, FC. Life is unfolding as it's meant to.

Floridacracker said...

Starflower (My youngest commenter),
Welcome! Thank you very much for the kind words. We think you're a cutie too!

To All,
Forgive me a blanket comment, but I got back from Tampa and in bed at 1:20 am and up again today at 5:45, so I'm not feeling very eloquent.
But ... I sure appreciate the advice and comfort you send.
Short story: Emma's move went great and when I recover some missing sleep, I'll share it.
Thanks again.

SophieMae said...

It's just not fair that they don't miss us as much as we miss them. Oh to be like the birds who kick them out of the nest and move along to the next broo... hmmmm... on second thought.....

Never mind. 8-}

Rest! I don't know about you, but I can't pull those all-nighters - or even late-nighters - and still go full steam the next day like I used to. (*;*)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Did you know Vicki's daughter, Abby, is in residence at USF? You should have your darling look her up: It would be like near-b**gger meets near-b**gger.

Stacey063 said...

Good luck with the transitions - at least you didn't move a full sized refrigerator into the dorm - like my parents did - it was just one big beer cooler ;) What were they thinking!

Floridacracker said...

How true about the missing... and the all nighters :)

Yeah, I thought about that too.