Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Weird Happenings At PFHQ

If I swivel around 180 degrees while sitting at the Pure Florida 4 year old Dell 'puter, I can look out this window and see deer eating my lawn and flowers most summer mornings. So, it wasn't odd to do just that and see the does and spike buck chomping away out there a few days ago.
I was kind of surprised to see that the dogs had finally gotten the bugs out of their XK-9 holographic projector project that they had been working on from their lair beneath the porch steps.
I had suspected they were up to something for quite a while. They're both retrievers, so it's not unusual to see them carrying something in their soft mouths, but twice I caught Flounder carrying electrical components like wiring and LED's. Plus, he says he likes to lie out in the barn, because there's an old fan I leave on low for ventilation, but yesterday, I discovered that the old, retired Gateway computer stored next to the fan has been cannibalized of most of it's parts.
Hmmmm ...

His sister Feather has been spending a lot of time under the porch which wouldn't be all that suspicious except for the buzzing, flashes of light, and the smell of hot solder coming from down there.

She's been so busy under there that she forgets to come out and eat, so I pass her Cuban sandwiches to keep her strength up. At first I thought she was just being lazy, you know, "Dog Days of August" and all of that.

If only that were true.

Recently, I received this strange email:

Dear Mr. Ruff,

The xenon laser you ordered on August 1, 2007 (PO# 0781-345) has been shipped and charges to your credit card of $345.00 have been applied. Thank you for your order.

Edmund Scientific Company

Mr. Ruff?

I wasn't even home on August 1st, I was out in the Gulf of Florida at camp.

(Have I mentioned camp lately?)

It's pretty clear to me that Flounder has a house key and was on the computer while I was away.

So, the only question now is what are they up to? Are the deer just test subjects or is the device a way of communicating with the very animals that the dogs are supposed to be keeping away from house and garden?

It's a mystery, made all the more troubling by another discovery ...

The banana spider seems to have finally perfected her Laser Web.


Sharon said...

I always say dogs are smarter than we give them credit... ;)


Thunder Dave said...

Too funny, but ok I've got more wierdness to add:

I've been on the Mojito kick for about the past year. I know that's not too wierd, but we recently purchased a Panini pan and I introduced Lightnin to Cuban Sandwiches this past week. A little bit of a wierd cowinkydink at least!

Excellent photos by the way!

edifice rex said...

WooBoy! I think you are probably safe with your dogs but you better watch out for that spider.

threecollie said...

O-kaaaayyyyyy....step away from the sandwich and nobody will get hurt.
Or to phase it another way...what the heck is in those sandwiches anyhow?

SophieMae said...

How extremely clever.... your dogs are! Yeah, what e-rex said! Ya think Feather might share that Cuban? I can't wait to get down to Tampa so I can get some REAL Cuban bread. Y pollo de ajo y frijoles negroes con arroz amarillo... mmmmmm!!!

I'm hungry. Does it show? 8-} Think I'll run up to the chuckwagon for some pescado frito y salsa de tártaro. Tell Flounder not to fret... it's grouper. 8-]

Laura said...

I think that after the dogs discovered you talk to fish, they decided to do more experiments around the place.
I'd sleep with my eyes opened if I were you....

Cathy S. said...

Thanks for the smile and a good laugh.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Are you sure now that the spider didn't order the laser? Seems like it would have needed one to do such a clever job.

Jacki said...

Oh my goodness, I just about fell out of my chair laughing! That was hilarious. I'm glad I'm not the only person who personifies their dog.

vicki said...

Dog starts with D and that rhymes with T and you got Trouble. Trouble, I tell ya, right there in PF. Frankly, I think you've all been out in the sun too long...

robin andrea said...

I think they've been watching the Star War videos while you were out in the Gulf. Feather and Flounder have been communicating with extra-terrestrials for a very long time. Wait 'til the aliens show up at your place, it's going to look just like that bar scene in the first movie. Please don't forget to take pics.

Anonymous said...

You just think it's holographic projection. They're really building a time machine, so they can go back and get the sandwiches before you take a bite out of them.

vicki said...

oooh= the possibilities. I just came back to see the dog getting the cuban through the porch step. oh, tee-hee, don't make me laugh, please.

Anonymous said...

Funny!! ;)

Floridacracker said...

Oh definitely! Especially labs.

Odd, very odd ...

I ALWAYS watch out for spiders ... give me the heebiejeebies.

Brainfood obviously!

Grouper sounds good.So does all that other stuff too!
Spanish bean soup (Columbia style) here last night.

Uh oh, Flounder just served me my evening toddy and it had a strange fizz to it ...slkjiuemkiol ... kdosoiul ...

Cathy S,
Your welcome! The dogs helped.

It's a toss up, you need one for holographic projection too. Dog biscuit crumbs on the keyboard sort of incriminate the dogs.

Glad you enjoyed this tale of dogged determination. They are 4-legged people to me too.

I get that reference! I DO have culture after all.

You make a good point, we have every Star Wars movie on DVD and assorted SW books lying around.

Ahhh, the hologram was a clever diversionary tactic. Sneaky dogs.

Vicki part deux,
Don't pop a staple ... or whatever connector you are sporting right now.


Cathy said...

I'm crying. Really. Tears and several out-loud chuckles. My hubby's looking across his laptop with that 'whaaaat?' look.

You dear funny man.

Deb said...

So dogs have discovered laser technology...that would explain a lot of strange looks and Ebay purchases around here! :)

pissed off patricia said...

Fred the Cat says what's the big deal? He does that stuff all the time. First thing you gotta do is take the dog's cell phone away from them.

Scott aka Florida Native Musings said...

Just between me and you FC, I think the dog from "Bush's Baked Beans" came down to Florida last week while you were in the Gulf and helped them out.

Yours in the Bond.

Floridacracker said...

Mission accomplished.

Yes, and would you tell Sally to stop emailing Flounder? He's too old for her.

Well duh! Why didn't I think of that ... probably should take his Ipod too. Nothing on their but 100GB of the barking dogs Jingle Bells song anyway.

You know, there were strange Reddish dog hairs on the couch when we got back.