Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cow Lookin'

Do you think they're related?

There's a pasture full of these cows a mile or so down the road from PFHQ. They might be Florida Cracker Cattle or they might be Texas (a fine Gulf state) Longhorns. The two come from the same tough Spanish stock and hence, are pretty similar.

I'm leaning towards real Longhorns on these, but keep in mind, even though I'm an admirer of heritage livestock breeds, I'm no cowboy...yet.

In November, down at the Withlacoochee State Forest, there will be the annual Florida Cracker Cattle Auction and I will be there. I've already told my crew to mark their calendars, 'cause Dad is going cow looking.

I'll probably do more cow looking than cow buying, but recon is the first step.

Of course, some would say the last thing we need around here is another animal to feed, house, and spend money on.

Wait ... it's me that says that all the time.

Okay, that could be a problem.

In other news ...
Almost two weeks later, and there's not much left of our guest stinker, the dead squirrel in the backyard. I kept that cage over the little fellow so only the little critters could process him and they have reduced him to bone and a few stray hairs.

Today is my Dad's real birthday! We celebrated a week early last weekend, but today's the day.

It's also the birthday of Ranger, best dog ever.
I still miss him.


Anonymous said...

Ahh yes...Good 'ol Ranger! Do Feather and Flounder know that Ranger used to get to sleep in the recliner (in the house)? He truly was a good dog! Happy Birthday to your Dad!

rcwbiologist said...

Nice work by the decomposers. Happy Birthday to your dad.

Mark said...

Happy birthday to your dad, and to Ranger. I never knew the actual birthday of Hugo, my best dog ever, but I miss my father, and Hugo, too.

And Jesse, Sheba and Bella. They were mighty good dogs.

kevin said...

Yippee-Ki-Yay there little cow poke.

Tell your dad I said happy birthday. He looked like he was getting around pretty well the other day in Publix.

robin andrea said...

Why do you want a cow, fc? Would you raise it for food?

My mom's birthday was two days ago. We (all four kids) bought her a digital camera and a webcam. She decided she did not want the digital, but she fell in love with the webcam. We have an iSight camera that attaches to our macs, and I had a fine video chat with my 82 year old mother. She looked great on her birthday. I recommend webcams for long distance connecting. It really is sweet. Happy birthday to your dad. Hope he has a wonderful, celebratory day.

Thunder Dave said...

Tell your dad Happy Birthday!

I know that if I get to heaven, Ranger will be there to bark at me! ;-)

lori said...

happy B-day to your father.
I can not remember my favorite dogs(AJA) birthday. but I sure do miss her a whole bunch. it is strange how one animal can make such an impression on a person long after they are gone.
hope your dads day is a good

vicki said...

I wonder if beetles ever yak up hairballs. Speaking of yak, that cow has horns like a yak. I have a question/request. I was in a discussion about architecture recently (with an architect no less) and somehow the discussion of Florida Cracker houses came up and he was wondering about the origins of the word Cracker (as it pertains). I remember reading a post here way back when but, well, I can't remember. I made up some story about houses that get so dry, dry as crackers, that even the termites don't want them. That's because I always have to have an answer for everything, even if it's total bunk. Anyway, I said I would ask a cracker I know...(I know. I can google it.)

BTW, I think you should get a cow to go with your pig. Cows are cool.

kathy a. said...

happy birthday, dad!

Sharon said...

OOOh! OOOH! I know this one!! Because of the sound of the cattle whip crackin'. :) Happy birthday to your Dad. I love cows. How exciting, I was looking forward to the pig pics, and now you may have some cows to show us!

elpbulls said...

Hey Daddy, I think cows sound great! Wish I could be there to help take care of them. After our dearly departed Carl I'm pretty much an expert. I called Grampsy today he was really doing great, we talked for about 20 minutes. Well I love you!

Deb said...

Happy birthday to a great dad. He must've done something right.

Every so often I entertain the idea of a cow...or raising a hog...but we have more than we can handle on our plates right now!

Are the shrimp running on the St. Johns? We Minnesotans were just dreaming of shrimp tonight, for some reason...

SophieMae said...

Reckon those horns are long enough for a TX longhorn? She sure looks wiry enough to be a FL Cracker. I'd have to fatten her up. Have you joined the cracker cow mailing list?

Hope your dad had a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!

Floridacracker said...

Yes, they were in with him during those heady days of dog freedom.

Thanks. They are efficient.

I suppose the positive side of too short canine life spans is we get to know a many fine dogs.

He sounded very chipper on the phone yesterday.

We turn every "livestock" animal into pets it seems. I just like the idea of keeping an old breed alive and the history of the Florida Cracker cowboys is fascinating to me.
And if I could get my folks to get computery, I would definitely get that webcam.

That would be NONSTOP barking.

We only know his because he was the only purebred with papers that I've owned. It was on the AKC paper and being my Dad's day too, it was very easy to remember.

Florida was an open range state until the late 1940's and we are the oldest cattle state. Florida and Georgia cowboys used long bull whips to herd cattle and hence the "Cracker" title.
If you're going to stay here, you must read " A Land Remembered".
There will be a test.

Kathy A,

Go to the head of the class!

He was doing just super! I talked to him too.
I'm just cow lookin' mind you.
Go Bulls!!!
Love you.

Thanks. He's my model of Dadness.
The shrimp were running like crazy then it rained alot over there, so I'm not sure if they still are. That sometimes causes them to head out to sea.

I wasn't sure, but she has such a pretty sweep. In my mind they are almost the sam animal, but I always picture FLC cattle a bit shorter horned than TLH's.
I do have the Cracker Cattle and Pony info.

Thunder Dave said...

I still laugh every time I think about that visit!