Sunday, September 23, 2007

Deer Daze

As I often do, I took the slow way home last week through Devil's Hammock Wildlife Management Area.
I had stopped to photograph some passionflower, when these deer came racing around the corner. They were heading straight towards me, so I just stood still by the JEEP and waited.

There was some confusion at first.

The buck stops here.
The buck stopped to survey the situation ... a potentially fatal mistake for him this time of year. I believe archery season has begun and Devil's Hammock is a multiuse area.

Some weren't convinced that they should turn and flee and they kept coming.

That didn't last too long though and soon they turned whitetail and reversed direction.

Last to leave was the buck.

The show over, I continued on down the road, but did not pass the buck.


ImagineMel said...

you're so punny!

threecollie said...

Ooh, they are so pretty. And such a different color from deer up here. Ours are either fox red in summer or a sort of a brindly grey brown in winter...none of that lovely color yours have like a liver chestnut horse.

Peggy said...

GORGEOUS! I sure wish I could see deer as often as you do! Now that cooler weather is supposedly coming (no sign of it today, back on with the AC) to Florida, tent-camping season will start and maybe I'll have a few sightings myself.

mowgli said...

And are you wearing orange? Your faithful followers often liken you to a deer, I mean dear blogger that we would greatly miss if you were mistaken by the archers. (Do your archers drink adult beverages while they "hunt" like some of ours do?)

robin andrea said...

As ubiquitous as they are, they are still a delight to see. There's really nothing like a doe's eyes to remind you of sheer innocence. OTOH, the deer decimated our gladiolas and I didn't feel too kindly about them for a few days. Doe-eyed innocence or not. Cute pics, FC.

kathy a. said...

love the photos -- especially the one of the buck with an expression that says, "what are you doing here?"

SophieMae said...

And I thought it was exciting to see zebra longwings this morning. What a great happening! I've seen a small herd twice up here, but they weren't the least bit interested in a photo shoot. Good job, Bob! 8-]

Floridacracker said...

Shirley you jest!

Ours are generally smaller than yours tho.

A small herd was all over my place today 3 does and 2 little fawns. In the garden, in the south yard, in the north yard, under the basketball hoop ...

I'm sure some imbibe, but I think most don't. The orange is still a good idea though. I'd hate to pull a broadhead out of my back.

I never get tired of photo'n them. I feel your flowerdeerchow pain.

Kathy A,
I really liked that Buck's face too. You pegged the expression exactly.

It is exciting! I've seen very few of them this summer.
What's up with that??

Sharon said...

Wow, I love these. I never get to see any around here except in the dark!

momadness said...

God, they are beautiful creatures! I'm just excited I finally saw the male and female raccoons that live nearby our house. This was the first time in several years I have seen them together; I was in (hog) heaven! They were fat and healthy lookin' and I figure they probably got babies back down there in the ease-way. Mr. Mo sees the biguns' more often than I do. They don't come in the yard too much cuz of ol' Smokey dog.

Floridacracker said...

At least you see them. My daughter and wife have run into two of them.

I saw a tiny baby raccoon scoot across the road just last week. Very cute.