Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Overdesigned Flowers and Underdesigned Communication Systems


If form follows function then the passionflower must be busy as a bee. It has more parts than my Dad's old International Scout did.
WHAT is this flower doing when we're not looking?

If you look carefully at this blossom, you can see that an assassin awaits beneath the beauty.

Passionflower make little melonesque fruits that dangle from the vines. They are edible, but have all the rich flavor of tofu ... so why bother? They are fun to step on, hence the local common name of "Maypops". This is a great vine to have around your place if you like gorgeous orange Gulf Frit. butterflies. Their spiny orange larvae use this vine as a host plant.
This vine was healthy and vigorous with not the first sign of chewing or GF larvae. Maybe it's just too late in the season even here.

In other news ...

The Weather Channel mentioned St. Augustine several times today, so apparently they read Pure Florida and responded to Sharon's comment and my response.
Okay, I suppose it could be a coinkydink.

I see Blogging very much as a two way street ... witness my attempts to respond to each and every one of you. I also like to visit the folks who visit here, but lately, between rural dialup and a slowing (spyware??) internet experience, I can't get around to my growing blogroll each day.

Out here, there aren't WIFI sites on every corner (there aren't even corners) so I can't pop into a muffin shop and munch while I catch up either. A handfull of you nonBlogger sites are not blocked from work and I usually visit you each day at lunch ... Pablo, Laura, Vicki, Wayne. All Blogspot domains are blocked ... go figure.

If you knew what I go through just to get a post on this site, you'd wonder why bother?
I literally go do chores while photos upload.

I just wanted to let y'all know why FC may not have been a frequent visitor to your excellent repositories of wit and wisdom lately. Believe me, I want to be there. Lately I just have to pick a few on a rotation, otherwise my butt would become one with this chair as I wait, wait, wait ...

It's just life on the frontier.


mowgli said...

Ah, dial-up. A memory distanced by a week of DSL. It's like a whole new world. Still not ready to blog myself, but so enjoy your WORK. Thanks FC.

Mark said...

FC, do you have cell service out that way? We were faced with very slow dialup, no DSL and no cable. Our only option, we thought, was satellite, but it turned out that Verizon had extended their wireless service to our home town. If you have cell service, you might also have wireless. It isn't as fast as the best broadband, but it beats dialup by a country mile.

Joni said...

Your dial-up woes bite! Lovely flower though, none of those in Kansas that I have seen. :)

threecollie said...

Fabulous flower! I have never seen one....and I am so sorry for your dial-up woes. It sure can be frustrating and I am grateful not to have to deal with it any more. My folks have the same situation and can't really see much of Northview because it just loads too slowly.

Deb said...

What an amazing, psychedelic looking flower!

I am fortunate that my house is just close enough to town to get DSL; our neighbors 1/4 mile down the road are too far. No one in this day and age should have to endure a dial-up connection!

Sharon said...

Love those passion flowers! Ok, your internet problems are scaring me...we are looking into going rural in the next year or so...!
Go figure your employer locking you out of blogger, my old employer had my church website blocked, LOL!

ArtfulSub said...

Dial-up? Yikes. Why not get satelite high-speed? The Weather Channel stinks. I can't even understand one of their affirmative-action anchor-ladies.

Did you get Hailstones at Camp PF yesterday?

robin andrea said...

I thought of you, fc, when I posted a video the other day. I wondered if it would just tie up all of your download time trying to load the page. I understand not being able to make it over to all the sites you'd like to visit. If you do get a chance, though, I posted a pic of a very cute caterpillar that you might like to see. If you can't make it over, I'll email it to you. It's that cute.

BTW-- I always feel guilty when I don't respond to every comment on our blog. You are so incredibly good for taking the time to do that.

Beautiful passion flower.

Ava said...

Those were absolutely beautiful! Wow! I'd love to have some of those in my flower garden!

SophieMae said...

AH! One of my all-time favourite flowers! I've tried growing them here, but the cultivated varieties, apparently, don't take kindly to neglect and freezing. The wild ones down the street, OTOH, are going like gangbusters. I keep trying to grab a fruit (for seeds) when it falls off, but the stupid county keeps mowing before they get ripe enough. >8\

I so relate to your dial-up dilemma. Yep, open the page, get up, do a few light chores, check back on page... If there aren't a lot of pictures, I just grab one of the books I keep at hand for such an occasion. I've been thinking about checking into Embarq's combo deal, but my inner Scrooge isn't buying it.

Laura said...

Ohh, such beautiful flowers. I should get one, just for the butterfly effect. ;)

I'm sorry I haven't updated lately, but plan to have several posts up over the next few days.
Here's a bright side to the slow dialup problem: At least you're able to get things done while blogging! :)

Danielle Blogging for Balance said...

I finally found a way to keep track of the 'conversations' over here...and to also let me know when you reply to a comment I have posted...I found a new tool called co.mment...maybe your other readers would like to try it out since you always have such great conversations going on over here. Here is the link:

misti said...

Awww, passionflowers are purty! ;) Sure, the Bidens have their place among the weeds and are great butterfly attractors, but I love my passionvines. I've started the edible ones from the store and have several fruits and then we have some other more ornammental ones as well.

MLM said...

What an amazing flower! I'm not educated in the slightest when it comes to flowers, but I know that I love all the purple ones! But this one I've never seen...and I even love the name. Thanks for sharing it!

Floridacracker said...

Lucky you! Come on and blog!

Coincidently, I just came home from the Alltel shop and I may take the wireless internet route. We have great cell service here. This may be my way out.

Woe is me. I don't think these could handle your cold winters.

It's pretty tortuous.

Psychedelic? DSL? Did you know DSL is LSD backwards!!! Quick! Unplug the computer before you're addicted!!

Now that is tight security.
Good luck with your rural search.

Satellite gets mostly terrible reviews for the expense. I think I'm going for the cellular access.

I have to skip your videos and can't post my own with dialup, but I will be by to see your caterpillar.

They are great aren't they? I'm afraid they don't go very far north.

I started mine by bringing home some fruits I found hanging on a field fence. Before I could mess with them, the squirrels spread them all over and now I have them growing at PFHQ.

That's a bright side?? :)
Looking forward to your posting again, I check daily just in case.

That's a neat idea.I think the conversations here are great too :)

So the edible ones actually have flavor? I've been tempted to plant a store bought variety, but haven't so far.

Welcome! Glad you liked that flower, it's a favorite of mine.

Cathy S. said...

If only you could harness that flower. It looks like a satellite dish, you know. Maypops remind me of my grandmother. She had a big vine growing up and over her house. Not too good for the roof, I guess, but as a child, I thought it magical.

LauraHinNJ said...

Sorry for your dial-up troubles.

My excuse is just plain laziness! Always enjoy your posts, though.

Gin said...

Quote FC: "They are edible, but have all the rich flavor of tofu ... so why bother? They are fun to step on..."
Hey! (waving hand frantically) Quit tromping them! They're delicious if you get them at the right time! Wait until the pod's outer husk just begins to dry up and show some brown. It will be slightly shriveled at that point. Tear it open. If it smells delicious, it is. If it smells soured, it is soured and you've pulled a bad one. But the good ones? Heavenly! They have little capsules of juice, much like those in oranges and grapefruits, that surround each back seed. Chew on the capsules gently, then spit the seeds out. Good stuff!

Floridacracker said...

Cathy S,
Funny how plants and memories can intertwine.

Same here, I love reading about that pup of yours.

LOL! Now I have to find a ripe one and eat it! I've been doing it all wrong!!