Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Florida Fall Food Fest

Some recent cooking here at PFHQ. You can tell that's my plate by the presence of Bubba filled with 52 oz of unsweetened ice tea.
That's only good Yankee concord grape juice in the wine glass. I like my dark fruit phytochemicals sans alcohol ... mostly.

I didn't cook the chow in the top pic, but I did help eat it. Mrs. FC made this dish, she calls it Chicken Pepperonada (I'm not sure I spelled it correctly). It's one of those dishes you have at a restaurant somewhere and then recreate at home from the tastebud and visual notes you took while eating it the first time.

It's chicken, italian sausage, garlic (duh), bell peppers, tomato sauce, and the usual host of italian herbs. It's good with a mild spice heat from the hot italian sausage, but I usually shake a little ground cayenne on mine for a little more whoopee.


That's my turkey above, rubbed with olive oil and then sprinkled with basil, salt, and pepper. He was also basted with wine during the cooking process.
I was mowing the yard (MOWFLEX!!) simultaneously while cooking this turkey last Sunday, so the poor thing didn't get the usual TLC during the roast, but it was delicious.

We love turkey and it's too tasty, cheap, and good for you to eat as a seasonal or holiday food only.

I'm a wing man ... when it comes to turkey. I always claim one and then hope for the other. We need turkeys with more wings. I wish those genetic food modifier scientist types would get busy on the octowinged turkey.

I'll buy it when they do.

In other news ... it seems that, as of today I have been going steady for 22 years.

Have a great weekend, I have a mission tomorrow that might prove to be an interesting post if I am successful. Either way, the post about it will be in the afternoon since I'll have to get going early.


Anonymous said...

We really like turkey too only
Thunder always wants to smoke one and I prefer the old fashioned roasting. We could do both I guess but that's alot of bird for just two people. The up-side of it is if you were here there would be at least 4 wings for you! Have a great weekend, we're off the the Oktoberfest!

Doug Taron said...

Congrats on 22 years of going steady. I am so hungry after reading this post.

Anonymous said...

Well I'll be! I made a delicious roast chicken yesterday and I'm about to share the recipe on the website, with pict as well. We must be thinking along similar lines... or else this slightly cooler weather has us in the mood for the heartier dishes of fall!
Your wife's chicken pepperonada looks delicious!

Happy 22nd year of going steady! LOL!

roger said...

seems to have been a well-spent 22 years. congrats to you both. may you have 22 more. and then another 22.

Sharon said...

Congratulations! Food looks great, as always. :)

threecollie said...

Congrats on 22...same number of years for us, only a couple months earlier

SophieMae said...

Congratulations! No doubt about it, 1985 was a very good year.

Yum-o looking turkey! I whole-heartedly agree. I'd cook it once a month if I could stand running the oven March-October. Ever try brining or 'pre-salting' one? I get amazing results that way.

A mission, eh? Be careful out there. 8-]

robin andrea said...

Congrats on 22 years. Must be all that good homecooking.

Aikäne said...

Congratulations on the 22 years. And your blog just keeps getting better, too.

R.Powers said...

Thanks all for the good wishes.
I did okay for a guy who said he would NEVER get married or have kids.