Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Mush

Florida has been the "Not Much Sunshine State" this week, so my fish pics will have to wait a bit. I need good light to take them.

In the meantime, here's my winning door from the homecoming spirit door decorating contest of two weeks ago. The theme was super heroes and I teach Marine Science part of my day, so good ol' Aquaman seemed appropriate.

As it turned out, the Flashes flushed us, but it was all still fun.

Aquaman's sidekick, FCATFISH.

If you live outside of FL, you should know that the FCAT is Florida's tough statewide test that drives everything we do thanks to federal NCLB madness and our own state policies.
This is not a rant post however ...

I worked in the yard and shop yesterday and got a lot done, but accomplished nothing. The sky was grey, the air was cool for a change, and it was just nice to be out there doing little jobs that seemed less fun in the oppressive heat of just a few weeks ago.

Friday afternoon, I chaperoned the middle school " Harvest Moon " dance. The decorations were spiderwebs, skeletons, and jackolanterns accented by a cool fog machine. Seemed like a Halloween dance to me, but of course that would not be tolerated these days ...
Sort of a "Harvestoween" theme I guess.

Middle school dances deserve a post of their own sometime.

Junior and his Mom arrived home safely Saturday after an incredibly busy week at the National FFA convention. Mrs. FC said Indianapolis is a neat town and she'd like to go back without a schedule.

I'd like to go anywhere without a schedule.


ArtfulSub said...

I'll go somewhere without a schedule someday. Sigh. Here's a link for your Pure Florida things-to-do section for future reference.

I think it's PureFloridaish anyway.

Suze said...

I remember the first time I chaperoned one of my daughter's middle school dances - in the middle of the day, no less. Some of the kids were practically humping each other's legs - I was shocked, really - and the teachers and the principal didn't blink an eye. They just let them keep at it, pretty much. I would have liked to see an arm's length between them. Whatever happened to the kind of dancing from the 60's where nobody touched the other person - you just stood in one place and looked like you were having a spasm or something.

My daughter is now 23 - so it was a few years ago, and I'm sure it hasn't gotten any better.

They ought to come up with some sort of spray you can douse the kids with that will turn their hormones way down.

Nice door, by the way....

kathy a. said...

that's a wonderful door! i especially like the FCATFISH. although, i'm sure the toilet part was very popular.

i was told in no uncertain terms that i was Not Allowed to chaperone any middle school dances when my kids were in middle school. teachers are different, though.

Sharon said...

"FCATFISH"...LOL!! Love that. Great door. I agree with Suze, I looked in on my daughter's freshman dance last year and I was plumb mortified.

Susan Rose said...

I'm a big fan of your blog and a huge fan of Florida (I grew up in Fort Myers). Now I want to say very respectfully... please be happy that your school is attempting, albeit half-heartedly, to not support halloween (a celebration of darkness and evil). This stance is a sign of decency in a rapidly crumbling society. Our liberal politicians with their selfish personal agendas seem bent on erasing any hint of morality from our country.