Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Small Town Florida, Small Town Anywhere USA

Homecoming was last week at our school and for the tiny town that feeds it. At school, it was a week of dress up with the overall theme this year being "superheroes". Each day had a different superhero related dress up theme ... dress as your favorite superhero, favorite villain, favorite superhero sidekick, etc.

There was a spirit door decorating contest, also with the superhero theme ... my door won by the way.
I have a picture and will post it at some point. It featured "Aquaman" as the superhero.

A horse drill team from the nearby town of Williston .

The Junior Class float. Somehow they did not win the float competition, even though they were a definite crowd favorite.

The JV cheerleaders parade ride.

The last piece.

Four lanes of US-27 are shut down for the parade so that kids can dash out safely for the copious candy tossed by the float riders. The firetruck in this picture is the final vehicle in the parade. Behind it are a couple miles of impatient drivers who have been stopped for the past half hour.

Look at that kid's form. Is he graceful or what?
I love that picture.

After the parade, we had our homecoming football game. It was against the Catholic private school from my hometown of St. Augustine. A little nostalgic for me as I dated a St. Joe cheerleader through much of my high school career and had good friends who were St. Joe Flashes.

They beat us of course. Everyone beats us.

I take photographs for the school yearbook so I spend each game on the sidelines trying to get some action sport shots. This time I became part of the action.

That's not a telephoto/zoom photograph.
They are as close as they look and the ball is just below belt level as it approaches me.

I pretended like it didn't hurt.


Laura said...

Well, if it's any consolation, everyone beats our team, too! We have yet to win a game this year. The crowd always gets on it's feet to cheer for the band, LOL!

I'm glad you posted these pics. It's nice to see life in a small town for a change. Especially in Florida!

threecollie said...

Whoa! That is some photo! Are you out of traction yet?

Sharon said...

AWESOME picture!! I hope you are Ok. :)

elpbulls said...

Hey daddy just checkin on you, I know your really bummed about a week with the house all to yourself ;) !! I didnt know your door won, thats awesome. I'd love to see a pic.

ArtfulSub said...

I don't think small towns are the same everywhere. Southern small towns are friendlier and happier.

cinbad122 said...

Those horses from Williston are owned by girls from our school. The front one on the left is one of mine! Oh and our team has won 3 games this year so not everyone beats them! :)

ImagineMel said...

You got hit? I totally missed that from the stands. This Homecoming marked my 41st one here (that would be all my life) My high school sweetheart and I relive our glory days each year when that game rolls around. He, of course, was an amazing and astonishing football player who became the Prom King (we didn't have H'coming kings way back then) and I was just a cheerleader. But, I WAS on the HighQ team. :)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

"...just below belt level..." You mean...uh....down there? Where it HAD to have hurt?

At least you are not permanently wronged.

SophieMae said...

Nice horses!

Oh, yeah, there's more to the post. 8-} I'm an Eagles alumnus myownself. Wonder how many achools acorss the country chose that mascot.

That last shot's a doozy! Did anyone actually believe it didn't hurt? If so, add award-winning actor to your hat rack.

kathy a. said...

great pictures! you are brave indeed, doing battle duty for the yearbook. all the yearbookers appreciate that!

Floridacracker said...

The football team has heart, they try hard each week, but we are a basketball power not a football force.

Only the pointy ball hit me. The guys went around.

Thanks! It was a momentary ouch.

It's pretty quiet here ... no football on for a change.

Well, I only have experience outside of the south with small towns in PA, but those folks were as nice as any.

3 games won? I stand corrected. I obviously wasn't at those games. I still say it's silly for our school to even have a football team.
We could kick butt in soccer.

I thought you two were still in your glory days!
Only the ball whacked me.

Yes I do, no I wasn't.

Two years of drama at St. Augustine High.