Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Florida Food Chat

Grits make us strong.

My grits philosophy ...

No watery grits. Grits should not run through my fork and if you need a spoon to eat them, you should just switch to (shudder) Cream of Wheat.

I like grits at their most basic level ... a lotta salt, black pepper, and a bit of real butter.

Sometimes, I toss ham or sausage or both (like in the photo) for a meal in a bowl.

I never add cheese or gravies, but that's just me. For a different perspective, check out ThunderDave's blog for his shrimp gravy 'n grits.

I don't eat them much in hot weather. They always seem like a cold weather comfort food to me.

Like Grape-Nuts, grits will stick with you until lunch time.

I don't do Grape-Nuts, but I hear that's true.

Dad's satsumas were ripe and ready for picking when we went home for Thanksgiving. We loaded up and I ate several while I was picking. Super sweet and super easy to peel ... the perfect citrus fruit. The satsuma is one of the most cold hardy citrus and as a result it's very popular in north Florida backyard plantings.
I believe there are commercial plantings as far north as Louisianna.

In nonfood news, today I'm off to a tournament with the academic team that I coach. We have the best season record in our division and are the number one seed at the tournament.

You know what that means?

That's right, all the other nerd teams will be out to take us down a notch. I tell my team they are like the Spartans facing the Persian armies as we are a tiny school up against mostly bigger schools.

Yes, I know the 300 got slaughtered. We're hoping for a different ending.
Perhaps I will tell them to play with the spirit of the Spartans and the IQ's of the Athenians.

It should be a fun day for them and I'm hoping we bring home another trophy.

On Saturday, Junior and I will head to Mayo to buy a young show pig to raise for the livestock fair. Yes, it's that time of year again. I'll post pictures as soon as we arrive home with the new porker and get her settled in.

I'll probably post an update this evening on how our academic team faired.

Have a fun Friday!


Hurricane Teen said...

I agree with every single aspect of your belief on grits. I dislike runny grits, and don't you dare put anything but butter and salt in mine :-D
Our satsumas here are delicious. Hopefully critters won't steal ours again.
Pick out a good pig! Don't pick one that's too cute, though.

Anonymous said...

Satsumas - never heard of them before. They must be like saveloys (a kind of hot dog) -- known only in the southerly climes.

As for grits, I never developed a liking for them, but if I did, I would leave out the salt part, certainly in my household.

Good luck to the team. I'm eager to hear how they do.

Roundrock Journal

Thunder Dave said...

Normally I'm pretty conservative with my grits too (salt, pepper, and butter), but then I usually only have them with eggs!

Hope your "Bus full of Nerds" perform well in battle today!

Cathy S. said...

I love grits fixed exactly as you do. I'm rooting for the country nerds to beat those city nerds today! I agree wtih HT. Don't get a pig that is too cute. You want it to be good with grits after all.

Anonymous said...

Fry bacon, set aside
in grease, saute onion and bell pepper
add stewed tomatoes, grits (uncooked, of course...) and crumbled up bacon
salt and pepper to taste
cook until properly thick
***great, savory side with fried catfish, hushpuppies, etc...
Chris in Coonbottom...

Rurality said...

I'll admit it. I'm a southerner and I don't like grits. Nary a grit for me, thanks.

threecollie said...

Not from grit country, but I sure do envy your citrus...we have apples, but oranges and grapefruit are the stuff dreams are made of.
Good luck on your Spartan quest!

SophieMae said...

Grits! MMMmmmmmmmm!!!!! But are you saying it proper? It has two syllables, you know. 8-] I never could figure out why on earth anybody'd put sugar in 'um! GAG! Salt and butter is all they need. I do like, on occasion, to drop a raw egg in a steamy bowlful. And sometimes, when they're lying next to a nice pile of fried catfish, I'll toss in a few fried taters. OK, confess, once in a blue moon I'll dip up some cheese grits at a restaurant, but only if it's nice and thick. Thin grits = oxymoron.

GO TEAM! Get out there and whup Goliath!!!

robin andrea said...

Not a grit eater. But if someone would fix me a bowl, I'd probably dig right in. Butter, salt and pepper sounds just right to me.

Good luck with your team today, FC.

Anonymous said...

grits their are so good both types the ones you have with your eggs at breakfast I also like the other type of Grits G girls
R raised
I in
T the
S south

Sharon said...

Mmmm...gotta have them with fried fish. The shrimp gravy sounds good! I do like cheese in them from time to time. My Dad's satsuma tree is dragging the ground - I have two bags of them in the kitchen. Reminds me so much of going to my Great-grandfather's to pick them every winter. :) Nothing like eating one right there in the grove, with juice running to your elbows and freezing you!

elpbulls said...

Good Luck Today Daddy!!!!!

Sharon said...

OH, and YAY! for baby pig pics, and hope your team whupped 'em today! :)

kathy a. said...

go team go!

grits are probably under-appreciated by those not raised on them.

remember the rock'n'roll tune "twist and shout"? my son had his own lyrics, age 2, reflecting his love of fruit: "satusma, baby!"

Anonymous said...

It shamed my granny
and gave my poor momma fits
but I sometimes put sugar
on my grits.

Anonymous said...

I swear I'm from the south
and I havn't lost my head
but I've also been known
to put sugar in my cornbread.

imaginemel said...

Grits are amazing. Sometimes nothing else will do! It's like chicken soup for the soul...southern style! And, on another note, if we could never, EVER bring up today again that would be spectacular. :(

Floridacracker said...

Did you ever figure out what critter stole your sumas?

Thanks for the good wishes.
You really must try a satsuma ... but not those South African ones in the grocery ... not sweet enough.
I suggest some from Florida.

Thanks! I'm sure your grits were good!

Cathy S,
Great minds and all that ...
Hard to find uncute piggles.

Actually, that sounds interesting. Thanks for that minirecipe!

It's okay ... I don't like okra.

Ever have cold leftover grits the next day panfried in butter?

The grass is always greener ... I fantasize about the apple varieties that I will never know.

G oes
W ithout
S aying

Sharon, I have a bag in my kitchen too. Ate two while I was cooking supper.

We needed you, you little cutie.

Kathy A,
LOL about your fruit loving son.
Not raised on grits? Does that happen?

When you write your book of palmetto poetry, I'm buying a copy.
Sugar in cornbread yes, grits no.

You did an excellent job. I thought it was better than last years at DCHS.

Deb said...

Believe it or not, this Girl From The North Country likes grits too. I guess it was those visits to Colee Cove that did it. :)

Hurricane Teen said...

My dog made a commotion out there while they were still being pilfered, and was whining on the back porch trying to get me to let her inside. When I opened the door, she dropped a baby squirrel on my feet. I think that squirrel and its mama were the perps.

Floridacracker said...

I guess Colee Cove sticks with you like grits do :)

Weird. My parents yard is loaded with squirrels, but they never bother the citrus.
You sure it wasn't two-legged varmints?