Friday, November 30, 2007

UPDATE: Why Yes, Those ARE Our Trophies.

My kids fought their way to the final round by winning two earlier matches before lunch. At the end of the day, we faced the team we expected. Our foe was the same team that had beaten everyone else in our division during the regular season ... everyone except us that is.
We were the only team to beat them in regular play and now here we were facing each other again.
It was one of those nip and tuck, gut wrenching games and the lead bounced back and forth between two very good teams.
In the end, they beat us by only a few questions worth of points and we knew we had played well, so the second place trophy didn't seem so bad.
In fact we were pretty pumped!
The smaller trophy was for having the best season record.
Next Tuesday is the final conference tournament where we truly do go up against Goliath schools from across the state.
In the meantime, I'm mighty proud of my nerds.


Cathy S. said...

Congratulations. And I am glad that your kids are smart enough to know that second place is very good and not loosing as some people do who only think First place is important.

threecollie said...

Them's nice trophies! Congratulations to you and your crew!

Pablo said...

I think the head nerd, their nerd mentor, their nerd role model, gets some credit as well.

Congratulations. It's an accumulation of things like these that build self-esteem in the young ones.


Yes, Blogger hates me again!

rcwbiologist said...

Congratulations! That's a pretty fine trophy for 2nd place. When I first saw the photo, I assumed you had won 1st.

cinbad122 said...

Go Egg Heads!!!

SophieMae said...

WTG, TEAM! WTG, Coach!
Nice trophy!

And it's so refereshing to see that competition hasn't been completely smothered. Sorry, it just grates to hear the 'every child is a winner' tagline for so many so-called contests. (Thank me for nipping this rant in the bud) 8-}

Re preevious:
Fried gree-its! Oh, yeah! A rare treat, though, as there are rarely leftover gree-its around here. 8-]

Rurality said...

Congrats! Was the 1st place tropy life-sized?!

roger said...

you and your nerds are famous all the way to sunny california.


Sharon said...

Awesome!!! :)

Hurricane Teen said...
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Hurricane Teen said...

Were any schools from our home county there? Our High Q team is awesome, and I have a lot of friends on it. I still root for you and your small school, though.

Floridacracker said...

Cathy S,
Right you are. I hate that attitude that only first is worth noting.


Oh, their parents get more credit for this, but thank you sir.
Sorry Blogger is misbehaving for you.

Thanks, I agree on the trophy. Seems a little massive for second place.

It's your SGA kids, kiddo.

Oh, I could get on that soap box too Sophie. I really dislike giving awards and trophies just for breathing.
Kids need to learn how to win and that losing happens. You deal with it and keep trying to achieve.
I'm cutting my sermon short too :)

It came with a Kubota forklift.

sweet! if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere!
hope you are mending well.

We strive for awesomeness. Thanks for your support!

Your team will be at the tournament Tuesday if they've had a great season ... which I hear they have.