Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Think I'm Festivaled Out

I believe I've had enough festival frivolity.
After today, I'm swearing off organized fun for awhile.
Y'all are still free to go.

Emma and I drove up to White Springs for the Florida Folklife Festival. Since I'm BBQ'ing ribs and chicken tomorrow, we skipped the soul food booth and chowed down on Greek food. There's chicken, rice, and Greek Salad on that plate.
It was good and the Lime Fizz drink we washed it down with was exquisite.

If you said, "Hey FC, let's listen to a violin contest", I would roll my eyes and make a face.
Call it a fiddle and get some talented kids to saw on the strings however and I might stop and listen a bit.
I don't know how the fiddle contest turned out, but of the 3 great contestants I watched, this 13 year old girl was the most amazing.
Music of all kinds is a big deal at this festival. Not a big deal to me, but for the music lover this place is pretty sweet.
I believe it's probably the many music acts that make the price to enter so ridiculously high ... $25 per adult. Lucky me, at 18, Emma just squeaked in as a $5 kid.

In the traditional skills area, this guy was hand hewing lumber from rough logs. They were assembling a cabin front porch nearby from the hewn logs.

There were some amazing cowboy artists with paintings set in the palmetto prairies of Florida. I didn't photograph their paintings, but they were very impressive.
Next to a corral with cracker cattle and a cracker pony, was this cowdog lying in the mulch. I have a feeling he's a tough old guy. I wanted to stay and talk to him, but we had to move on.

These are the handmade net shuttles that Mr. Stuart Pacetti makes. He was busy making nets and talking to visitors when I stopped by his site the first time, but his wife gave us a great rundown on how he makes everything from the shuttles to the weights on the lead line of his castnets.
Emma and I had stopped by the net booth because we heard a fellow blogger, Hurricane Teen of The Minorcan Factor was going to be there with Mr. Stuart.
He was away from the booth for a few minutes when we first stopped by, so Emma and I went to get a bite to eat and then returned.

When we did, we found HT knitting away.
We didn't introduce ourselves, just said "Hi", took a photo or two, and quietly watched him working the shuttle.
He kept knitting as we stood there, then he looked up and said, "Are you Florida Cracker?"

I said, " Hey, Hurricane Teen, how ya doing?"

We talked for awhile and he let slip that he really recognized Emma first from her pics on Pure Florida.

Imagine that.
Too funny.


Sharon said...

LOL, very funny. I'll have to make sure my son looks at this, he goes to school with HT. :)

Cathy S. said...

Umm. I have two teenage boys. They would have spotted Emma first, too. :0)

rcwbiologist said...

I see, blame the high price of the event on us musicians. I swear, we get no respect. Is that a "Got Datil" pepper shirt the HT has on? If so, niicce.

Floridacracker said...

HT was fun to talk with and I think it's wonderful he's learning a traditional skill from a master.

Cathy S,
LOL. I understand completely.

Well, the Cedar Key festival was free with way more booths and no music ... hmmmmm
Hey, I just came from your site where I tried 3 times to comment. Just wanted you to know I was there.
On your Ultraman post, I wanted to say Supercar was a favorite of mine.

threecollie said...

That is so magnificently cool that you ran into HT and he recognized Emma. Sounds like a wonderful day!

pablo said...

I'm glad you had a happy meet up with HT. I especially love his shirt.

SophieMae said...

Had enough, eh? Until the next time? 8-]

Way cool getting to meet HurTeen! Yep, DS would've zeroed in on Emma, as well.

I ended up wandering through a very expensive Christmas shop. Talk about sensory overload I got some great ideas, though.

Thunder Dave said...

Sounds like a fun time, and looked pretty tasty!

We went to a castle last night, and it's cold, grey, and damp today.

robin andrea said...

Looks like a great festival, and of course, getting to meet Hurricane Teen is definitely the best part. I remember one of the first times I checked in on your blog, fc, there was a photo of your beautiful Emma. She had a smile that would not quit, and a face you could never forget.

rcwbiologist said...

Sorry you couldn't leave comments. I'm seriously thinking about going with haloscan. I've had trouble leaving comments on your site and a few others as well that had Blogger comments. I've never had any problems leaving comments on haloscan or other blogs that don't have Blogger hosting their comments. Thanks for letting me know, you may have just pushed me over the edge into switching.

rcwbiologist said...

Oh, and by the way, I've never heard of Supercar.

Deb said...

Yeah, with music suddenly there are licensing fees and all that, but not so much with traditional music. Must've been Tony Rice's fault. :)

I must admit (blasphemously so) that fiddle just isn't one of my favorite traditional instruments, but it's always great to hear the young talent that comes out for a fiddle contest.

Glad you got to meet HT! We have net shuttles like those (not handmade) at work. I should learn to use them some day; someone needs to mend the nets...

pablo said...

Yeah, I've never heard of Supercar either, but FC is older than I am!

Mrs Mecomber said...

Good heavens, how many festivals do you all have in Florida?

Here in NY, everything is shut down by October 15th... but if I had my druthers, I'd much rather travel around in winter-- less traffic.

Hurricane Teen said...

1. You ought to see the color of my face right now.
2. Yeah, Emma is pretty durned cute.
3. That has to be the worst picture ever taken of me...which is my fault because of the ridiculous face I am making.
4. Meeting yall was the highlight of my weekend.
5. How was Big Shoals?
6. My face still looks like a strawberry.
7. I have my own post to write tonight :-D

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Another fine post. You're just full of it. (Ho ho.)

Laura said...

One of the things I love about fall is all the festivals that are held at this time of the year. That's great you were able to meet HT!

Loved the pics, thanks for taking us there virtually, you saved me a $25. ticket cost. Yowza! that's expensive!

Floridacracker said...

Yup, it was pretty neat. He's a cool cat.

Me too. Need one of those. Um, ahem, I know I'm not the only person who remembers Supercar, older or not.

I need a break and a $$$ break. Everything festivalian is expensive. I know it seems like it, but I have not forgotten you and Sharon365's prize for a long ago puzzler.
It will be a sur-prize when it finally gets there.

You called about China just when I met up with HT. I think that was our shortest phone call ever, don't you?

I know just the picture you mean. She had just surfaced from snorkeling in the Gulf.
She had that effect on me the moment she was born.

Since your comment I slipped into RuralWat and left you a Super Car link.

I can knit netting too, but I usually do just repair work, not whole nets.
You might be interested in a friend of mine, Mark Johnson. He's getting alot of publicity lately over his banjo playing ... claw banjo I believe it's called. He's extremely good at it.
He's our county Emergency Operations director during the day.

Mrs. McComber,
Fall and winter here is festival time as the summers are too darn hot!

Knowing you were going to be part of the demos was really why we made the trip.
There's not a whole lot about Florida folklife and history that I don't know, but it was cool to meet you and see someone interested in keeping a legacy alive.
I only had one other shot of you and your head was down as you knitted.
I think you look quite thoughtful.
We didn't have time to hike down to the shoals due to the lateness of the day, but we rode through the park.
Another day ...

I have been told that before ... the full of it part, I mean.

He's the real thing and loves being Floridian.
It's very refreshing.
Yowza is exactly what I said.

mockinbird said...

I love that festival; couldn't make it this year. I always get the Greek dinner, too.
How about a photo soon for us up til now quiet Emma Fans!

Floridacracker said...

I think there will be one soon on HT's site, The Minorcan

If not, I'm sure she'll get in front of my camera again soon.

Deb said...

FC- Mark Johnson just sounds like such a Minnesotan name! I had Mark Johnson as a geology professor in college. :) Anyway, you must be referring to clawhammer banjo, which is a technique I would love to learn as soon as I have the basics of the instrument down. It's the "old timey" vs. "bluegrass" thing.

Paintsmh said...

I am starting to think the food posts on here are an intentional form of torture aimed directly at me! Gaahhh. It sounds, and looks, soooo good!!!

Floridacracker said...

It was good, but my Greek Salad is better.