Saturday, November 10, 2007

See You At The Florida Folk Festival Today

No substantial morning post as I am off to the Florida Folklife Festival at Stephen Foster State Park today.
Check the festival link to the right for more info.

I'll have an eye out for Miss Sara N. Dippity and other bloggers who might be there. I think meeting Hurricane Teen should be a no brainer as he is part of the folklife demonstrations.

If you're going, I'll have my goofy cowboy hat with cowrie shells on and if it's warm enough (doubtful), a green Florida Cracker T-Shirt and I'll be accompanied by my beautiful daughter Emma.

See you there.

If not, I'll share the day here either later this evening or manana.

Be safe.


pablo said...

Yep, be sure to share your adventure with us since I have a prior obligation here in Kansas City and can't make it down to, where is it again?, Florida for the festival.

robin andrea said...

Folk life festival? I'm not sure I know what kind of festival that is. Will it have folk music? I'm looking forward to the photos.

Deb said...

From the Web site it looks like there is some good music...well at least Tony Rice, I didn't recognize any other names. Anxiously awaiting the report!