Thursday, December 06, 2007

I Gotta Split

In a previous post earlier this year, I shared views from up in this tree as I prepared it for felling. I had let this one grow too close and too tall to the garden and it's shade and roots were sapping the garden's strength.
I should have cut it 19 years ago when it was smaller as it was obvious it would be a future garden shader, but I like trees and have a hard time removing them ... I usually do a lot of pruning first, before deciding to take a large tree out.
Those life extending prunings are sometimes enough, but in this case the laurel oak had gotten so tall that even I could not safely prune at the crown.
So she came down.

Now I'm busy converting the tree into firewood. This tree has already provided more than we will burn in our fireplace during a Florida winter, but still I saw and split.

I really like splitting wood.
Not on a hot day, but on a chilly day, ... there's something very satisfying about the WHACK/CRUNCH sound of a well placed axe pushing through wood fibers.

Sometimes the splitting of a log reveals secrets and artwork like the the split section below.

I don't know if it comes through in my photo, but the mix of patterns, colors, and textures caught my eye as I reached down to toss this piece on the pile. The neat tunnels running through it make me wonder just how many insects I roast in my fireplace during a single cold evening.

I'm also splitting some beautiful amber colored fatpine lighter wood into kindling sticks. I'll post pics of that and how I find it in another post.
The piney smell is heavenly and the fatwood practically spontaneously combusts.

My supervisor (who is still anonymous) during the splitting last Sunday.

So far no one has offered to help split wood although they all want a fire in the fireplace as soon as the temperature drops below 70 degrees.
Just as well ...
'cause I really like splitting wood.


Anonymous said...

I think we need to see a picture of your fireplace now.


Leslie said...

We finally admitted we are aging, and got a gas powered log splitter. But then, we split more wood than you do. Those things are FUN to operate!!

Your pig looks really content and happy.
Makes me wish I were a pig.
No rude comments, please.

ArtfulSub said...

Would it be politically incorrect if I changed my pig-name selection to Mohammed?

robin andrea said...

Your supervisor has the sweetest face. I bet she wouldn't mind if you stopped splitting for a second and came over to give her a little skritching.

Anonymous said...

I hope I didn't miss the post... but did your supervisor ever get a new name? That pic of her, she's adorable. How do you keep from getting attached!

Looks like it's been pretty cold up there lately. We're celebrating the night time temps down here, as they days are in the upper 70's. I just read a blog post from another blogger who said it was NINE degrees where she lives. Brrrrrrr!

Stay warm!


threecollie said...

I find the fatwood concept just wonderful....perhaps because I spend so darned much time building fires. I don't think we have the right kind of pine up here.

Deb said...

"on a chilly day..." Believe me, the chillier it gets, the less pleasurable the task becomes...but also more rewarding when you step back inside into the warm house.

Thunder Dave said...

I think she should now be referred to as "The Pig With No Name".

Burnin' a fire here today. It was 16F this morning and I'm home sick with a sinus infection and bronchitis. Trying to let the meds take effect!

ImagineMel said...

"I've been through the pine woods by a Pig With No Name..." I crack myself up.

Floridacracker said...

It is festooned with stockings at present, but I can get that shot for you.

True, our fires are mostly cozy effect fires, not essential heat fires.
As for the pig, if you were lying in the tropical sun under a palm thatch arbor, I bet you would have that contented look too.

In Sudan maybe.

I just came in from doing that very thing and have the smells and dirt smudged pants to prove it!

I fail at nonattachment.
No name yet. Temps here have warmed up too much!
I want cold.

Shoot me an email to if you want some.

I know I have it easy ... it's an option for me not a requirement. I hope your new heater gives you some respite.

Uh oh, I hope you get well quick. Chicken soup pal.

You crack ME up too!
Hey you have to see the "My Pets" video that junior and J. did Tuesday night. Too funny.
Feather speaks in a Yoda voice.

kathy a. said...

ugh, i don't even know where our stockings are. we have one decoration up inside, and a few lights in front.

that's some pig!

we're about to have a huge pine taken down. it is ancient, right next to the house, and died rather suddenly with some kind of beetle infestation. bet we'll find some trails in that one, too.

Sharon said...

:o( We have a gas fireplace here...NEVER AGAIN!!

Mark said...

Way back when I was in college two friends and I decided to take about a 60 or 70-mile bike ride from Atlanta down to Callaway Gardens during spring break. It got very, very cold as we camped on a powerline right of way that first night. We tried to start a fire, and then found a big hunk of wood, which we tossed on the fire, not really expecting it to burn. But boy did it burn! It was fatlighter, as we call it. It was a life-saver, since we stupid college kids didn't even bring sleeping bags.

Floridacracker said...

Kathy A,
Sounds like pine bark beetle. They are bad news.

Is the neve again about chopping or firewood or owning a gas fireplace?

Lucky you. The stuff is pretty amazing. I'm thinking a few slivers of fatlighter and a pack of waterproof matches would be a smart addition to the miscellaneous gear in the back of my JEEP.

ImagineMel said...

there's such a thing as waterproof matches?? And, I saw the video. Here I thought only Lady had Jedi powers!! That crafty Feather! :)

Sharon said...

Never again to a gas fireplace. If I can't smell wood burning - it ain't a fire!

SophieMae said...

Closing my eyes now, remembering that wonderful lightered scent. If you run out of wood to split, I'm sure you could find plenty in my back yard. There's even a tree or three just waiting to be jacked.

Your pig has a lovely smile. 8-]

Floridacracker said...

Of course, how else would scuba campers start their campfires?
You have to get out more.

I was hoping that was what you meant.

You gotta fireplace up there?
The pig says thanks for noticing her smile.