Monday, December 10, 2007

Roadside Seasonal Color

Yesterday's post was late in the day and chatty, so I'll let it do most of the talking this Monday.
Today's picture is a wild poinsettia growing along the roadside out at Cedar Key.

Tomorrow: Tree Treasure


Thunder Dave said...

nice Christmas colors!

Rurality said...

Are they native there or just naturalized? I remember big ones growing near my grandmother's in the Ocala/Silver Springs area.

threecollie said...

Wild poinsettia is such a foreign concept up here in the far far north....very cool.

SophieMae said...

Poinsettia cyathophora, I presume? AKA Painted Leaf or Fire on the Mountain. I don't think I've seen any yet this year.

Just took another look at Friday's BBQ... now I'm hungry! Oh, and before I forget again, yes we have a fireplace... couldn't hardly live without it up here in the Floridarctic zone. 8-]

Check out the links I posted yesterday. You'll love them!

Sharon said...

Pretty :) My Mom put a potted Christmas poinsettia out on the side of the house once. That was 10 years they have a monstrous big poinsettia bush over there that blooms every year. Gorgeous.

Floridacracker said...

Natural selection decoration.

Some books say one, some say the other. It does not seem to be pesty.

I thought it might be.

Yup, that's the one. I'll be heading to your site next for those links.

That must be beautiful. The cold does not bother it?

Sharon said...

It is gorgeous, I will probably post a pic of it soon. The cold doesn't seem to, it's still going strong. But isn't that always the way? They just kind of threw it to the side, didn't even expect it to do anything and it's been growing there ever since. :)

OneCowgirl said...

I adore your header photo!! It is great!!