Thursday, January 03, 2008

Stark Winter Light Exposes FC's "Pho Pas"

An almost good shot ... see the missing wing tip? Of course you don't, it's MISSING!
Arrrghhh ... so close.
Oh well, at least I got to see a pterodactyl.

There was a distinct absence of heat out in the marsh yesterday. The wind was whipping at almost 20 miles per hour and the day's high never rose out of the 40's.
Most of my photos from that expedition show huddled waterfowl and waders, hunkered down and hiding their bills in an attempt to stay warm.

This egret was one of the few birds daring to fly in the brisk wind. No photoshopping here, ... how did I get the dark background on a bright sunny day?
Hmmmm ... such a mystery.

When you screw up a potentially great shot like that pelican at the top of this post, just remember every sandbar has a silver lining.

It doesn't make any sense, but it might take your mind off the once in a zillion photographic moment that you let slip through your grasp.

Then get back out there.


Anonymous said...

The "almost greats" are even more frustrating than the shots that result in nothing more than the blurry back end of a disappearing critter.

Such is life, and photography.

I still like the photo. What's a wing tip among friends, after all?

Sharon said...

Aaargh!! Don't you hate that?? Oh well, from what I've seen, for every one you let get away you have 10 more awesome shots to take it's place. What I hate is when I'm driving somewhere and see something amazing - and don't have time to stop!

Thunder Dave said...

Still some awesome photography!
We were down to 14F (-10C) this morning, with about 2" of snow on the ground. They're predicting that we'll be back up to 60F (15.6C) with rain by Sunday! No wonder everyone around here catches colds and can't get rid of them.

robin andrea said...

I like that shot! It still captures the awesome beauty of a pelican taking off. We saw a hawk that we couldn't identify yesterday. We didn't have the binoculars or camera with us. Now that's a moment we let slip away.

Laura said...

"...every sandbar has a silver lining." ROFL! That's a good one to remember.

Loved Wren's comment, "what's a wing tip among friends?"

I have dozens upon dozens of shots like the one you missed. They should be in a file called "the one that got away" just like the fish that slipped off the hook.

It's maddening, isn't it?

threecollie said...

Your photos are so spectacular pretty much all the time, that I would find it hard to fault them, wing tip or no wing tip. I have been getting great enjoyment from the bird series...oh, and guess what arrived in the mail today..

Floridacracker said...

Thanks Wren,
I like that. We can still be in awe of the bird itself.

Well, you sure get plenty of amazing sky shots. The driving thing is frustrating ... I do a lot of U-turns.

Thanks. It's 28 right now at 2139 hours.

Those moments are so frequent for me!
Even chopped, the pelican's power is evident in that photo. I just wish ...

It is maddening and I'm thinking it would make a great meme, don't you?

You would not believe the birdy day I had today. Soon come.
Gee whiz, I can not believe it took that long for the package to arrive.
That is unbelievable.
Hope they work well for you.

Rurality said...

Lots of people (me included) would crop off a wingtip anyway. Makes it more interesting many times, NOT to have the whole picture. Of course with a bird facing left I would've cropped off the right wingtip, probably. :)

thegatorgal said...

Great Pictures!

The black background looks to me to be the wall along the waterfront in Cedar Key. But I suppose any low pier or road overpass would work :)

Susan Rose said...

I agree with Rurality. In fact, try cropping your pelican photo to a 3x4 ratio... deleting the top 1/7 of the photo, including the other wing tip. It will then be an in-your-face action close-up. The sparkling water beneath the bird balances out the composition. It's really a great photo.

Floridacracker said...

Really? Crop the bird's body?
Are you sure that isn't just what you say when you accidently cut off the top of Aunt Sis's head in a picture?

YOU rock! That's the Cedar Key boat basin passage under the roadway. I cropped it down until it was just the egret, the shadowy opening, and the sparkle.
Good job!

Susan Rose,
I see it now. Thanks for that possibile save.