Saturday, January 12, 2008

When Good Friends Turn ... Old

I met Kevin in Mrs. Blackmer's first grade class at Crookshank Elementary School.
We have been friends ever since. Somehow we survived (just barely) our teen and young adult (?)years. That was tough because we turned 18 the year full adult status was granted to 18 year olds.
What the hell were the real adults thinking?
We of course, thought it was great and proceeded to do a variety of stupid and often risky things, but we made it through that period and actually became responsible, contributing adults.

So it was with some sadness that I awoke this morning to find a vulture perched outside my window, Harry Potter like, with a birthday announcement clutched in his bill.

He blinked and with a flip of his bill tossed the heavy black envelope at my feet.

Cautiously I peeled open the envelope to find an invitation to Kevin's 50th birthday party. The moment, I finished reading the message, it crumbled to ash in my hands. I looked up at the vulture, but he was gone.

For one as young as me, (still 40 something), the thought of this good friend turning a half century old was quite a shock.

While the actual birthday is today, the shindig to celebrate his antiquity will be next weekend in St. Augustine. That is probably so someone of his age is not too overwhelmed by celebratory activities.
You know, ... spread them out a little bit so he's not overcome by all the excitement. We wouldn't want him to pass out ... he did enough of that when he was surviving those teen years.

I think all his friends will be there.

Happy 50th Kevin!


The Troll said...

Funny post. I turned 18 the year the Powers-That-Be REVERSED that decision to treat us as Fully Adult.

Now, I'm convinced the drinking age (in public settings) should be 35. And voting age, after passing a Poll Test and verifying gainful employment status, 25.

But I'm keen on re-instating the draft starting at 14. 12 if they were backward ballcaps and pimp shorts.

Moultrie Creek said...

This R.B. Hunt alumnus wants to know if it will be best to stay hunkered down at the Creek next weekend. What level of celebration do you "kids" have planned?

threecollie said...

Poor Kevin! Vultures at a mere fifty!
I have to thank you for this post. I remembered that sometime, somewhere in this delightful blog, you gave your age in dog years. I was curious about forty what so I searched to see if I could find it. I didn't, but boy did I have fun reading archives. I forgot that Pure Florida was here a while before I started reading!

kevin said...

For the record, Kevin would have celebrated this hallowed day today but was fulling an obligation to duty, honor and country (the first drill after deployment).

I'm looking forward to seeing my younger, less experienced next week to impart more of my vast knowledge and wisdom on them. You don't get old being stupid.

robin andrea said...

I don't remember a vulture announcing my 50th. But that was so many years ago who can remember these things! Happy birthday to that youngster Kevin! I was already in kindergarten and Roger was a high school sophomore when Kevin was just a babe in diapers. You young'uns don't know about aging yet. Just wait!

kathy a. said...

happy birthday, kevin! don't think you can hold out on us about your celebration, FC.

haven't you boys started getting your AARP mail yet? i've only got a few months on you, and have gotten regular greetings from that group ["it's not a gang, it's a club"] for a full year now. don't worry, they will track you down and find you, if they haven't already.

Cathy S. said...

OK. As someone who is also turning 50 this year, (1958 was a very good year), this is not at all funny. ;0)

Suze said...

Wow!! This is MY birthday - I was born 1/12/1956, which makes me 52. By virtue of my senior status, I own 1/12 and Kevin will have to take secondary status......

pablo said...

Methinks another week and a half will bring about another half century commemoration.

lesle said...

Very much like your new header photo; it captures the real Florida!

Those are manatees, aren't they?
And btw--fifty is the new forty!

Floridacracker said...

You may not have liked it at the time, but that was a good thing!
LOL on your other observations!

My other extremely good buddy is hitting 50 on the 17th and he's an RB HUNT alumnus too ... know any Wests?
Remember St. George Pharmacy?
You must have been a rich kid ... growing up on the "Island".
We westenders always said "God lived on the Island"

Alas poor Kevin, I knew him well ...
Glad you enjoyed the dusty PF portion!

Yes we youngsters will sit around you and bask in your wisdom gained through half a century of living well.
See ya next weekend.

Yeah but you two don't age. We've seen the pictures!

Kathy A,
I'm quite sure I don't know what you're talking about.
Regarding AARP, isn't that an organization for old people like Kevin?

Cathy S,
Well, yes, it was. Explorer 1 was launched from FLORIDA,Velcro was registered as a trademark, the F-104 set a world speed record, and a passle of extremely cute babies were born.

Hope it was grand. It does seem as tho you have an earlier claim to January 12th than Kevin.

Well there are a lot of people in the world. I'm sure someone else will turn 50 this month.
If I were a bettin' man, I'd bet on that happening.

That is great news. Is it official?
I'm glad you like that photo. It is Manatee Springs and very recent, but it was a scenic shot. If I captured a manatee, it was sheer luck.

The Troll said...

Tribute to Ornery Oldsters teaching the Yutes a Lesson at my Blog Today.

Moultrie Creek said...

My guess is you know my younger brother Billy. He graduated from SAHS in 1976. We grew up behind the Alligator Farm in the old house with the palm tree posts holding up the porch.

Do you mean the Wests that lived down the street from the lighthouse? Yes, we knew them and I still miss getting fromijadas at the pharmacy.

Floridacracker said...

Will check it out!

That's my graduating SAHS class. Now the question is which Billy?
Any clues without sacrificing your anonymity?

Yes, those Wests! The youngest son is one of my best pals ... Godfather to my firstborn.

Cathy S. said...

When I told my husband you were turning fifty, he asked if you worked for Manatee County. LOL. Read my blog to see why I am laughing.

Floridacracker said...

Cathy S,
You must have me mistaken for someone else ... this post is about Kevin.

Cathy S. said...

Oh, no. I know precisely the date of your birthdate. Remember, you are exactly to the day 28 years older than my son. Who is in his last semester at UWF by the way. Graduation here we come. Hoorah!

Moultrie Creek said...

My Billy is the redhead that played in the band.

Floridacracker said...

Cathy S,
Dang! I am caught.

Of course! I saw him at the reunion last year.

rick said...

Happy 50th Kevin , get signed up for AARP yet?

Floridacracker said...

Rick and Kathy A,
Arrrghhh, I got the AARP envelope today!!