Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Chewie's Amazing Recovery

This is how Chewie looked for the last 3 days. Totally miserable, feverish, no appetite, ... just plain crummy.

Yesterday, Chewie got a shot of antibiotic in her thick neck muscles and the improvements were visible about 6 hours later.
This morning she was mostly back to her old mischievious self and we went off to work and school without worrisome knots in our stomachs.

This afternoon,I told her that the internet had ground to a halt as people around the planet stopped to wish her well.
In the picture above she's whispering a message for me to share with you.

I'll translate here in case you don't speak Swinese.

She's saying, "Thank you for your good wishes and piggy prayers."


jojo said...

poor chewie... glad you had some antibiotic. i wonder what happened? how could THIS pig be stressed? and i wonder HOW in the world with all the ear rubs can you take him to auction? i see pet written all over your face!

Anonymous said...

You see? I go MIA, but for Chewie I'll come back frequently. In the first photo she reminds me of the expression "death eating a cracker"- don't ask me how THAT comes to mind but then in the next picture she has her usual contented porcine smile and perky ears. Sweet pig. Better living through chemistry. Good news!

Hurricane Teen said...

I'm so glad to hear she is okay! She's one cute piece of pork, I must say.
Give her my best wishes!

threecollie said...

So glad she is on the improve! I have been clicking over here with much trepidation worrying about her. Poor little pig...

Cathy S. said...

Yes, I was worried as well. So glad she is better.

debbie said...

She is so darn cute! And the look on her face in the 2nd picture is pure bliss. Is there any possibility of keeping her as a pet?

kathy a. said...

glad chewie is better!

Mockinbird said...

I'm glad Chewie is getting better!
Afraid I've got to say it:I see "pet" all over your sweet pig.

robin andrea said...

It's grand to see her on her feet and enjoying her life again. She really is a cute little pig.

edifice rex said...

She looks so happy in that picture with you; like she is smiling! I very glad that she has recovered. I get very distrought when one of my animals becomes ill.

Floridacracker said...

We've raised a bunch of fair pigs and while it's true, I do get too attached, I still have the livestock not pet mentality. Honest.
We do like spoiling them tho.

Yes, hoorah for the chemists!

Not yet she isn't!

She's really feelin' frisky now.

Cathy S,
Thanks. We are much relieved.

No, we go into this knowing we only get her until March, late March thank goodness.

Kathy A,

Only in a temporary sense. Good while it lasts tho.

Yes! She is some pig.

Such a nice change too, she looked like death warmed over for days.

Laura said...

At the risk of sounding like an ignorant 10 year old or a bonafide city girl, I really wish you'd get another pig to raise for livestock and keep Miss Chewie as a pet. What a character she is, and so photogenic!

Just think, she could be your website mascot for years and years to come!

misti said...

That's some pig!! ;)

Sharon said...

I'm so glad she's feeling perky (porky?) again :)

Floridacracker said...

The problem is ... every fair pig we've ever had has been a charmer. I like the pet pig idea tho ... in two years or so when Jr is out of the FFA arena.


Porky ... definitely porky :)

SwampAngel65 said...

She's such a cutie-pie! Glad she feeling better. Oh, it breaks my heart to know she's going to end up as breakfast, lunch and dinner in the not so distant future... I know, I know...but she's SOOOO cute and seems to have a good personality.

Remember Ed and Johnny and their debates on which is smarter - a pig or a horse? Which do YOU think is of higher intelligence?