Sunday, February 03, 2008

Just A Few More From Where I Was ...

A few more birds from my Friday ...

A true Little Grey Bird.


This little bird was the sentry of the ditch where I needed to be.
He was definitely interested in my presence and was not backing off.

Yesterday was a gorgeous clear blue day here in PF, but I had errands in the big city so not a single photo was slurped from the world and into my Sony.

Today, I'm home all day so of course it's grey and cloudy. I'm not really fussing however, (well, maybe a little) because I spent yesterday spending a gift card from my big brother at Lowes.

The result is that I may have lost a great photographic day, but today I have 6 blueberry plants and one scuppernong grape vine to plant along with assorted items to help me improve my garden thanks to the Bro.

I imagine gardening might be tomorrow's topic since I hope to spend my day out there ... right after I knock down some of those pancakes I can smell cooking in the kitchen.


Rurality said...

I'm jealous at your obvious superpower. The one that lets you get so close to boids to take their pictures.

Your IDs are good I think! The gnatcatchers don't get up this way til spring.

Anonymous said...

Those sound like lovely additions to the garden, FC. Good food for the local wildlife, and maybe you'll find some blueberry pancakes on your plate next year.

Danielle Blogging for Balance said...

Have i told you before how much I love learning from you?????? I'm surprise our paths didn't cross at Lowes.....seems as though 'outside beautification' is the keyword these past few days in the Sunshine State ;)

BTW....I am currently reading Greg Iles book "Turning Angel"....I just can't seem to put it down...except to blog ;)...How is Mortal Fear????

The Troll said...

Can't find it, but Mrs. Troll is using a website that recommends pretty attractive looking herbs to keep critters and bugs from eating your garden.

wormwood, southernwood, yarrow, pennyroyal, tansy, lavender and sage - garlic,

threecollie said...

Plants and books...the best gifts ever

Hurricane Teen said...

Hey, FC, I am going to skip the part of congratulating you on your awesome photography because I am tired of saying it.
I hate to "advertise," but do you remember the poem I told you about at the FFF? I finally posted it after much faltering delay. I think you might appreciate it.
...Are you having blueberry pancakes?

Cathy S. said...

Grey and cloudy there? We had other cool,clear day that we all long for in July. Started it out in jackets at 7:00 in the chill breeze beside of steaming swimming pool as youngest competed in his first triahlon. By the time the race was over, we were basking in shirtsleeves in the sun. I almost fell asleep in my chair waiting for the awards program to start. He didn't place this time, but finished which is all that counts in that game! Hope you got your gardening done! (or at least started)

tsiya said...

I know you'd like to hear that it was grey and cloudy over here in St. John's County, but it wasn't!
I even managed to forget about politicians for a while.
You got a bunch of fine keepers on Friday, for sure.

Linda said...

Cloudy with sleet mixed with rain here in Kansas. No gardening yet. Great pictures.

Sharon said...

Mmmm...pancakes!! Have fun in the garden, love the extra bird pics :)

Floridacracker said...

There are powers involved here, but they are not super.
Thanks for the ID backup!

The cardinals think I plant blueberries just for them!

Thanks Danielle! Mortal Fear is good, a little dated technologically, but so far it's a fun read.

Are any of those deer zappers?

True, pretty good choices.

You need to advertise if you are going to take long breaks from blogging!
I'll drop in and check out your poetry. No blueberry pancakes for about 4 months.

Cathy S,
Hooray for that triathlete!
Actually, the grey vanished almost as soon as I clicked publish.

Thanks! Nice to forget about politics for a bit, isn't it?

Welcome to Pure Florida!
It was actually hot here today.

Pancakes AND Gilchrist sausage. Check out Publix for some.