Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bar None

Sorry to finish this trilogy so late today, but something amazingly serendipitous happened ... after I took the trash to the landfill and went grocery shopping. I'll share it tomorrow.
Tremendous cute factor involved, so be warned ...
In the mean time, where was I ?

Oh yes ...

After stalking the two barred owls and getting a double shot, my cup was full to overflowing.
Lying on the dock in the late afternoon breezes, I was content and only half focused on photography.
It would have been tres easy to doze off, had it not been for the antics of a pair of cardinals, bathing in the tiny puddle formerly known as "The Pond".

They were flitting about, jumping from branch to branch on a dead tree that used to be underwater. Every so often, the female cardinal would slip into the water and splash about a little, before zipping up to the limbs to look around.

I was focusing on her when she stopped, mid splash, and froze.

I looked around to see what was up.

The grey squirrel in the willow froze too.

The male cardinal, who had been bouncing around above the bathing female stopped and looked around. I followed his gaze ... nothing.

When I turned back to the puddle, the cardinals were gone and the barred owl was drinking deep from the shallow water.


It seems so mundane, and yet, I'd never seen it before.
I think I had assumed they got all their moisture needs from the bodies of their prey, but this guy was slurping deeply.

When he finished his drink, he slipped silently up into the willow, perhaps a little embarrassed at being caught in such a normal, mortal act.


kathy a. said...

for owls, this must be like candid camera bursting into the bathroom and yelling, "Hey! How ya DOING?"

Deb said...

I can just hear him: "Yeah, this time I'm just drinking time, no guarantees."

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Orrrr it went something like this...
Fem cardinal to male: "You didn't take a bath today? You know we're having dinner with Robin. What do you mean you didn't take a bath. Take a bath right now. No, you missed a apot, go back again. Did you just wet your feathers and think you could fool me? Go back and do it again. I wasn't looking, do it again."
Squirell to self: Staystillstayperfectlystilldontmoveawhiskerstaystillasyoucanstayasstillasthetreedonttwichawhiskerdontlookattheowlifheseesyouthenyouarerealsokissthetreekissthetreeandhewontseeyou.
Owl to self: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh if that squirell thinks I didn't see him he can kiss my .........

Susan said...

We have to assume a LOT about owls because we rarely see them. Your photos prove three things...

1) You have to be outdoors to see an owl.

2) You have to be in owl territory to see an owl.

3) Owls get thirsty.

Kimberlee said...

"caught in such a normal, mortal act"

I've never thought about this before, but owls do exude an almost cat-like air of superiority, don't they? The way they turn their heads away when you want them to look at you...just like many cats I've known.

I've never heard that "Who cooks for you" phrase before, so even after Deb guessed correctly, I was still in the dark. Thanks for explaining that! LOL!

Very cool experience and photos as well!

Wayne said...

The photographs of the owls are absolutely fantastic. The owl drinking is a real coup, but they're all great.

Dr. Know said...

Well, I can think of much more embarrasing "normal, mortal acts" than taking a drink of water, if ya get my drift... [wink, wink]

Tremendous cute factor, eh?
Well, if she's over 21 and possesses a functioning brain, send her my way. :-o

Floridacracker said...

Kathy A,
LOL! Very true. Sooooo embarrassing.

Exactly ... would've been cool to get a shot of him and the cardinal bathing.

Thanks! Glad you liked them.

Hah! The squirrel thought is very accurate!

Yes, I think all those things are true!
They are definitely not the most convenient study subjects.

I think that is exactly the right comparison. Very cat-like attitude. I had not made the connection before you mentioned it, but that is it!

Thank you. I was having a good day.

Well, I caught a pair of Miss Kites doing that once and posted that, but so far no owlantics.

robin andrea said...

Great sequence of photographs, and that owl shot is truly fantastic. I've often wondered about the hawks in our yard and if they ever stop by the pond for a little sip or bath. I've never seen it, but now I think it must happen.

threecollie said...

Great stuff!!! Thanks for the head's up!

Floridacracker said...

I have seen a hawk standing in a bird bath once, but owls are so nocturnal that I never expected to see that.

That was for Sunday's post, but you'll know that when you see it.