Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Florida Furry French Post: Joi de Eau

Bear découvre l'eau.

C'est merveilleux!

Il est très humide!

Je saut, donc je suis!
Non, Je ne parle pas Francais, mais je veux.
My daughter Katie saw this tub out in the yard and remarked, " I remember sitting in that tub and paddling around in the pond when Emma and I were little."
I guess we've gotten our money's worth out of that old apple juice concentrate barrel.
I'm really short on time this morning, but I should mention the new blog roll to the right. I just installed it last night and it's slow going on dialup, so if you are not on there, be patient. I'll keep adding to it.
Have an excellent Friday.
Did I mention that yesterday was the last day of school for the larvae?


Mark said...

It has always seemed to me that dogs are a lot like kids, and I mean that in a very good way. They generally love life and jump right into it entirely unselfconsciously.

And yes, here, too, today is the last day of ... no, wait a minute. Today isn't the last day of anything except the week where I work.

vicki said...

Bear might be interested in the lake here at Lost Loon Lodge- it's currently stocked with little chick puffs of merganser, mallard and ta,da! 2 baby loons riding atop mom.
Dan considered a swim yesterday; afterall he's sturdy, loves water and swam in a triathlon. He waded in about 18 inches and his legs turned blue. Where's a Sony H50 when you need one?

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

OK i do not know any french, I do know a happey pup when i see one. The blog roll is cool also.Last day of school so now the real working vacation begins.hanging out with thunder tonight woohoo!! S T E B

Floridacracker said...

When you think of me being off, remember it's unpaid leave. Still, it is nice to have a free brain for a change.

"...chick puffs..."
Love that imagery.

Does this mean I'm getting another beer infused conference call?
I love Blogger's new blogroll feature.

Anonymous said...

L'ours espiègle ne parle pas français? Il serait très spécial s'il pourrait. Êtes-vous sûr? Beau poteau. J'aime la page mise à jour!

Hey, you're larvae liberated? I know you really miss the little buggers. But the pupae period is good for everybody.
I thought pupae don't usually eat. Or did somebody change something?? LOL

threecollie said...

Superlative puppy pics! We use those barrels for everything too, cut either the way yours is or straight across.
Congrats on the last day of school. It is on its way here soon and a certain boy is suddenly realizing how much he is going to miss his buddies, and collecting up phone umbers and planning hockey games.
And thanks for having me on that wonderful blog roll!

robin andrea said...

Je n'ai pas su que Bear est un chien français. Drôle, il ne ressemble pas à un carniche! (Sorry if this doesn't make sense, I used a translation program, which is often idiomatically challenged.)

That's one very cute pup having fun, and a splendid new blogroll. Congrats on your summer freedom.

Susan said...


If you look deep into Bear's eyes, you see a glint of angel brain resting in that furry black skull.

Sharon said...

Ah, what great shots! You really captured some puppy joy. :) He looks like he's gonna be a big'un. Yay for the last day of school! Enjoy your freedom. My eldest is graduating tonight - he's enjoying his freedom, me - not so much!
Oh well, what's a mother for, but to worry? LOL

Dani said...


Brenda said...

That is one happy looking puppy. Glad that he is healthy again.

Jordan said...

i have a dog too!!! she looks just like yours,!!! her name is joy and she loves to play!!!


Hurricane Teen said...

...regular joes rocking the boat that's us
the redneck bathtub...
-HurricaneTeen per Craig Morgan

Have a greeeat summer! I graduate TODAY!

Hurricane Teen said...

That's a slick new blogroll, by the way! Where did you get it?

Susan said...

Je ne parle pas français et je ne veux pas! Avez-vous utilisé un traducteur de langue en ligne comme je l'ai fait?

Anonymous said...

Wow... You seem to have an interesting vocab... That's just pure talent. By the way, you and the pup are making me want a lab really bad.

Cathy S. said...

Back from the river and anxious to hear what was wrong with Gumbo, but though I read all your posts, did I miss it? Did you ever find out? Yes, we were on the Rainbow. I wish I had found that pot of gold. I would buy a house and never leave...

Deb said...

I knew I should have taken French in junior high. Although I kind of got it.

One cannot deny the attraction between Labs and water. It is stronger than magnetism.

Floridacracker said...

Non, mes chiens ne parlent pas français!
Glad you like the update.

It's a bittersweet happy moment, the end of an era.

I'm hitting the translation sites pretty hard myself.

How deep do I have to look?

Congrats on your graduate!

Yes, you do!

Well, it was his brother that was sick. He's getting better, but not 100 percent yet.

So do mine. I hope you enjoy her for a very, very long time.

Superior! Happy graduation! Now the fun begins.
The blog roll is courtesy of blogger. Check your layout feature.

Yes I did,I did not trust my high school Francais memory.

It's hard not to want a Lab. Virtual labs are a lot cheaper tho.

Cathy S,
More tests with results back on Tuesday. They suspect a tick borne dissease.

It's like the tractor beam on Star Trek.

kathy a. said...

such fine happy pup photos!

HT, congratulations!

Floridacracker said...

Kathy A,
They are so crazy! Everything at puppy level is being shredded!

Saph said...

Love the last photo of the pup jumping in midair. What camera do you use?