Thursday, May 15, 2008

From My Porch

Yesterday, I got home ahead of everybody as usual, but there was no cooking to do for a change since the crockpot had done all the work.

The very first thing I did was take my camera from inside the air conditioned (78) house and set it out on the porch to acclimate to the ambient conditions. Once you've missed a few amazing shots because your camera fogged up when you took it outside, this becomes routine.

So, with a spring sun still blazing and a gentle breeze blowing, it seemed perfectly reasonable to go sit on the porch for a few minutes with a box of Cheezit crackers and my two old dogs.
I have a system that keeps me from eating too many of these wonderfully, cheesy little squares at one time.
The dogs help me with this ... ONE FOR FLOUNDER, ONE FOR FEATHER, ONE FOR ME, ONE FOR FLOUNDER, infinitum, or at least until they are gone.

Just as we finished the last of the Cheezits, some motion in the front yard forest caught my eye.

A doe and her brand new twins were creeping between me and the pond. I got up slowly and quietly, waded through the slobbering dogs who had not quite figured out that the Cheezits were actually gone, and moved quietly to the glider bench ten feet away.

That is where my camera sat ... hopefully acclimated and fog free.

The camera was ready and I braced myself against a porch post for what turned out to be a pretty long shot. By that time the deer were hidden in the front woods, but they had been moving toward my driveway, so I focused my attention there and waited.

Sure enough, Momma and her gorgeous promises crossed the sandy track we call a driveway. Once they crossed, they entered a thicker area of brush, so I did not pursue ... plus, I didn't want to harass them. PFHQ is a deer nursery this time of year and I love that.

Well, that was a nice start to my afternoon.
I had some new datil pepper plants to stick in the newly deer proofed garden, so I got out of my nerdy teacher clothes and dressed for dirt.

As it turned out, it was just an appetizer for what awaited me later that afternoon.

Of course, that's another post, but here's a clue.

The animals involved could be answered on this particular day with, " Well, the crockpot did".

Stew on that conundrum and I'll share the answer tomorrow.


pablo said...

skunk apes? teenagers?

Laura said...

I'm with pablo. Had to be the skunk ape, notorious for wandering around these parts...

And boy, I sure miss living out in the country!!!

Mark said...

The deer are cute, no doubt, and I still don't think I could shoot one, but after they ate everything in our yard, I don't take quite as much joy in seeing them so close. Even the raccoons were cute at first, until they started pretending they were sanitation workers and the garage was the dump. Why won't those critters behave like we want them too? You know, just saunter around and be cute?

Sharon said...

Curiouser and curiouser!

vicki said...

I'm going to stay focused on "her gorgeous promises." (I trust that while that book on you bedstand is gathering dust, you're getting ready to write the book this summer. You NEED to be writing the book, you write so well.)

threecollie said...

Beautiful photos...and I second vicki on the book. I would buy it and I'll bet many other folks would stand in line to do so as well!

Anonymous said...

What's on the journal for tomorrow? Buck if I know. These critters really do touch my hart like no other critters cud. While they do tend to remove some nice plants I have learned not to let it tick me off too much. Did you see them coming or was it something you herd? Fantastic deer nursery! Sure am glad it didn't rain dear.

Anonymous said...

Awesome deer shots!Yea,you should write a book-I agree with the other folks!

robin andrea said...

There's nothing cuter than fawn twins, fc. Nice photo.

Rurality said...

Aww. Awwwwww. Yep, nothing cuter than a spotted fawn. Except two spotted fawns!

Dani said...

Cute little fawns. I'll have to show my little one when she gets home.

Deb said...

Whoo cooks for you? Whoo cooks for y'all? ;)

Floridacracker said...

You go girl!
You solved it!!

Floridacracker said...

See Deb's comment.

We are keeping the deer warm until you return.

Tell me about it. They just ate 25$$ worth of shrimp plants.

Isn't it though?

Good to hear from you. I hope all is well.
This summer, I'm trying.

I wish I was that sure.

Your comments are STAGgering as usual. I DOEn't know how you do it.


They do bring out the "aawwww" factor.

These two jumped up right in front of me about 4 days ago as I walked. It'll be fun watching them grow this summer.

I hope she likes them.Nothing cuter on hooves.

Doug Taron said...

Hmm...gotta get here earlier in the day. Nice fawn pix.

kathy a. said...

cute babies!

my dogs have a friendship going with a deer, through the fence. i swear, the deer comes right up to the fence to tease them, and they bark, and etc. i think it is the deer who used to race junior dog along the fence, a year or 2 ago. pretty funny, except the barking is tres annoying at night, and we have to break up the party.

Kimberlee said...

I have the same problem with my camera, but in reverse! Binoculars, too. Even boots perform better if they have a chance to chill a bit before being hit with cold air and/or snow.

I shouldn't be amazed by your photos anymore, but I still am. You are extraordinarily skillful in capturing a surprising moment without spoiling it. What a gift!

Floridacracker said...

I take it you got the clue.

Kathy A,
Every party has a pooper ...

Hah! Reversal of fortunes.
Thanks for the kind words, I just came back from your site.