Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gumbo Improves, But Blogging Time Erodes

Gumbo is showing very positive signs of improvement. I think we are over the hump.
Thank you all for your kind words.

One of the side effects of having two new puppies, much less a very sick one, is that my morning routine of getting up in the predawn darkness, making coffee, and then sitting here wondering what to write, has been completely disrupted.

In fact, I should not be typing right now. I have to leave for work in 30 minutes and I still have to eat a piece of the amazing blueberry cake Emma and Corinne made from my first blueberry harvest.

Plus, there's about 3 different medicines to poke or squirt down Gumbo's little throat.

So ... here are some pics from the windstorm in St. Johns county on Mother's day. The fields around Hastings had been freshly plowed before the winds hit and the precious life giving topsoil was blowing away.

What looks like fog is sandy topsoil blowing in the wind.

Somewhere, loess is more.
Think about it.

Have a great Thursday


pablo said...

Blogging is your first priority.

Thunder Dave said...

I'm with Pablo, what gives man?
(Like I've got room to talk) ;-)

lesle said...
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threecollie said...

Still holding the good thoughts for Gumbo...poor little guy.
And I know just how it goes with no time to blog. We don't have puppies but.....

lesle said...

Aeolic (or aeolian or eolian) erosion, from the Greek god, Aeolus, the keeper of winds. Wind and water (two of the Ancient's Five Elements) are the major factors in Earth morphology.

My thoughts are with you and yours. Hold out till school's out.

Anonymous said...


roger said...

fc-care is the best there is. gumbo is a lucky dog.

woof gumbo.

Anonymous said...

Many of our patients suffering from esophageal, duodenal, or dermal erosion would agree that less is more. I'm certain they would agree that suffering from too much erotion probably wouldn't be that bad, though.


C'mon Gumbo you frisky rascal!! Let's show daddy what you're made of!! Woof!

Anonymous said...

Missed yesterday's post; hoping for all the best for your sweet little pup!

Dani said...

Wow, Pure Florida is number sixteen on nature blog network. You go FC!!

Susan said...

When Gumbo gets completely over this illness, he will have a growth spurt, an energy spurt, a happy spurt and a smiley/lickey/slobbery spurt!

Gumbo will forget about how bad he felt, and he'll show big brother Bear what kinda stuff he's made of.

Look out, Bear!

Laura said...

I'm am so glad to hear the tides have turned on Gumbo's limbo!

(you can stop groaning now...)

p.s. blueberry cake?? yummmm.

Floridacracker said...


Hah! It all consuming.

I KNOW your plate is always full!

Good job!

Thank you!

woofing out loud

Weathering the topic is plant or animal, you are the pun master.

Oh my.
Do you suppose it's dog lovers checking on my pup?
Thanks for the heads up!

That is exactly what I'm hoping for!

Wow! You may be able to compete with Freste above.
The cake was super!

Hurricane Teen said...

I'm really glad to hear Gumbo's better!
That was a heck of a wind storm wasn't it? A fire lit off of Tocoi Road and I drove through the thick of it right as it was starting. 150-200 acres burned that day, fanned by 30-40 MPH winds. We were worried about your old neighborhood for a while.
Are you coming out to the Folk Festival this weekend?

Anonymous said...


You probably drove right past my fire station to get those Hastings photos. Stop by next on your next drive-by, and I'll give you the nickel tour if I'm on duty. We're on Morrison Road, just east of the town limits (on your right as you near the big turn).


SwampAngel65 said...

Glad to hear Gumbo's feeling better!

Wow, your pictures of Hastings brought back memories...I used to date a guy who lived there (talk about a long distance romance!). I remember the spud fields across from his place. It seemed like it was miles and miles to civilization. I think that may have been part of the reason we broke up. That and the 9 hour commute was hell!

Kimberlee said...

If your area is anything like here, "somewhere, loess is more" on windows, vehicles, ponds, and in the eyes/mouth. :( We have LOTS of wind up here and, without the snow/ice to keep it in place, the dirt roads are constantly under siege. Great photos!!! It does look a lot like fog.

I've wondered how in the world you accomplish the daily blog thing. Now I know your secret. You're a morning person. You actually get things done BEFORE you go to school. Amazing and admirable!!! :)

Glad to hear pup is on the mend. He seems to have captured the hearts of all of cyberspace! As he should.

Deb said...

You get up in the predawn darkness? This time of year I would have to be up at 4 AM for that. Just one of the nice things about living at a little over 46 degrees north latitude.

Kathleen said...

Go Gumbo! He is a proving to be a tough little guy! We are all so very grateful he is on the mend! And yes, all of cyberspace is worried about Gumbo. Therefore, blog you must - at least to provide Gumbo updates. :-) Enjoy a wonderful weekend with your pups, and Flounder and Feather too. How are they adapting to the new babies?

Floridacracker said...

General Gumbo update... after a good morning, he's had a tough day, but we are trying to keep him hydrated and nourished. It's been very up and down.
Should be a long night of pup care ahead.

I don't think I'll make it to the festival this year. Have fun!

Hey. Yeah, I'll have to stop in and check it out!

I had a 8 hour commute romance once too ... definitely complicated!

Anyone who knew me as a teenager would be amazed that I am a morning person!
Gumbo is quite the heart catcher.

5 am here. You deserve a little extra sunshine.

Flounder and Feather are adapting wonderfully to the pups. Feather isn't shy about reprimanding them, but Flounder is just another big old pup.

Doug Taron said...

Blogger ate my earlier well wishes for Gumbo :(

Glad to hear that he's doing better. Have a great long weekend.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks Doug!