Monday, May 19, 2008


Last night, we sat around in the living room bouncing doggie names around, trying to name the runt.

We covered a lot of territory. We ran through fish names, Florida place names, Timucuan names, nautical names, names relative to his color, his size, etc.

We all agreed June would have been appropo for a female, but we just couldn't get our heads around it for a boy dog.

Somewhere around 11:00 pm, the list had shrunk to Ninja, Schooner, Scampi, Otter, and Gumbo.

Finally, I just said, "Emma, name this dog."

"Gumbo", she said, without a moment's hesitation.

"Yes!" We all exclaimed at once.

Introducing, "Gumbo" ...

... brother of "Bear".

By the way, we have retired the use of "runt" as pertains to this fine pup.

He is simply, wonderfully, sweetly "Gumbo".


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, and welcome Gumbo!


kathy a. said...

oh, so cute! hey, gumbo -- you're a good pup!

Susan said...

It looks to me like Gumbo will be the "thinker," and Bear will be the "doer."

Juli said...

Gumbo is a GREAT name! Good job Family FC!

*Now tell me... why was I wanting to name him Lulu?? I must have gumbo for brains!*

By the way, they are SO CUTE I wanna eat 'em!

Anonymous said...

He looks just like a Gumbo! Very cute pups!

Dani said...

They are just so cute!!

Sharon said...

He is adorable! They both are, I love that pic of them hanging out in the Jeep. :) Of course, in MY house, he would ultimately end up as "Gumby" LOL

Anonymous said...

Most beautiful loveable-lookin' creature! What a beaut!

glowarmth said...

Good job Emma! What a CUTE name, and of course TWO cute pups!!! They don't know how lucky they are, and the adventures they will have!!!!!!!!! By the way Dad, we missed you today!!!!!!!!!

Laura said...

I LOVE that photo of the two of them! Made me laugh.
Welcome Gumbo and Bear!

Floridacracker said...

Thanks Mockinbird!

Kathy A,
So far!!! :)

You have an uncanny sense of these two dogs.

I hear ya, they are just scrumptious.

It fits doesn't it?

They've got the cute thing down.

That would be cute too.

Thanks. Pretty darn adorable.

Can't you see them in a canoe?
How was that BBQ?
It was a good day to play hooky, Vet check was great!!

Thanks! Loved the feet at your site too!

Deb said...

Awww again. The JEEP pictures are precious!

"The Adventures of Gumbo and Bear" that's got a ring to it!

Cathy S. said...

Does he do the limbo too?

vicki said...

Bear and Gumbo are a delightful pair! That's one of the wonderful advantages of living with some space around you, water nearby and the summer stretching before you- you can add two puppies to the already rich mix. You're a wealthy man, indeed. I look forward to watching these labs grow.

P.S. Since they don't yet let dogs in dorms, I have a sneaky feeling you're padding your own nest for the future.

robin andrea said...

We've been on the road and not paying much attention to the internets. So imagine my surprise tonight to see not one but two new puppies at Pure Florida. OMG, fc, they are so C U T E!!!! There's nothing in the world like a sweet puppy. Congratulations, and a warm hello to Bear and Gumbo.

Doug Taron said...

Great photos. Like all lab puppies, they both look like they need to grow into their paws. Especially Bear.

LauraHinNJ said...

Oh God.. you are in for twice the trouble (and twice the fun, of course!)


Anonymous said...

PF is inarguably the spot where one foot of the rainbow calls home.
Congratulations for your new fellas and here's to endless seasons of adventures with them, your family, your students, and friends.
It's truly a privelege to share that with you through this channel.
Molti rispetto ed elogio.

threecollie said...

Isn't it sweet when the right name comes along? It just falls in place and all other names are so very clearly not the right one. We are working on naming a fairly exceptional kitten right now (and I am not much more of a cat person than some blog authors I know, but this one is pretty funny.) Down to Gollum, Gambler, Elvis and a couple others...but not yet.
It is tickling good fun to read about your new pups. Hooray for puppies.

Floridacracker said...

Why yes, the JEEP is very photogenic.
... oh, you meant the pups!
I guess they are kind a cute.

Cathy S,
Great name for 2 dogs, Gumbo and Limbo!

Well, I certainly don't mind babysitting them :)

Fun huh! I hope your travels go well!!

Aren't they enormous?

I was hoping you would stop in. I thought you would like this.

Thanks. There are days when it seems so.

Gumbo seems like the only name now!
Good luck with that kitten!

Rurality said...

Hmm, sure that's not a Louisiana dog??? ;)

They sure are a cute pair.

Smilin-buddha said...

WIth Bear if you check on Craigslist I hear you can buy saddles cheap. Look at those feet. Good luck with the new kids.

debbie said...

Just look at those faces! How much cuter can they possibly be? They are absolutely puppylicious.
How are Flounder and Feather doing with the new pups?

Floridacracker said...

More of a general Gulf Coast doggie.

And a halter!

All seems well with the older dogs. Flounder is thrilled and is chasing balls and sticks again. Feather is less amused, but tolerant.

Juli said...

I forgot to mention... nice photo for the U of GA! Are you an imposter??