Monday, June 16, 2008

Rain Event

I'm out there in the rain this morning seeking ... whatever.
I'll post what I find later today.

In the meantime, the good people of flood ravaged Iowa and the surrounding states could use your support.

Go here to help out.

Floridiots and the entire Gulf Coast states should really step up to the plate since we were helped so generously by our neighbors to the north after our hurricane events.
It's time to return the favor.


ImagineMel said...

Oops Oops for my double comment. Sorry! And he had a "Crystal Skull" sort of Father's Day!

SophieMae said...

We finally got rain this weekend. Full-blown thunderstorms both days. PTL!

Looking forward to hearing about whatever adventure crosses your path today.

Oh, and GREAT header pic! Hairstreaks are WAY up there on my fave list. Thay just make me all warm and fuzzy inside. 8-]

Floridacracker said...

I had a "The Happening" kind of day.

Glad you got it!
I have to admit these hairstreaks are a nice combination of color and structure.

Anonymous said...

Nice thought FC, but I don't see it happening. People in New Orleans are still complaining. Not every body is as compassionate as you or a lot of people in the mid-west are. But, still it was a good thing you did pointing that out.
Bro J