Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Callalou

Just a bit of callalou (there's about 3 ways to spell calaloo, so don't get all dictionarial on me this morning) before I head off to Lowes for paint ...

The 3 new chicks are doing fine. Saying that always makes me nervous as chicks are the most vulnerable bits of fluff.
I have placed Laya and the newbies in protective custody and so far all is well. Gumbo's chicken chasing, which we tolerated when he was at death's door, is now being forcibly discouraged.
He's very smart and catching on quick.

You should see him! Tres magnifique!
He's running like a gazelle and is quite capable of knocking Bear head over heels, although it is usually the other way around.
But that's good too, don'cha know, because he once was in so much leg pain that he couldn't rough house even when he wanted to do so.

I have a little video of Bear and Gumbo wrestling that I want to share with you this week.
Speaking of that ...
About the new cinematic Pure Florida ... Too much? Not enough?
I figure, I am the last dialup blogger left on Earth, so page loading is not a big problem for my reader pals ... is it?

How is the video quality? These shorties are not shot with my real video (also a Sony) camera and the new baby wild hog video I shot Friday seems a little pixellated on my 5 year old computer. Could just have been the dim light conditions deep in the forest ...
I know you haven't seen that one yet ... soon come.

The swamp mallows are blooming and adding a splash of white to the dominating green. I'll be stopping by this one for some seeds soon.

In other news ... I was prepping the living room for that first coat of primer the other day and inspiration seized me as it sometimes does ... in such a way that I had to follow.
Our fireplace mantle and hearth was a quick contractor planned creation that has never quite gone with the rest of the house.
We were so inexperienced at house stuff back then that we just had not thought much about the fireplace, so when the contractor asked us about it, we said, " Just something rustic."

He did what he could with materials on hand, but the simple mantle made of the same rough red cedar that clad the house was ... just kind of there. We didn't hate it, but maybe we didn't love it either.

So, while no one was around, I dismantled the entire thing ... even the tile covering the hearth area.

It turns out that my standard PFHQ uniform of shorts and sleeveless T's may not be the best choice for glazed tile demolition.

A shard of tile flipped up (yes, I did have eye protection on) and just bounced off my forearm, but that was all it took to open up one of those cuts just deep enough that the skin edges pull away revealing your inner self, but not deep enough to gush or anything exciting like that.

Of course, I keep a nurse on hand for these moments, so a little butterfly bandage and scolding fixed it right up.

Another scar.
I'll need to start work on the lie to go with it.

Oh, and since you were wondering ... she tells me the paint color is basil.

Well, thanks for nothing ... dried, fresh, purple, mint, chocolate, lemon ???

I remain, as usual, comfortably clueless.


Anonymous said...

Oh, but you're so cute when you're clueless - almost as cute as those chicks in the first photo.

Hey! Does this mean you're a chick magnet? :)

Dr. Know said...

Well, someone already stole the chick magnet line, so I'll just comment that your decorating situation could be a lot worse.

How about, "I don't know, I'm not good at artsy things. Pick something, you're better at it."

Then when the paint dries, the inevitable, "Well I don't really like that." At least this way the fashion faux pas can't be blamed on you. Treasure that feeling, Dude.

swamp4me said...

Now my feelings are all hurt...I'm not one of your blogging pals. Guess I'll wander off with my oh-so-slow dial-up and go cry in the swamp.

Cute chicks, by the way. And I think basil is a lovely color. Mrs. FC has good taste.

Susan said...

Thanks for confining the chicks and restraining Gumbo.

Your site does load a lot slower now. If I get impatient and decide to stop the load, I have to use control/alt/delete to get away from it. (I have
"high-speed light." It performs like dial-up-on-a-very-good-day.)

I don't know the terminology, but I'm thinking there's a way to make the "wait" be attached to the utube video itself (when you actually click on it) instead of to the loading of your main page. I haven't experienced the slow load with other bloggers who display utube, so you may want to ask one them what the trick is.

So far, the clarity of your videos has been great. I look forward to the wrestling pups and the baby wild hogs.

vicki said...

I'll take one striped and one black. Yes, I actually did know the surprise ending but I wasn't certain of the type of snake- answer please?

Basil is nice- calming color. Good for you and the nurse, the frisky dogs probably won't notice.

I'm off to speak to Wren.

jojo said...

UHOH!! me thinks you are getting into trouble on starting all sorts of little tangential projects. didn't this just start out as a quickie paint job? LOL i'm thinking i'm going to see you in one of those DIY shows where the homeowner is just lost in contractor space. And DIY comes to the rescue.

I love the videos. now if we could only get "talkies".

me TOO!! so excited one of my chicks is turning into a brown black really really cool "wild" coloring. He is in the 3rd week of changing i think this one will keep this coloring. woohoo!

SwampAngel65 said...

I like your videos! Keep 'em up!!

Basil, hmm...hope it's not purple Basil! Or chocolate. That could be gross.

Here's a story for your scar: You were alone in the house, getting ready to paint, when a "Bear" wandered in (hehehe). In defending your home and driving the crazed beast away, he clawed you! But your lightening fast reflexes kicked in, and you escaped with only a minor slash.

caroline said...

I have a number of those kind of scars on my hands, (the bow saw, corned beef can, where did that one come from?) scars. My father maintains that they add character to your person in a way that tattoos can't possibly do.
Like several others have suggested, perfect material for tall tales explaining them away.
Caroline in South Dakota

Anonymous said...

Very cute little ones, as they all are. You mean you really stopped working for that little scratch? I know what you mean about those paint colors. Same old colors just fancier names. Any ideas on how you're going to redo the fire place? Looks like you could do almost any thing with that.
Bro J
Thunder's "50" today.

threecollie said...

Cute chickies...and ouch!
Videos are that we have dsl

Miz S said...

I read the post about your finger. That was really gross but also kind of funny. At least, you made it sound funny. I loved hearing about your wife going into Super Nurse mode.

I love nurses, by the way. They rock.

SophieMae said...

Those chicks take the AAAAAWWWWWW factor to new limits!

I'm still on boonies-style dial-up. But your vids are relatively short, so don't take hours to load.

As I scrolled down, I saw the wound image and my entire innards clinched. (I'm hyper-empathetic)

Lovely swamp mallow! (Can't tell what the bug is.) I'm always excited to see them start popping up.

Re previous... I was on BS Road late afternoon. The plan was to explore DH a bit, but DS wasn't paying attention and we were WAY low on gas, so the discretion/valour rule kicked in. That E don't mean EXTRA... it don't even mean ENOUGH.

Floridacracker said...

Chick magnet ... yeah, I could get used to that.

Good advice. This time I can actually live with the color ... okay, I actually like it.

No Swampy, no!
I didn't think anyone but me was still dialing up. I should have known you were remote too.
You're an original blogger pal from the early days ... dog posts caught you as I recall.

Thank you for that feedback. I'm only a week into Youtube, so there's much for me to learn. I've probably done too many videos back to back recently, hence the slowness.

I actually like the basil, but green is my favorite color anyway.
I wonder of that isn't a mudsnake. The view isn't terribly clear in the video. I have a still I need to study.

I'm there ... in trouble. You are right about the tangenital jobs. The project has morphed!!

Lightning fast, yeah, I like that!
I may just use that tale.

I agree with your Dad. Every scar has a story behind it.
Be careful out there.

Bro J,
Wow, he's old.
I know I was a weenie about the cut, but it makes the nurse feel important when she patches me up.
She's a pretty good patcher, I give her lots of practice.

Thanks for that info. I may go with cellular internet soon.

Miz S,
I'm very glad to still have that particular distal phalange. It could have easily been fish food ... and yes, nurses really do rock. They should get paid a lot more ... just like teachers and cops.

Coincidently, Lowes had the red swamp mallow for sale today so I brought one home.
That beetle shows up in a buttonbush butterfly shot of mine too and I don't have a clue who he is.
Sorry I missed you in DH the other day.

Dani said...

I like the little racing stripes on the buff chick.

Floridacracker said...

They make her go faster.