Monday, June 30, 2008

Twilight Dog Walk With Owl

It was too late in the day to be filming, too little light, too much shadow, too many rain drops beginning to fall through the downdraft of an approaching storm, but I did it anyway ... just in case.

So there you have it, dark, grainy, but perhaps it captures some of the last walk of the day, one day last week.

Obviously our PFHQ Barred Owls aren't bothered by puppy antics 'neath their tree.

Now, I must get off the Internet and put a second coat of Basil (which turned out to be a pretty green ... who knew?) on the living room walls, continue staining the T&G pine plank paneling for the wainscoting, and hang the new kitchen ceiling fan that jumped into our cart yesterday as we walked through Lowes.

One last construction/habitation note ... the abode I built for the lovely Cindy (not you, lovely Cindy P, a different one) as a thank you for the tractor work her husband Billy did here at PFHQ is now housing tenants.
As soon as I can get over there for some photos, I'll post more about it.

Needless to say, dudes and dudettes, I am pretty stoked !

I'm building myself one next ... just as soon as I finish painting, staining, paneling, wainscoting, chairailing, mantle building, hearth tiling, and ...


Anonymous said...

FC I think the PFHQ sentry of an owl was weighting for the dog’s to stir up some dinner. In the form of a rodent or some other morsel. Still no time for the hammock .summer vacation????. So much painting, cutting, nailing to do. Have fun and enjoy. S T E B

Susan said...

Hi, FC. The video offers a great peek into your Florida world. I viewed it from my work computer (high speed connection), and the page loads just fine. But I think there are still plenty of rural folks with dial-up and budget-minded folks with "dsl lite." I know you have plenty of sympathy for them. : )

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this time next year Thunder and I will be making the trek to PFHQ to see first hand your handywork! We have been most impressed with your previous work! Later,

threecollie said...

Nice the sound in the background made by frogs?

Dani said...

We've had our bat house up for awhile but still no takers. I went to a lecture that George and Cynthia Marks(their book is awesome!!) had and now I think I might need a handy dandy bat detector.

Anonymous said...

Hey FC, got DSL here finally, can use my wireless laptop any where in the house. No problem getting your page up most of the time, but sometimes every thing is slow. The pics that I got of the Barred Owl here, the Bluejays were fussing at him. They split and he let me get within 10ft of him. Even though remodeling is hectic, "so rewarding." Bro J

lesle said...


Deb said...

Your housework schedule sounds like mine...I'll have to look up Basil, it might look good in the family room.

Thanks as always for sharing the video. The owl didn't look concerned at all!

Floridacracker said...

Have fun?

Empathy and sympathy.
You should see how long it takes to upload one of these videos on dialup.
I click upload and go mow the lawn, cook supper, etc.

Always good to see y'all!

The tree frogs were kicking in with an approaching storm and there's usually a background chorus of cicadas.

I'm definitely building one and it's going to be big or at least modular so it can become big. May have to wait til fall for construction $ and time.

Bro J,
When I hear Jays and/or crows fussing, I go to see the owl.

That is sooo funny!

I'll post pics later, pretty messy in there right now. The painting is done, the paneling and trim has a first coat of stain, but the ceiling fan is still in the box.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

That video is really right on and sensash and whoop-de-doo. Nicely done, PF.

amarkonmywall said...

laughing at Old Horse. His vision is fuzzy but his sense are keen. It is a nice, end-of-the day video. I haven't tried that feature n my new camera yet- at least not uploading them; maybe soon.

The real questions are two: What have you chosen for your mantel (asks the proud owner of an 800# solid quilted maple curved mantel) and do you do chicken tractors, too?

Doug Taron said...

Great video. I'm enjoying all the PF vids.

>the new kitchen ceiling fan that jumped into our cart yesterday as we walked through Lowes.

I hate it when that happens.

Floridacracker said...

I aim for whoopdedooness whenever possible.

Probably rustic cypress slab since we have friends in the cypress log home business and it fits with our PF decor.
I bought the chicken tractor book years ago and built one which is still in use.

It was supposed to be a replacement fan bracket only!

Val said...

Enjoyed the video.. catching an owl at that hour so far up is challenging at best. We have a Great Horned Owl that likes to hang out in our Cypress tree. I have yet to capture him on film but always enjoy his "whooing" at night.

Thanks for giving me something fresh and Pure Florida to read on the lunch hour!

Rurality said...

You're not going to talk on any of these videos? Not ever narrate a little? You should probably keep in practice for when school starts back, you know. :)

At least let me kear you say the word "no". People from certain area of FL have a way of saying that vowel that is really unique... not sure if your area is one of those though.

elpbulls said...

Your videos are sooo cool!!! Love you!!