Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Passion For Infrequent Mowing

Obviously, I'm not a slave to mowing ... nor is their any kind of communist "neighborhood association" to fuss about my mowing habits. You can't even see PFHQ from the road, so the dead truck, the canoes, the stacked aquariums, the well worn (dingy/rusted) BBQ grill, and barn in need of TLC are nobody's concern, but ours.
Mrs. FC is "kinda like" a neighborhood association all by herself ... only without the communist part ... she just sighs heavily about this or that bit of yard junk and then I get to it ... eventually.
This summer has been very grey and thunderboomy. After a bone dry spring, I now can not remember the last day here where it did not go grey with thunderstorms at some point in the day.
The result of daily waterings is that the "lawn" has gone bonkers.
It was looking like a hay field the other night when we pulled in from our mountain trip. Unfortunately we had just given the last rites to our worn out little push mower the week before.
Undaunted and not willing to wait for me to go pick out a new one, Mrs. FC borrowed one from a friend and she and Junior went mowflexing in shifts.
So now we are presentable again ... at least the yard is anyway.

One good reason for not mowing too often or too close to the fence is to give volunteers like this native passionflower a chance to shine. This one is spectacular with multiple blossoms and many more buds that promise to keep the party going.
Unfortunately, it's growing atop my scuppernong grape vine and shading it a bit more than the grape and I would like, but dang ... it's really pretty.

Bear fears the mower.
He's the"get up-in-est dog we've ever had. If there's something to clamber up on to, he will do it.
Not just when he's mower cowed like in this pic, but just to be.
The other night, I walked out into the hallway and he was sitting atop the giant Rubbermaid tub that serves as the "Hurricane Food Supply Box". He wasn't shredding anything or getting into trouble for a change.
He just seemed to be surveying his kingdom.


Deb said...

Wow, Bear is getting BIG!

I've had an idea for a post myself about the infrequency of our lawn mowing lately, and how futile and wasteful the whole mowing effort is anyway.

Emily said...

Beautiful passion flower! And, my lab pup does the same exact thing. He sat on top of the rubbermaid tub (with gardening supplies in it) for months. He's now too big at 70 lbs, but still he tries.

robin andrea said...

Bear looks very cute sitting up there on the chair. His face has a little concerned-a little quizzical look. What a charmer.

Beautiful passion flower.

Sandcastle Momma said...

Bear looks so sweet sitting in that chair. I'd say he's a smart dog and figures he has just as much right to sit on top of something as people do LOL I want that plastic grass that is always green and never needs mowing LOL

pablo said...

One of the big attractions of living in the wild to me is the freedom from neighborly attitudes. I fully understand your (lack of) motivation to mow (though why you should have to and not Junior I don't understant).

So how's the Twig Farm?

Susan said...

My neighbors don't care about my yard either. I mow every 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the rain. I'm sure there's an ecological benefit to not mowing weekly.

Suze said...

Maybe Bear is part cat - they HAVE to be up on top of things.

Just the Right Size said...

Passion flowers are one of my favs, plus they're host plants for several types of butterflies!

Bear is a cutie-patootie! It looks like he's going to start rocking in that chair any minute.

Miz S said...

Mrs. FC not only serves as your personal nurse but also has to be a one-woman neighborhood association? It's true what they say: a woman's work is never done.

SophieMae said...

Gorgeous passion flower! the county keeps mowing the neighbourhood patch, but I can usually find some in a 'new' stalled subdivision.

That dawg's growin' like a pup-weed! Does he take over the driver's seat when you get out?

Our furkin is scairt of the vacuum. If we slip and say the *V* word, she power walks to safety behind Duller's chair. If we turn it on, she plays vicious and attacks it, bless her heart.

Floridacracker said...

I looked at electric mowers, but they are not powerful enough yet for our size "yard". Which is pretty weird considering electric cars are out there on the market.

These Labs are all pretty silly ... which is part of their charm I suppose.

Oh he's definitely a charmer!

SC Momma,
You could get one of those spray painted lawns like out in Cali.

Check that post, he was doing the mowing, ... after a day spent mowing on his summer job.
I confess to actually enjoying walking behind a mower ... you can see your progress and you can think without interruptions.
Twiggy is ... well, I guess it's still there ... not a very hospitable place in the summertime.

I agree ... almost a monthly schedule here ... longer when the mower is dead!

Perish the thought!!
This is a cat free zone. :)

Just Right,
I expected to find Gulf Frittilary caterpillars all over this vine, but not a one!
You should see him in the glider bench ... pretty wobbly!

Miz S,
Apparently her's isn't.

Bear fears the Swivel Sweeper. Too funny.
Grab some of those roadside maypop fruits and toss em on your place. That's what I did.

Anonymous said...

Our Bear really looked like a bear cub,no tail, that's how he got his name. Even full grown, he still was a big baby. He thought he was a lap dog. Every little pop or bang would send him for cover. Definitely not a hunting Lab. He was awlays fun to watch, though.

Bro J

Lynn said...

We live in an area with an association but they are really laid back; only complain when thre is a car on blocks or weeds taller than the trees need to be tended to. However my sister has moved into an area where she has to have an ok as to what to plant in her yard and another has to have their garage clean enough to park BOTH cars in. What's the point of the driveway then?? Reminds me too much of South Florida.

Floridacracker said...

Bro J,
Sounds like an interesting dog tail ...er, tailless.

I can't see living like that except when one chooses to live in a designated historic area. Then I can see the need for picky rules etc, so that the integrity of the historic neighborhood isn't lost.
Welcome to Pure Florida!