Thursday, August 07, 2008

Beauty And The Kissing Beast

Usually, the beautiful Zebra Longwing is photographed from above to show off it's long striped wings, which are so different from most of the butterfly clan.
I tried a little different angle by crouching low so you can see that amazing face.

This is our state butterfly, so show a little respect.

Why we have screened windows.

The disgusting animal above is a Blood Sucking Conenose ... aka "A Kissing Bug".
I see them very rarely, although when the kids were little and we had an above ground pool ...(poor things grew up without a concrete swimming hole, scarred for life they are) ... it used to collect drowned Conenoses on a regular basis along with other bugs.

This one succumbed to a severe case of tennis shoe poisoning right after this picture was taken.


Anonymous said...

Cool butterfly, definitely different. I like that,"Tennis Shoe poisoning." Nasty bug! Do you wish you would of read that article on Cuban Tree Frogs before you picked it up bare handed?
Bro J

Oh, did Bear get a big head yet?

Susan said...

A well-composed butterfly shot! ...Very nice.

threecollie said...

Nice butterfly..not so nice other thing.

Dani said...

Love your picture of the longwing. I've never had those in the cat house before. I think they like more of a country setting with lots of undergrowth.

Sharon said...

"Tennis shoe poisoning"!! LOL,love that. I got some great shots of Zebras yesterday. The full-wing spread you mentioned (finally! I even had a Blog Post about it) and then some very similar to yours. I love those things, great shot :)

Paintsmh said...

Hmmm "Tennis show poisoning". I know another similar term!

Freste said...

Nice little flutterby, FC. Kinda between seasons for them here though. As for the Canoe Nose, yechh. I think I'd rather deal with the skeeters. I'm sure as far as disgusting goes, they are thinking "two legs? ewwww, what kind of critter walks around with only two legs? are they really worth a taste?" Beasties sometimes suffer from rapid corporeal compression here too but not due to footwear toxicity as hosing the thing off can get rather splashy.

The Troll said...

One wonders how many non-native bugs (insects) and bugs (diseases) are active in the USA due to the Kennedy Immigration Policy.

AZ,NM,TX,and CA have all had cases of the previously non-existent Black Plague. 30 States have seen previously extremely rare TB.

It's an issue that should be part of the discussion along with economic disruption, over-burdened health-care systems, National Security etc...

Anonymous said...

Obviously, I've led a deprived (no, not depraved!) life, too. Not only did I grow up without an in-ground pool, I'd never heard of Conenose, blood sucking or otherwise, until just now. I can't say I've really missed either of them.

Hurricane Teen said...

I guess I've been REALLY deprived, as we have not had a pool at all! I am content with splashing around in the river, though :-D
What a coincidence, too, as a palmetto bug in my room last night also succumbed to tennis shoe poisoning...It must be an epidempic...Maybe we should get the FDA involved! NOT!

Mark said...

I read up a little on the kissing bug, and I am now quite happy to say I have never seen one in or on the flesh.

Floridacracker said...

Bro J,
Um, I guess I'll go read it now ... or do I really want to know?

Thanks. He would not hold still.

Well put. I agree.

This one was at my parents house. I've seen only a few here this year.

Tennis shoes happen.
I need to check out your photos!

Lead poisoning is for larger pests.

You're supposed to wash them off?

I almost made the point of illegals bringing Chagas into FL where this guy could vector it, but I bit my tongue.
Bush is just as guilty (until recently) of border weakness. Only when it became politically expedient did he act. There's plenty of guilt to toss around between the aisles on the border issue.
As for bubonic plague, it's endemic in ground squirrel fleas of the southwest, so I wouldn't toss that one on the backs of illegal aliens.

How did you survive???

Palmetto bug? A roach is a roach.
Stinks when you crush em tho. Blecchhh!

Nasty little bugger isn't it? I have never knowingly been munched on by one of these.

Sandcastle Momma said...

That is one disgusting bug! I haven't seen any of those around here - thank goodness. Great buttferfly shot. The ones around here are camera shy and refuse to sit still or pose. Pretty but a little rude :)

Floridacracker said...

This one would not hold still either. I deleted a bunch of fuzzy pics.

cndymkr / jean said...

Until today I had never heard of tennis shoe poisoning. Boy, I have led such a sheltered life. I'm glad I visit here where I get to see beautiful photos, learn about bugs and now have a new phrase to use!

Anonymous said...

FYI, it's the press release that Jennifer put at the end of her comment to your Tues. post.

Bro J

Anonymous said...

More FYI, Them be Yellow-Billed Cuckoo's we'ves got.

Bro J

Just the Right Size said...

I've never heard of a "kissing bug". Do they bite? Are they dangerous?

Ah, tennis shoe poisoning. In my house, they suffer from "vacuum cleaner poisoning".

Palmetto bugs!!! (shudder) I grew up in Bradenton and HATED those things! We don't get them in Orlando though...thank god!!!

Kathleen said...

Your butterfly shot is gorgeous! It is easy to see why this beauty is your state butterfly.

Now, that other thing - Yuck! I'm sure glad we don't have those bloodsucking things in Pennsylvania!

lej619 said...

I have lived here most of my life and I am sooo glad to say that I have never seen one of those bugs!!
omg it is ugly!! we have the tennis shoe poison, the vaccum killer and the good old flush. And I don't mean useing only one of those at a time. 2 or more at a time works really good.

Floridacracker said...

Correctomundo phrasetology is our specialty here.

Bro J,
Yeah, I just hadn't clicked on it yet ... maybe I won't now. :)

Just Right,
They bite and suck blood... and potentially carry Chagas disease.
No palmetto bugs in Orlando?

Thanks on behalf of the Zebra Longwing.
One of the drawbacks of the almost tropics is an abundance of creepy biters.

Victory through overwhelming firepower.
I like it.

misti said...

That is an awesome shot of the longwing. I can barely get them to sit still long enough to get a photo and usually it is a top down view. Good job!

Anonymous said...

You saying the kissing bug is native to FL? We have similar insects but the pest I know is African in origin.