Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Bearantics


Suze said...

HEY!! Where ya going, guys? Wait fer meeeee!!

Dani said...

With the dogs around do you have trouble with hawks taking the chickens when they free range? We had a Red-shoulder attack Vera baby last Sunday and I was just curious if doggies helped.

SophieMae said...

LOL! I had to back up just a bit in the middle.. Bear looked up just as a chicken clucked and it looked like he was making the sound. That last frame seems so surreal.

I've had enough winter now... back to autumn please!

BeeDancer said...

Bear is just endlessly entertaining isn't he...

Thanks SophieMae...I saw that too, at about 23 seconds in, and thought it was just me

kathy a. said...

i think it's so funny that bear plays "king of the mountain" on the hen's cage.

threecollie said...

Never a dull moment!

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Looks like Bear rules the roost!

amarkonmywall said...

I think you will get nothing but scrambled eggs at this rate. Silly pup.

lej619 said...

dogs $$$$ vets bills food
chicken $$food
dog on top of chicken coop priceless.

Kimberlee said...

He really is healthy and happy. What a far cry from the uncertain future he faced before you rescued him! :)

Doug Taron said...

Cute dog. Where did he come from? And what happened to that really cure little puppy that you guys used to have?

I feel sorry for your chickens.

Floridacracker said...

Exactly the right caption!

No hawk kills that I know of, so I guess it helps.

I went back and saw it too! LOL!


Kathy A,
It's a new thing, only a week or so of doing this little stunt.

Not with BEAR!!

He IS moving in to that slot!

I think you are right. My birds all need Darvon.

LOL!!! priceless!

Thanks. I think about that too.

There was this strange transformation on the way to the food bowl!!